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The Best Bidet Toilet Seat For a Comfy Sit and Clean Tushy

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Modern bidet toilet seat designs have changed many consumers’ bathroom hygiene practices. We cleanse the rest of our bodies by taking baths and showers and wash our hands to rid them of bacteria and germs. It also makes good sense to cleanse our genital and anal areas after using the toilet. 

Standard features offered by most electronic seats for bidet toilets include warm water, a heated seat, a warm air dryer, and front feminine wash plus rear wash options. These features make the cleansing process simple, easy and comfortable as well as hygienic.

Let’s review what the best bidet toilet seat is for you that work great and save toilet paper.

Picture Name Feature Price
TOTO SW2034#01 C100 The warm water and heated seat settings work quickly and well. $$
Saniwise Advance Bidet Toilet Seat Most people find this bidet seat very comfortable. $
Genie Bidet Elongated Seat This bidet seat offers a pleasing design for long-term use for what is generally considered an affordable price. $
Biobidet Bliss BB2000 This advanced bidet seat with lots of thrill offers pleasing aerated front and rear wash action. Best splurge option. $$$
Kohler K-5724 Even the delicate spray setting on this bidet seat offers thorough cleansing. $

Major Features and Options of Bidet Toilet Seat Designs

Additional features of electronic bidet toilet seats today include adjustable controls to regulate water temperature, nozzle position, spray pressure and seat temperature. These easy-control seats all have slow-closing mechanisms for both the seat and lid. 

After comparing various brands and models bidet seats, you may want to look closer at more features. Other design elements are proper toilet alignment and fit, spray pressure strength, and ease of use. 

These bidet seats offer easy use for everyone, including children, older adults and disabled individuals. You may also want to check for each brand’s reputation for quality and the warranty support offered.

Unique Bidet Seat Qualities and Features

Different bidet seat designs also have specialized features worth comparing when you shop. Some are equipped with auto-opening and closing lids as well as LED night lights. Others may include an enema function with high spray pressure. 

The more unique features that you want to have, the easier your purchase decision may be for bidet seats. If you just want a modern bidet toilet seat with basic features, it may take longer to make your selection.

The most popular features and options offered by the latest bidet seats designs include the following:

Automatic Opening and Closing Seat and Lid

• Enema Function with High Spray Pressure

• LED Night Light

• Toilet Bowl Premisting Function

• Sittable Seat Lid

• Remote Control User Presets

• Save toilet paper

Best Toilet Fitment

Before buying a bidet toilet seat based on its design and features, make sure that it will fit your toilet. Most bathroom fixture stores and online marketplaces offer fitment guides for bidet seats. Two-piece toilets with elongated designs are the easiest to fit with bidet seats.

 However, if your toilet is a one-piece model, a wall-mounted style or a designer toilet with a skirted effect, getting the best seat fit can be tricky. If you are not able to locate the brand or model of your toilet, snap a photo of it before you go shopping to seek the advice of an experienced salesperson.

Spray Pressure Power

If you are an experienced bidet seat user, the pressure of a bidet seat may be very important to you. Before considering buying a new seat, you will most likely want to know whether a certain model provides a gentle spritz or a powerful blast. 

Most bidet seats offer water spraying power that will do an adequate cleansing job. However, you as the buyer are entitled to information about this feature before purchasing a bidet seat. You can always look for models featuring high pressure spray if this matters to you and other household members.

Bidet Seat Brand Rating

When shopping for a modern bidet toilet seat, it is best to make your choice from reputable and dependable brands with good product ratings. If you buy a bidet seat from an unknown brand, this company may not provide good product services. If your electronic seat or remote control malfunctions, you may even discover that the brand is no longer in business. 

You may have a warranty that is of no use at all. Yet if you select your new bidet seat from among the top-rated brands with 5-star reputations, you can be assured of good product repairs or servicing if you need it.

What Features Should You Look for When Buying Your First Bidet Seat?

When shopping for the best bidet toilet seat for the first time, look for a heated seat. It should also have a pair of nozzles for bidirectional water flow, and adjustable water temperature is important for safety and comfort. You may also want a simplified control panel. 

If a bidet seat has a “bio bidet” label, it is made of antibacterial plastic or other material. This is especially healthy for use in a bathroom that gets frequent use by multiple people.

More tips for buying a bidet toilet seat for your home are:

1. Measure Width Between Mounting Holes. For most toilets, the width between seat mounting holes is identical. However, since some brand models may have different hole spacing, be sure to take this measurement on your home toilet to compare with seat models when you shop.

2. Check Seat Shape and Size. Measure the distance around (circumference) of your old toilet seat, or take an accurate photo on your smartphone to compare with new bidet toilet seat brands and styles while you shop.

3. Measure Thickness of New Bidet Seat and Lid. Make sure that the new bidet seat and lid that you want to buy are not too thick. They need to be slim enough to lean slightly backward toward the tank. If they do not, the seat or lid may not balance properly and may slam shut. This could injure a child, an elderly person or anyone who has limited mobility.

What Is the Best Material to Look for in a New Bidet Toilet Seat?

Most new bidet seats are manufactured from different grades of plastic materials. Some may be specially treated or may contain wood. Wooden seats for bidets are produced in two main varieties—solid wood that is treated and molded wood finished with a laminate. 

If the air in your bathroom tends to retain high levels of moisture, a plastic or solid wood seat will outlast one that is laminated. Moisture can collect beneath the laminated surface and swell the underlying wood, causing it to warp.

What Are the Advantages of Treated Plastic Bidet Seats?

Bidet toilet seats made of treated plastic do not stain and are resistant to the development of mold and mildew. The also slow the spread of bacteria that can cause cause stale, lingering odors.

 These treated seats can be wiped clean with a damp sponge or cloth without the need for detergent or other cleaning agents.

Is It Worth Paying Extra for a Bidet Seat with a Soft Close Lid?

Soft close bidet seats lids are convenient for regular use. Just by tipping the lid slightly forward, you can initiate it’s soft, gentle closing. This can prevent you or others in your household from being awakened abruptly during the night by the loud bang of a bidet seat slamming closed.

Growing Popularity of Different Brands and Styles in Bidet Seats

Just a few years ago, a bidet was an extra or optional feature that some homeowners added to their bathroom furnishings in some Western countries.

Although bidet seats had long been popular throughout Europe and other global regions, the use of bidets was not universal. However, once the Toto brand introduced the Washlet, a toilet seat with the features of a bidet, the concept and practice of bidet use became the norm in many modern households. 

Today, bidet seats are common components of bathroom fixture sets in home furnishings stores.

Best Bidet Toilet Seats to Considering Buying

Best choices among modern bidet toilet seats to considering before making your purchase decision include the following brands and models. These bidet seats won’t disappoint.

Key Take Aways

  • Having a heated bidet seat is a great option to increase the comfort.
  • It’s important to measure the size of your toilet seat to ensure your bidet seat will fit. 
  • Checking the shape and size of the toilet is important as some bidet seats can be too thick to properly fit.
  • When picking a bidet toilet the best materials are plastic and solid wood. Bidet seats made of this tend to last longer.
  • The best bidet is made of plastic since they are stain resistant, mold resistant and mildew resistant.
  • The best bidet toilet will have a soft close lid. It’s great to make sure you don’t make noise and disturb your family at night.

1. TOTO SW2034#01 C100 WASHLET Electronic Bidet Toilet Seat

This electric bidet seat model from Toto offers a PreMist feature that uses the incoming water supply. This feature mists the toilet bowl thoroughly before each use for cleansing purposes. It is equipped with a self-cleaning want that is cleaned internally and externally before and after each use. Additional features include a heated seat, warm air dryer and air deodorizer with automatic action. This model is available in both elongated and round designs for use on different shaped toilets.

This plastic bidet seat comes in cotton white and is a corded-electric design. Included with the product when sold are a T-connector, installation instructions and all necessary hardware. The seat controls offer easy use by all family members, including children, older adults and individuals with physical movement limitations. Although fairly lightweight, this bidet seat is sturdy and offers long-term use. Securing the water connection for this product is simple and easy to accomplish. The only manual tools needed for full installation are a screw driver and an adjustable wrench.

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• The warm water and heated seat settings work quickly and well.

• This bidet toilet seat is reasonably priced and has durable construction.

• This seat can be installed within 30 minutes without difficulty.

• The regular and soft rear water streams have an adjustable oscillation setting with good action.


• This bidet seat is rather small for use by large people.

• The control for the duvet position does not always stay set.

2. Saniwise Advanced Bidet Toilet Seat: Offers Dual Self-Cleaning Hygienic Nozzles

This elongated white plastic bidet toilet seat from Saniwise offers a dual nozzle design. Its self-cleaning seat nozzle provides excellent hygiene. Both rear and front wash nozzles for users are adjustable with both gentle and oscillating massage pulse features. The seat has soft-closing action to prevent seat slamming. This model offers a contoured cover for ultimate comfort while seated. The water pressure can be controlled easily from a soft to powerful spray. The T-connector for this bidet seat is a standard USA plumbing model.

This bidet toilet seat design includes a convenient automatic flush function. Installation of this seat is simple and easy to complete. No electrical connection, batteries or complex plumbing procedures are needed for installation, and full installation can be finished within 20 minutes. Saniwise has been designing and producing bidet seats for more than 20 years, and is known for the fine quality of all products. This bidet toilet seat comes with a water hose, T-connector, adaptable panel, adjusting pieces, installation template, expansive nuts and connecting bolts. 

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• This bidet seat is very comfortable.

• The classic design of this bidet toilet seat is attractive.

• This is an excellent non-electric bidet seat.

• This model works well with both high and low-pressure water supplies.


• The water stream in the rear is not wide enough for all adults.

• The front water stream could be slightly stronger.

3. GenieBidet ELONGATED Seat: With Rear and Feminine Self-Cleaning Nozzles​

This bidet toilet seat mode is an elongated design of white plastic construction. It offers separate nozzles for feminine and rear cleansing with good water pressure. This model provides adjustable and reliable spray action, from soft to strong. This model installation includes the manufacturer’s top-selling hybrid T-connector with pressure control and shut-off functions. The USA-based customer support for this product is excellent and helpful for resolving any questions with product installation or use.

The design of this bidet seat brand is specifically styled for the user’s comfort. It is sturdy, but sleek and attractive. The side controls for this bidet seat are convenient and easy to operate by users of all ages. The dual nozzles offer good, steady and adjustable water flow. This bidet seat model can be installed quickly and easily with the use of a screw driver. This model is a cold-water design and does not require connection to a hot water line or the use of a water heater for installation and use.

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• This bidet seat offers a pleasing design for long-term use for an affordable price.

• This seat can be detached from the toilet for thorough cleaning when needed.

• This model provides excellent operation as a non-electrical product.

• Both sprayers are located well above the toilet bowl water level for good hygiene.


• This bidet toilet seat design has a synthetic water hose rather than a metal braided hose.

• There is a small gap between this seat and the front of the toilet bowl.

4. BioBidet Bliss BB2000 Elongated White Bidet Smart Toilet Seat: With Self-Cleaning Hydroflush and Hybrid Heating

This advanced BioBidet Bliss seat model offers a hybrid on-demand heating system for continuous warm water supplies. It is an electric bidet seat that comes with a dual-colored wireless remote control and offers unique Hydro-Flush inside-out nozzle cleaning. The water pressure is easy to control. This seat has a solid, durable stainless steel spray nozzle for durability. The nozzle offers three-in-one posterior, feminine and vortex washes for ultimate hygiene. It also offers a quick-release seat mechanism for seat removal and cleaning.

This model has an adjustable heated seat for added comfort and a slow-closing lid. It offers an eco-friendly energy-saving mode, reducing electricity use. This quality bidet toilet seat provides oscillating, wide clean action and pulsating massage with pleasing bubble infusion. Its hybrid heating capacity provides a continuous supply of soothing, warm water during every use. This bidet seat is battery-operated and offers record-breaking technology for ultimate personal hygiene. This model is an elongated design made of smooth white plastic.

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• This advanced bidet seat offers pleasing aerated front and rear wash action.

• This seat design includes a convenient night light plus a power save feature.

• This bidet seat offers oscillating and pulsating cleansing techniques.

• The wide water stream of this bidet seat design offers thorough cleaning for large and small users.


• The water temperature of the spray on this model could be warmer for total comfort.

• The heated air dryer is sometimes only warm.

5. Kohler K-5724-0 Puretide Elongated Manual Bidet Toilet Seat: Offers Self-Cleaning Want and Adjustable Spray

This electric bidet cleansing toilet seat has a low-profile, sleek seat for style and comfort. Its Puretide cleansing action involves an easily adjusted spray wand for simple positioning. Water pressure is also easy to control. This manual bidet seat operates without electricity or batteries. It offers fast and simple installation and connects with the toilet’s water supply line. This model provides the luxuries of a heated seat warm water cleansing for total comfort with the use of intuitive controls. The manually control handle of this modern bidet toilet seat also operates without the need for electric power or batteries.

This cleaning seat model has a single wand with adjustable water spray positioning and pressure control. The wand is self-cleaning with an auto-rinse action after each use. It offers a quiet-closing seat feature, and its easy-release hinges facilitate unlatching the seat for simple removal and cleaning without the use of tools. This seat is ergonomically structured for extra comfort. Hoses and connections are included with this product, and the seat is easy to install using just a screwdriver and adjustable wrench. This elongated seat design is made of white plastic.

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• Even the delicate spray setting on this bidet seat offers thorough cleansing.

• This comfortable bidet seat is also available in a round model.

• The water spray action of this cleansing seat is very easy to control with the handle.

• There is no electric-powered mechanism on this bidet, which avoids potential power issues.


• This bidet seat can wobble slightly on some toilets.

• There may be slight water leakage occasionally from the water control lever.

What is The Best Bidet Toilet Seat to Buy?

Before purchasing your modern bidet toilet seat, it can be helpful to compare different brands and models. By examining the features and benefits of each one, it can be easier to make an informed buying decision. After comparing the advantages offered by each different bidet seat design, it can be easier to decide which qualities and benefits of each one appeal to you the most. This can be helpful in determining your own preferences and needs before choosing the product that you will buy and enjoy using. 

After careful consideration of the modern bidet seat brands and models discussed above, which one stands out? After comparing them all, the best bidet toilet seats selection seems to be the BioBidet Bliss BB2000 Elongated White Bidet Smart Toilet Seat. This advanced design product includes many of the same features and advantages as the other models discussed. For example, it offers a heated seat, adjustable and oscillating cleansing spray and soft-closing lid, which all the bidet eat models discussed also include. All of these seat models also have self-cleaning features and are made of attractive and hygienic white plastic. 

All of these bidet seats have attractive features. The Toto bidet seat offers a PreMist toilet bowl cleansing function. Both the BioBidet Bliss and the Saniwise models include oscillation spray action. The Kohler product offers an ergonomic seat design. The Genie Bidet model has a hybrid T-connector with pressure control and a convenient shut-off function. 

However, the BioBidet Bliss model offers a self-cleaning Hydro-Flush feature, hybrid heating, wireless remote control and a vortex wash feature. The Hydro-Flush function provides hygienic inside-out cleaning action of the spray nozzle, which is made of durable stainless steel. It also offers an eco-friendly energy-saving mode. 

Our vote for the very best bidet toilet seats selection goes to the BioBidet Bliss model. This product offers multiple innovative and beneficial features for users. However, the ultimate buying decision for your new bidet seat will be your own. After considering the many advanced features and functions of the models discussed above, we hope you can make your own choice more easily.

You’re ready to stay clean and help the environment by saving toilet paper. 

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