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Choosing the Very Best Toilet Fill Valve to Restore Your Toilet’s Healthy Flush    

The best toilet fill valve for most people is going to be the Next by Danco. Its ability to save water and compatibility with most toilets puts it ahead of the pack. It also is smart enough to detect leaks and will audibly alert you when they need to be addressed, pretty smart. Our favorite feature are it’s cleaning jets that aid in keeping the tank clean.

If the Next by Danco isn available or not compatible with your toilet, then the Fluidmaster 4000CRP14 is our next best pick. Its design is dependable and consistent, coming from a reliable brand. The 5 year warranty shows Fluidmaster’s certainty in its reliability.

If you are shopping for the best toilet refill valve to replace the worn-out valve in your home bathroom toilet, you may be somewhat confused. Most people are amazed at the number of varied brands, styles, sizes and prices of these vital household repair parts. If you have tried browsing through the myriad listings for this product in the major online home supply marketplaces, your state of confusion is totally understandable.

The Best Toilet Fill Valve Chart

Toilet Fill Valve Name Feature Rating
Next By Danco
  • Best Overall
  • Self Cleans Toilet Tank
  • Calibrates Water Level
  • Audible Leak Detection
Korky 818BO
  • Quietest Fill Valve
  • Easily Height Adjustable
  • Easy to Install
Fill Valve Hibbent
  • Filters out Sediment
  • Easy Height Adjustable
  • Low Noise
Fluidmaster 400CRP14
  • Reliable Fluidmaster Brand
  • Bacteria Resistant
American Standard 400A
  • Durable construction
  • Reliable performance
  • Easy to install

American Standard 7381125-400.0070A Fluidmaster 400A

  • Durable construction
  • Reliable performance
  • Easy to instal Toilet Fill Valve

This well-made, durable  toilet fill valve from American Standard offers quality design and engineering. It is constructed to support and enhance the ongoing use of your American Standard toilet and can be successfully installed and used on any toilet that is compatible with American Standard replacement parts.

This product provides smooth, consistent and reliable performance. This fill valve offers water control assembly and is sold and packaged with a shank washer, lock and coupling nuts for easy installation in your toilet. Also included in the assembly accessories that accompany each sale of this valve are a coupling washer, refill tube and refill tube clip.

This water-fill valve to replace the worn-out valve in your home bathroom toilet is composed of durable plastic. It will not corrode, rust or warp with regular use. This valve design can withstand even heavy-duty wear-and-tear, providing smooth, uninterrupted water-filling action whenever your toilet is flushed.

The smooth plastic surface of this valve prevents the build-up of sediment from the clean water supply in your tank. This also helps to ensure steady, dependable water-filling activity during the toilet’s flushing cycle.


  • Many customers are pleased with the fact that this fill valve for home toilets fits many different toilet brands.
  • This fill valve fits tightly in place and offers smooth, reliable water filling for your tank.
  • There is no problem with water leaking at the connection point of this filler valve and the water filler tube.
  • This product is sold with a water-saving, eco-friendly accessory that limits the wasting of any excess water during tank filling.


  • Customers report that this valve does not support the full 1.6 gallons per fill that is standard, but fills only to 1.4 gpf.

Fluidmaster 400CRP14 Universal Toilet Fill Valve

  • Reliable Fluidmaster Brand
  • Bacteria Resistant Toilet Fill Valve

This universal toilet fill valve from Fluidmaster is designed for use in 2-inch flush valve toilets. It comes with the extra and helpful accessory of a handy Flapper Repair Kit. This universal valve fits the majority of modern toilets. The 501 Flapper is also designed to fit 2-inch flush valve toilet models.

As a 400A fill valve and flapper kit, this product package is in popular use worldwide and is ideal for replacing damaged fill valves and leaky flappers. It may be a good choice for easy optimizing of toilet filling and flushing action. The solid frame flapper aligns well with the water tank drain for consistent, powerful flushing and refill. This fill valve and flapper are intended for use in 3.5-gallons-per-flush toilets or larger models, but they also work well in 1.6 gpf toilets. This product is simple to install and is quite durable.

This Fluidmaster 400A toilet fill valve and 501 2-inch flapper are often recommended for a home DIY toilet upgrade. This fill valve is also designed to include a useful anti-siphon feature, and it is made of multiple corrosion-resistant materials. This toilet valve and flapper are designed for repairing noisy filling and flushing toilets.

These replacement parts can also repair toilets in which the filling action continues to function after the water tank has finished filling, which creates the continuous sound of running water. This manufacturer’s products are currently distributed to more than 90 different countries for sale and popular use.


  • This toilet fill valve and flapper are very easy to install.
  • This valve fills the toilet quickly, without any excess noise or hammering sounds in your water pipes.
  • No extra tools are needed for installing this water fill valve for your toilet.
  • Even if your toilet has a faulty flush seal, this fill valve will not be triggered to keep refilling the tank.


  • When debris collects in the filter at the valve’s top, it can lock the valve open, making the filling action continue after the water tank is filled.
  • Some customers report that this flapper can stick, slowing down completion of the toilet’s flush-and-refill cycle.

Universal Toilet Fill Valve Kit with Easy and Rapid Adjustable Water Line


  • Filters out Sediment
  • Easy Height Adjustable
  • Low Noise Toilet Fill Valve

This easy to use universal toilet fill valve kit from Hibbent is sold with a rapid-adjustable water line to ensure top-grade performance. This fill valve fits most toilets, including all of the popular brands in use today. It will replace your old, worn-out or malfunctioning valve with stronger, smoother and more reliable water-filling action for your tank. This valve height is easily adjustable between 7.8 and 13 inches without the need for tools. It will provide maximum performance while conserving water usage.

This dependable valve offers instantaneous water shut-off and is rapid-adjustable by pushing or pulling the lock ring. It is adjustable for the inlet water level. The water-filling action of this valve is fast yet quiet. Its flexible height feature makes this toilet fill valve compatible with the majority of tanks today.

This valve is designed to prevent leaking and continuous running of toilets after the tank is filled. This sturdy valve can withstand constant and even heavy flushing and refilling activity. It may be ideal for use in any toilet that is used frequently, and it will not malfunction if the toilet is flushed several times in rapid succession.


  • This fill valve for your toilet can be installed quickly and offers easy water level adjustment.
  • This fill valve works well in many toilet brands and designs, even older models.
  • This toilet filling valve is compatible for use in slow to fast filling tanks.
  • All parts of this fill valve kit fit well for smooth, steady filling of the tank.


  • A few customers report having difficulty following the installation instructions that come with this toilet fill valve kit.

NEXT BY DANCO HydroClean Water-Saving Toilet Fill Valve Repair Kit (HC660)


  • Best Toilet Fill Valve for Most People
  • Self Cleans Tank
  • Calibrates Water Level
  • Audible Leak Detection

This modern toilet fill valve repair kit from Next By Danco conserves water while offering effective cleaning tube jets and leak detection. It also features adjustable height options, making it compatible with a variety of toilet designs. This valve has a built-in mini-valve for adjusting water tank refill levels. If a leak is detected, this valve issues a sound alert to warn you.

The strong cleansing jets loosen any settled debris in the tank to clean the tank during every flush and refill cycle. This fill valve offers adjustable heights of 11 to 13.8 inches and rapid water refilling action. This valve can shut-off water inside the tank to make repairs easier. Installation of this fill valve is simple with its Smart Nut feature, and in most toilets, no tools are required for installing.

This comprehensive toilet fill valve kit resolves the two major problems that cause water loss in toilets, leaks and miscalibration. This valve is designed to calibrate for adjusting to the right amount of water that is needed for refilling your tank. As it refills rapidly, its jet cleans the tank, and the convenient leak detection signal alerts you immediately if any leaks begin.

This fill valve kit enables all home DIY toilet filling repairers to complete the job without difficulty and stress. This toilet fill valve consists of acetal and polypropylene and will not corrode, stain or rust. It makes fill valve replacement simple and easy, even for novices making is the best toilet fill valve.


  • The water overflow safety adjustment of this toilet filling valve design is a great advantage.
  • This valve kit’s cleaning tube provides thorough cleaning action to remove debris from the toilet water tank.
  • This product is simple to install and comes with excellent instructions.
  • Some customers report that this toilet fill valve kit is the ideal solution for valve replacement on most toilets today.
  • Best Toilet Fill Valve


  • A few customers report that the softer plasticized parts of this fill valve kit wear out more quickly than other parts.
  • This toilet fill valve is somewhat noisier than earlier models.

Korky 818BP QuietFILL Universal Toilet Fill Valve and Premium Flapper


  • Quietest Fill Valve
  • Easily Height Adjustable
  • Easy to Install Toilet Fill Valve

This 2-inch black toilet fill valve and premium flapper from the Korky brand are made of durable plastic and rubber. This repair set may be a good choice for fixing your noisy, slow-refilling or constantly running toilet. The universal design of this valve and flapper make them compatible for use on the majority of modern toilets, including two-piece and one-piece toilet models.

This QuietFill valve is simple to adjust, and no tools are needed for its installation. The Korky Plus 2-inch tank flapper will withstand heavy-duty flush-refill action for long-term use. When you are ready to repair your toilet refill action, just remove the old fill valve or ballcock and insert the new fill valve. The advanced twist-lock adjustment feature of this valve makes installation even simpler.   

This toilet fill valve can be adjusted from 7-3/4 to 13-1/2 inches. This 528 fill valve and 2001 tank flapper, which is also quite easy to install, are sold with the following accessories included: a refill tube, a metal refill tube clip, a mounting nut, a cone washer, a coupling nut, a tamper proof key and full instructions for installation.

The Korky brand is focused on producing replacement toilet fill valves with a universal design to fit most toilets. This can often enable homeowners to avoid the inconvenience of having to search extensively to locate a new fill valve for their toilets. 


  • Customers report that even a novice can easily install this toilet refill valve and flapper.
  • Customers like the fact that this refill valve system conserves water usage.
  • Height adjustment is simple and easy for this toilet fill valve. 


  • A few customers report concerns about the durability of the plastic used in manufacturing this tank water-fill valve. 

Comparison Shopping for Your Ideal Toilet Fill Valve

You can benefit from making product comparisons as you search for the best new toilet valve design to repair your home toilet. To restore your toilet’s normal, healthy flush-refill cycle, you need the right valve size and design. There are several main features, factors and questions to keep in mind as you shop toilet fill valves, including the following:

How To Select the Best Toilet Fill Valve for Your Toilet

To identify the right valve size and design for repairing your toilet’s full flushing action, examine the old valve. If the brand and model number of the valve are still readable, make a note of them. If not, you may want to snap a photo of the valve with your smartphone to have handy while you shop.

Also, it is important to note the brand and model of your home toilet. When shopping in your local home hardware store or online, consult knowledgeable sales representatives for advice. In your local store, show the sales specialist the photo of your old valve and the product data that you noted. This may help to ensure that you get home with the right valve style and size for good operation of your toilet tank’s water-filling cycle once again. 

What Are the Main Benefits of Installing a Top-Quality Filling Valve in Your Toilet?

With the best quality water-filling valve installed in your home toilet, the toilet will flush smoothly. The valve action will accommodate the water pressure in the pipes supplying fresh water to the toilet for a consistent, cleansing flush and refill. Your toilet will flush quietly and thoroughly, with enough strength to help prevent any back-up of toilet tissue in the toilet bowl and waste pipe entrance.

The tank will then refill smoothly to complete the cycle. An optimal quality valve will last for long-term, regular use. Especially if you have children or if the toilet needing repair is frequently used by the members of your household, a strong, durable filling valve is essential. With proper care, this valve can keep your toilet is fine flushing and refilling order without breaking or malfunctioning

Features and Attributes of the The Best Toilet Fill Valves to Purchase

The ideal toilet fill valves are not composed of metal. Metal parts can corrode with use and often need replacement sooner than valves made of other materials. Valves made of durable plastics will offer smoother operation for long-term use than metal valves. As valves that are metal or partially metal corrode or rust, their surfaces become rough and uneven. This can interfere with their smooth, consistent operation. By choosing non-metal fill valves for your toilet, you can avoid problems with slow, halting or uneven operation of the valve system.

If the tank of your home toilet is a low-fill tank, it is designed to conserve water as it flushes. Low-fill tanks have water inlet holes that are positioned low in the tank to ensure good and thorough flushing cycle activity. If you have an eco-friendly toilet design of this type, you will be shopping for a toilet fill valve system that is manufactured for use with low flow tanks.

When you shop for new toilet fill valves, remember that quality is more important than pricing for this product. These valves are available in a variety of price ranges. It is normal to expect that the more expensive valves are the best quality. However, the most costly fill valves are not necessarily the best quality or the most durable.

If you make your purchase selection based on features rather than price, you will purchase a better quality valve for your toilet’s water-filling cycle. Also, metal valves are often most expensive than those made of plastic materials. In this instance, it is wise to remember that the monetary value of the material is not what will keep your toilet’s water-filling action working well. Lower-priced plastic valves will do the job very nicely and last longer.

What is the best way to keep your new toilet tank filler valve working smoothly?

If you and other household members flush your toilet normally, your new toilet’s fill valve should last for long-term use. If you have young children who like to flush the toilet multiple times in succession for amusement, the fill valve system may begin to wear out sooner than usual. It is also a good idea to clear away any sediment that may have gathered in the toilet water tank periodically.

If left to accumulate over time, this sediment may collect on the fill valve system, interfering with its operation. Especially if the water supply in your locale is high in natural mineral counts, you should make an effort to keep your toilet’s water tank free of sediment.

Conclusion: Buying the Best Toilet Fill Valve to Repair Your Home Toilet’s Flush-Refill Action

Before selecting a new toilet fill valve to reinstate good water tank refilling action for your home toilet, take some time to comparison shop. You may want to seek advice from the experts at your favorite local or online home fixtures and appliances repair supply store before buying a new fill valve.

When comparing the products reviewed above, we can see that the American Standard Fluidmaster 400A is an eco-friendly, water-saving design made of sturdy plastic that will not corrode and offers smooth, reliable operation. The Fluidmaster 400CRP14 Universal Fill Valve comes with a helpful flapper repair kit and can be used for most any 2-inch flush valve toilet. It is also made of corrosion-resistant materials.  

While the Hibbent Universal Toilet Fill Valve Kit offers an easily adjustable water line and high performance, the Next By Danco HydroClean Toilet Fill Valve Repair Kit conserves water while providing cleaning tube jets and leak detection. The Korky 818BP QuietFill Universal Toilet Fill Valve and Premium Flapper is compatible for use on the majority of modern toilets, including two-piece and one-piece models. Its accompanying Plus 2-inch toilet tank flapper can withstand heavy flush-fill action for long-term use.

All of these modern toilet fill valves are well-made, quality products that should last for long-term, reliable use when installed in your home toilet tank. However, our recommendation for the ideal selection is the Next By Danco HydroClean Toilet Fill Valve Repair Kit. This product offers multiple effective and efficient features that can help maintain your water refill valve’s action over time, including the cleaning tube jets. Other attractive features are its water-saving design and leak detection capacity with sound alert. 

Ultimately, you will make your own purchasing decision for your new toilet fill valve to replace your old, worn-out or malfunctioning one. We hope that this buying guide with product reviews has been of assistance to you in making you final product selection. We hope you enjoy your fill valve comparison and buying experience while choosing the very best toilet fill valve brand and model to meet your expectations, preferences and needs for a high-functioning home toilet.

Happy, successful shopping! 

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