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Best Toilet Seat For Heavy Person

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If you’re on the heavier side, using a standard toilet seat can be a bit of a challenge. Not only are you dealing with comfort issues, but stability and safety concerns can arise, too.

There’s nothing to be ashamed of! People come in all shapes and sizes. According to the World Health Organization, roughly 39 percent of adults around the globe are classified as “overweight.” So, you’re not the only one that’s looking for a new toilet seat with a higher weight capacity.

The best toilet seats for heavy people are purpose-built with support and comfort in mind. While they may look like the average seat, they have a slew of design and construction features that can make all the difference when nature calls.

Big John Products is a company that’s devoted to creating accessible products that can be used by anyone. The 3-W toilet seat is a great option for those looking for comfort and stability. The seat fits most standard toilets. However, it offers a few inches of extra room on all sides.

In total, it’s approximately 19 inches wide. The seat is also a couple of inches taller. This is due to the durable feet at the bottom of the seat. Rather than using traditional pegs, Big John opted for huge stabilizers that sit comfortably on the rim of the toilet. They’re covered in rubber to keep the seat in position and prevent swaying.

The toilet seat is made out of molded ABS plastic. The material is very tough and can withstand years of use. Accompanying the plastic are stainless steel hinges.

The seat is designed to be as comfortable as possible regardless of your weight. The plastic is contoured to prevent painful pinching or stubborn pressure points. Plus, it has an open front. This design element provides plenty of room. With a maximum weight capacity of 1,200 pounds, it’s durable enough to support anyone without breaking a sweat.


  • 1,200-pound weight capacity
  • Made of high-impact ABS plastic
  • ADA-compliant
  • 19 inches wide
  • Heavy-duty stainless steel hinges
  • Large rubber pegs
  • Open-front design


  • Noticeable overhang over sides of toilet bowl
  • May not fit in tight spaces
  • 2-inch gap when lid is closed
  • Taller height can be uncomfortable for some

Big John 1-W Oversized Toilet Seat


Another standout product from Big John Products is the 1-W toilet seat. Like the other model, this toilet seat can hold upwards of 1,200 pounds! The design of the seat contributes to this impressive capacity. It’s made out of thick ABS plastic that’s resistant to both staining and chemical damage.

On the underside of the seat, you’ll find the same tough bumpers as the 3-W. They’re curved to follow the contours of your toilet and offer stable support around key pressure points. This helps to prevent cracking from stress and weight. Of course, Big John Products also made sure to cover them in a slip-resistant rubber to keep the seat in place.

When it comes to size, the seat has plenty of space. It’s about 19 inches wide, resulting in a noticeable overhand on the sides of the toilet. Despite the unique look this seat creates, the increased width is evenly supported thanks to those bumpers.


  • 1,200-pound weight capacity
  • 19 inches wide
  • Made out of ABS plastic
  • Large rubber bumpers
  • Traditional closed circle design
  • Comes with stainless steel hinges
  • Relatively easy to install
  • Resistant to stains and chemical damage
  • Works with most round and elongated toilets


  • Significant overhand
  • May have issues fitting onto toilets near a wall
  • Contours can be uncomfortable for some
  • Taller height can be uncomfortable for some
  • Curved lid may be an issue if you lean back

BEMIS Heavy-Duty Closed-Front Toilet Seat


Available in round and elongated configurations, you shouldn’t have any problem fitting this toilet seat from Bemis into your home. The unit has a ton of great features that are designed to provide more support and comfort for heavier users.

First, it’s made out of commercial-grade materials. While it’s built for home use, it’s designed very similarly to toilet seats you’d find in public bathrooms. Considering the fact that public toilets are made to serve a wide range of people, you can rest easy knowing that it’s tough enough for most.

At face value, the toilet seat doesn’t look like it’s made for heavier people. It’s the same size and shape as traditional models. This is great for those that want a discrete seat. However, it can prove to be a problem if you want a wider surface to sit on.

Even though it doesn’t look sturdier, this seat does have a higher weight capacity than most. It also has a heavy-duty anchor system, stainless steel hardware, and anti-slip rubber pegs. To top it all off, the seat comes with a soft-close lid to prevent any accidental slamming.


  • Available in round or elongated design
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Commercial anchor system
  • Soft-close lid
  • Rubber pegs
  • Higher weight capacity than standard seats
  • Installs like normal seats
  • Resistant to staining and chipping
  • Made from commercial-grade plastic


  • Standard width may not provide as much support as other options
  • Supported by only four oval bumper pegs
  • No weight capacity information provided



Next up, we have this seat from Bath Royale. This option isn’t going to provide you with as much support as some other models on this list. But, it does have a higher weight capacity than standard seats. Bath Royale tested the seat up to 400 pounds.

The seat is made out of polypropylene. This material is an excellent alternative to ABS. Polypropylene seats are stronger than wood or thin plastic. It’s tough enough to support a significant amount of weight while staying lightweight and resisting stains.

On the bottom of the seats are four non-slip bumpers. The rubber material keeps the seat in place and prevents any accidental sliding.

The cool thing about this seat is that it has a quick-release hinge. By pivoting the seat to the side, you can remove it from the toilet completely. This helps to make regular cleaning tasks much simpler.


  • Available in round or elongated design
  • Slow-close lid
  • Made out of non-recycled polypropelene
  • Resistant to stains, chipping, and chemical damage
  • Easy-to-clean high-gloss finish
  • 400-pound weight capacity
  • Non-slip bumpers
  • Includes two mounting covers
  • Comes with two-year warranty


  • Standard width
  • Four separate bumpers don’t provide a ton of support
  • Prone to scratching
  • Doesn’t feel as durable as other units

Comfort Seats C801800 Heavy-Duty Round Toilet Seat


If you’re looking for an affordable, no-frills toilet seat, consider this model from Comfort Seats. It’s a premium toilet seat that’s built with better quality than some of the standard seats you’ll find at your local home center. One look at the seat and you can tell that it’s capable of supporting more weight. The plastic is thicker and offers more rigidity.

While you can certainly see that this seat is built to last, it’s not immediately obvious that it’s built for heavier people You can install this onto your existing toilet in minutes. Guests will be none the wiser. It takes on the same width as traditional seats and features a modern design.

Of course, this does mean that it’s not as robust as some other seats on the market. It uses traditional non-slip pegs and has no added width for comfort. With that said, if you don’t need the highest weight capacity possible, this toilet seat should serve you well.


  • Rubber bumper pads
  • Adjustable hinge
  • Simple installation process
  • Thicker plastic construction
  • Sleek design
  • Commercial-grade quality


  • Standard width
  • Weaker bumper support
  • Plastic hinge prone to damage
  • Contours may be uncomfortable for some

Toilet Seat For Heavy Person Buying Guide

The Benefits of Using a Toilet Seat Designed for Heavier People ​

Let’s be honest; the cheap plastic or MDF seats that come with standard toilets just aren’t going to cut it for heavier folks. Basic seats have a pretty simple design. They’re comprised of a circular rim that’s lifted off the toilet bowl with a handful of pegs.

The toilet itself is fully capable of supporting upwards of 1,000 pounds of weight. However, that collection of pegs under the seat is all that’s supporting your weight on the toilet! With standard seats, they can easily snap off. The material itself can also give way. Plastic and MDF seats are notorious for separating or cracking over time.

Needless to say, the risks of toilet seat damage should be taken seriously. About 40,000 toilet-related injuries happen every year. A lack of support from the seat can cause you to slip off. Plus, there’s the issue of pinched skin and discomfort to worry about.

With one of the best toilet seats for heavy people, those concerns are a thing of the past. They’re built out of heavy-duty materials. Many manufacturers also put their seats through some intense testing to ensure that they have an appropriate weight capacity to keep you safe.

A high-quality seat can benefit everyone else in the home as well. Whether you’re looking to make the upgrade for yourself or someone else in your family, these seats are a worthy investment. They’re comfortable, offer tons of stability, and are built to last. What’s not to like?

How to Choose the Best Toilet Seat for a Heavy Person

Robust toilet seats are typically made with premium materials and extra design quirks that can make all the difference. As a result, these seats will cost more than your average unit.

With that being said, the numerous benefits and longevity they offer are worth considering. To ensure that you choose a toilet seat that’s right for your bathroom and body, keep the following factors in mind.

Weight Capacity

First things first, let’s touch upon weight capacities. Depending on the design and brand, most average toilet seats can hold up to 300 pounds without any issues.

It’s important to consider the weight of the heaviest person that plans on using the seat. Modern toilet seats made for heavy people are more than capable of holding around 800 pounds. Some even go up to 1,200 pounds!

Check with the manufacturer to see what the weight limits are. You’re not going to see weight information on typical toilet seats at the hardware stores. However, manufacturers that create options for heavier people almost always do testing and provide that data for peace of mind.


Steer clear of thin seats made of flimsy plastic and wood!

Wood-based seats, whether they’re made out of MDF or shaped boards, can break under pressure. The manufacturing process results in vulnerable points throughout.

If you’re looking for a seat that’s going to hold up well to years of use, stick with a thermoplastic polymer, such as ABS plastic. ABS is molded as a single piece and is virtually “unbreakable.” For toilet seats, the material is used to create a thick and supportive surface. It offers a small bit of “give” to prevent cracking as well.

Shape and Width

Most toilet seats are about 14 inches wide. However, you can easily find seats that are significantly wider to ensure that you’re comfortable. Wider seats extend beyond the rim of the toilet bowl. Yet, the stabilizing pegs underneath rest on the rim like normal. The design is very deliberate to make sure that the seat is safe. You get the added benefit of a wider seat surface without having to replace your entire toilet.

Another thing to consider is the shape of the seat itself. Do you prefer a traditional circular seat or an open one? Open-front toilet seats are very common in public restrooms. As the name would suggest, the front part of the seat is completely open, creating a “U” shape.

What are the benefits of an open-front seat? Well, they provide more room and are considered to be more hygienic. Keep this in mind when you’re looking for the perfect seat.


Have you ever had to deal with weak hinges causing the seat to move as you’re using the toilet? If so, consider going with a seat that uses metal hinges. Stainless steel hinges offer much more stability. The material will not degrade over time like plastic. Plus, it offers a unique look to your bathroom.

Non-Slip Support

Another thing that could stop that unwanted side-to-side shifting is non-slip pegs. Take a look underneath the seat and pay close attention to the material and design of the pegs. For optimal support, look for large feet covered in a tacky rubber. They’ll keep the seat put.

Toilet Compatibility

Before you do anything, make sure that you’re looking at seats that will fit onto your toilet!

While they all look similar, toilet sizes can vary a bit. Small discrepancies in the size of the rim and the placement of the anchor points can render an otherwise high-quality seat useless.

The biggest factor to think about is whether you have a round toilet or an elongated toilet. Elongated toilets are about 2 inches longer than traditional round models. Thus, installing a round seat onto an elongated toilet will pose more problems than it solves.

Convenient Extras ​

While most don’t give it a second thought, the average person spends between 23 and 29 minutes a week sitting on the toilet. Why not get a toilet that has some features to make your bathroom time a bit more convenient for you?

There are several great extras you can get. Soft-close hinges help to avoid those loud seat slams. Meanwhile, stain-resistant coatings and quick-release anchors make regular cleanings a breeze. These extras, while small, can do a lot to improve your space.

Best Heavy Duty Toilet Seat For Heavy People Conclusion​

With one of these toilet seats, you can transform your traditional toilet into a fixture that’s comfortable and safe for you to use. Thanks to the high-quality materials and careful engineering, many seats can support over 1,000 pounds without any issues whatsoever.

While all of these seats can serve heavier people well, the 3-W toilet seat from Big John Products is clearly the superior option. When compared to the other products on this list, it has the highest weight capacity of them all. It offers substantially more support than the seats from Bemis, Bath Royale, and Comfort seats.

Plus, it’s miles better in terms of comfort. The seats from other brands follow the 14-inch width guidelines you would find on traditional seats. However, Big John Products adds about 5 inches of extra room with the 3-W. As if that weren’t enough, the open-front design takes comfort to the next level. For this reason, the 3-W toilet seat even beats out Big John Product’s other model, the 1-W.

Ultimately, the 3-W toilet seat checks off all the boxes. It’s made out of some of the toughest material around, uses large non-slip bumpers, and provides more surface area to sit. The high-quality build of this seat is sure to make it a permanent fixture in your bathroom.

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