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Have you ever had to think about how much toilet paper you’ll need (for toilet usage)? I know I haven’t. Now a days it seems to have become a decision I actually have to put effort in.

These super useful calculators will help you determine how much you actually need so you don’t have to worry about purchasing more than you need. You can also figure out how much your current stash will last to help plan when you’ll need to buy again.

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How Many Toilet Paper Rolls You’ll Need Per Day, Week and Month – Simple and Easy Calculator

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How Many Rolls You’ll Need on Average Based on Days in Quarantine

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How Long Your Current Amount of Toilet Paper Will Last (Advanced)

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These calculators are flexible enough to help almost anyone calculate their exact toilet paper needs. Their purpose is to help people make better decisions and prevent over purchasing toilet paper for their bathroom big or small.

Toilet Paper Use Per Person Per Week Graph

Graph Showing Toilet Paper Use Per Person Per Week

Green & Zero Waste Toilet Paper Options

The main option to go true zero waste when it comes to toilet paper is to use a bidet. Stand alone bidets can get pricey to install so one’s that attach to your existing toilet are a great option. It also helps with your toilets getting clogged since you won’t be flushing as much toilet paper down.

If it’s tough for you to completely let go of using toilet paper try purchasing recycled toilet paper. Combining this with a bidet attachment for your toilet will use less sheets as they are mainly used for drying off.

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Toilet Paper Fun Facts

  • The average consumer uses about 8-9 sheets per wipe or 57 sheets every day
  • There are comfort height toilets that are taller than regular toilets so you don’t have to get as low.
  • Most people go to 6-7 times a day to the restroom however 4-10 times can also be normal
  • August 26 Is National Toilet Paper day in the United States (the first toilet paper was sold August 26 1871)
  • The average person flushes a toilet up to 2,500 times a year
  • Bacteria in the sewage finish breaking up the toilet papers after it is flushed
  • This first known use of toilet paper was documented in 6th century China
  • 10 million trees are used each year to make toilet paper or 30,000 per day
  •  American use an average of 8.6 sheets of toilet paper per trip to the bathroom
  • Most of the world doesn’t use toilet paper (about 70-75%)
  •  A bidet is a great way to go green and drastically reduce the use of toilet paper

How much toilet paper did you need? Did you find these useful? Any feedback? Let us know in the comments below.

Make good choices!

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  1. I read your article online on PENNLIVE.com Based on the calcuations I did as a single person with two packs of 4 double rolls of toilet paper, with 264 sheets per roll, I should be in pretty good shape.

  2. I’ll s dingle male. Live alone. A large roll of toilet paper 🧻 can last me 3-4 months. I don’t understand what people are doing with toilet paper 🧻.

  3. This webpage makes no sense.
    I’ve used 23 rolls in 58 months (2 months short of 5 years). (I know cause I ordered on Amazon and it tells me how many I bought and when. I also know how many I have left of that purchase.)
    That means I use 1 roll ever 2.5 months.


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