Best Short Depth Toilets 24-25in

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Finding a toilet that fits into a tiny bathroom can be difficult. Even toilets described as “compact” may be too big for your space. If you have a very small space, you need to look for toilets that are 25 inches in depth of less. Depth is defined as how far out the toilet extends from the wall. Let’s look at what constitutes the best short depth toilet and compare five of the better ones on the market.

How to Select a Short Depth Toilet (24-25 inches)

The average depth of a toilet sold in the US is between 28 and 30 inches. Many smaller toilets are described as “compact”. However, the compact toilets are often 26 to 28 inches in depth. While that is smaller than the average, it still may not be enough for your tiny bathroom.

Let’s look at what you should consider when selecting the best short depth toilet for your home:

Toilet Dimensions

You need to know how much space you have available for the toilet. This will let you compare it to the toilet’s dimensions and see if it will fit or not. Check your area’s building code for the minimum space required for a toilet in your location. Your plumber can advise you on this information as well.

In many jurisdictions, the space required from left to right is 30 inches. That is a tight space even for an average size adult. The space required from front to back is the depth of the toilet plus 21 inches. The space in front of the toilet is for someone to stand before and after using the commode.

Always confirm the proper dimensions with your building department before ordering a toilet. You don’t want to order one and find out it won’t pass inspection.

Flush Efficiency

With water conservation a requirement for all new toilets, flushing efficiency must also be a consideration. Ideally, a toilet should clear the waste and leave the bowl clean with a single flush. Many older water-efficient toilets didn’t flush efficiently, requiring multiple flushes to clear bulk waste or to clean the bowl.

Manufacturers have developed new flush technologies and designs which use less water, while providing a powerful, efficient flush.

Seat Height

Standard toilets have a seat height between 15 and 17 inches above the floor. This is comfortable for smaller adults and children. However, it can be uncomfortable for taller adults. It can also be difficult for people with mobility issues or for those in wheelchairs.

Comfort height toilets were developed as an alternative. The toilet seats on these commodes sit 17 to 19 inches above the floor. This makes them more comfortable for taller adults. They also make it easier for people with mobility or disability issues.


A toilet can last for decades. That’s why it’s important to consider the commode’s design when selecting a new one. You want a design that fits into the bathroom’s decor and one that will look good for many years to come.

There are several things to consider when it comes to a toilet’s design:

  • Is it one-piece or two? The two-piece design has been around for several decades. A one piece design is often more modern and minimal in design.
  • Is the trapway visible or covered? The trapway is the curving drain where waste gets flushed. On the outside of the toilet, it looks like a curving snake that runs under the back of the tank. Many contemporary toilets have a smooth skirt which hides the trapway.
  • Does it use a lever or a button flushing mechanism? Levers are very common in single flush toilets. Buttons are more common in dual flush models.
  • Does it have a round or elongated bowl? A round bowl usually saves floor space. An elongated bowl, however, provides more seating space and is often described as more comfortable.


You would expect a small toilet to be lower in price. The fact is, however, they are often as expensive as full-size models. If you need to replace a toilet, and don’t have a large budget, price must be a consideration. When looking at any toilet, check out what is said about ease of installation. Some toilets are easier to install than others. A difficult-to-install commode could cost you extra to have a plumber do the work.

Also, look at what’s included in the toilet. Some come with toilet seats and hardware included, while some do not. Consider the money you need to spend to get the items not included.


Toilets can last for decades. However, toilets can receive damage during shipping. Plus, mechanical parts can go bad. Get a toilet that has at least one year’s warranty. Most problems with the toilet will show up in the first few months of regular use.

Are There Other Options Available for Small Bathrooms

If you have a small bathroom, finding a toilet to fit into the space can be a challenge. A short-depth toilet, like those we are comparing, is one answer for tight spaces. However, it is not the only one.

Wall-mounted toilets are another option many homeowners choose. These toilets have the bowl mounted on the wall instead of the floor. The tank is mounted in the wall behind the bowl. Without the tank on back, the bowl doesn’t extend out from the wall as much. Plus, the floor beneath is completely open for easy cleaning.

Another option is a corner toilet. These toilets have a triangular tank that fits snugly into space where two walls meet. The base of the toilet extends out from the corner. These toilets often take less floor space and can fit into a smaller area of floor.

Talk with your plumbing contractor about the options available for your bathroom.

The Comparison

The HOROW HWMT-8733A Small Toilet is a one-piece commode with a smooth modern design. It has a dual flush system that uses water efficiently while offering excellent flush efficiency. The toilet comes with soft closing seat and wax ring included.

The footprint of this toilet is 13.4″ high by 28.4″ high. It extends from the wall 25″. It includes a shorter than normal elongated seat. The seat height is 16.5″ from the floor, on the taller end of standard toilet height.

This small toilet offers siphon flushing that’s super quiet but extremely powerful. It uses 1.1 gallons on the partial flush and 1.6 gallons on the full flush. The self-cleaning glaze keeps the toilet looking good while making it easy to clean. Its skirted base also keeps the outside easy to keep clean.

The toilet requires a 12″ rough-in. The manufacturer includes a five-year limited warranty on the china finish and a three-year limited warranty on the mechanical parts and the toilet seat. It has a push button flush mechanism.



  • 25″ short depth with 12″ rough in
  • Powerful, efficient flush that’s extra quiet
  • Water efficient with dual flush mechanism that uses 1.1 gpf for partial and 1.6 gpf for full
  • Five-year warranty on china and three year on mechanical parts
  • Includes toilet seat and wax ring
  • Full skirt base hides trapway
  • One-piece modern design



  • Small holes to install floor bolts
  • Odd shaped bowl requires custom lid

The GALBA Small Toilet has a very small footprint, while offering all the features you get with a standard size commode. It’s one-piece modern design fits well into almost any space. The dual flush is powerful and efficient, using 0.8 gallons per partial flush and 1.6 gallons for the full flush.

This tiny toilet extends 24 1/2″ from the wall. It is 13 1/2″ wide and 28 1/2″ high. It requires a 12″ rough-in. The toilet seat is 16 1/2″ above the floor for comfortable seating. The surface of the toilet has self-cleaning glaze that won’t fade, rust, scratch, or discolor.

It delivers a powerful flush using dual tornado flushing. Two nozzles deliver water into the bowl with a powerful rush, clearing the bowl efficiently while cleaning it with each flush.

This commode comes with the toilet seat included. Any round toilet seat can be added when needed. The manufacturer offers a one-year warranty on parts.


  • Very small footprint makes it easy to fit into small bathroom
  • Water efficient, using only 0.8 gallons for the partial flush
  • One-piece design is contemporary and minimalist
  • Smooth skirt conceals the trapway for easy cleaning and sanitizing
  • Includes self-cleaning glaze
  • Dual siphon flushing clears bowl efficiently
  • Includes soft-closing seat


  • One-year warranty on parts
  • Chrome buttons tend to corrode quickly

The HOROW HWMT-8733 Small Toilet brings the modern design of a one-piece toilet and pairs it with the dual flush system for efficient use of water. Its powerful flush clears wastes and keeps the bowl cleaner. It comes with the wax ring and soft closing lid included with the rest of the hardware.

This toilet stands 28.4″ high and is 13.4″ wide. It has a depth of 25″. The seat length is 16.5″, and the toilet seat sits 16.5″ above the floor. It requires a 12″ rough in.

The toilet’s siphon flushing delivers a powerful rush of water that clears the bowl quietly and efficiently. It uses a dual flush mechanism. The partial flush uses 1.1 gallons while the full flush uses 1.6 gallons. It has a self cleaning glaze to keep the bowl clean and sanitary. The toilet’s design includes a full skirt to conceal the trapway.

HOROW includes a five-year warranty on the china’s finish and a three-year warranty on the toilet’s mechanical parts.


  • One-piece minimalist design takes up little space
  • Offers powerful, efficient flush
  • Water efficient, requiring 1.1 gallons for partial flushes and 1.6 for full ones
  • Soft closing lid and wax ring included
  • Self cleaning glaze makes it easy to keep clean
  • Five year warranty on china finish and three year warranty on mechanical parts
  • Easy to install


  • Included toilet lid may not tighten down properly

The American Standard 221DB004.020 Colony has a classical design that will fit into your bathroom with ease. Its elongated bowl offers comfortable seating, while the PowerWash rim keeps the bowl cleaner. Its two-piece design is very easy to install.

This toilet stands 29.5 inches tall and is 18 11/16″ wide. It extends 25 13/16″ from the wall. It requires a 10″ rough in. The rounded curve of the tank gives this toilet presence and elegance.

The toilet uses 1.6 gallons per flush. It comes with a two-year warranty from American Standard. It does not include a toilet seat or installation hardware.


  • Easy to install
  • PowerWash rim keeps bowl cleaner than other toilets
  • Uses 10″ rough in
  • Includes two-year limited warranty


  • Uses 1.6 gallons per flush, the US standard
  • Does not include toilet bowl or installation hardware

And the Best Short Depth Toilet is...

The HOROW HWMT-8733 Small Toilet is the clear winner in our comparison of short depth toilets. It is virtually identical to the HOROW HWMT-8733A Small Toilet, except for one key difference: the size of the holes used to install the floor bolts.

The smaller holes on the 8733A model are quite small and tight. It makes installation more difficult. The larger holes on the 8733 model makes installation much easier and the larger openings are not that noticeable since they are on the sides towards the bottom.

The 25″ depth of the HOROW HWMT-8733 Small Toilet is between the shorter GALBA model and the longer American Standard. Its depth makes it easy to install in many smaller bathrooms.

It includes the full skirt that conceals the trapway. This makes this toilet easy to clean and sanitize, while giving it a contemporary design. The one-piece toilet fixture prevents leaks between the tank and bowl.

This toilet is very water efficient, using only 1.1 gallons per partial flush and 1.6 gallons on a full flush. In comparison, the American Standard uses 1.6 gallons on every single flush. The siphon flushing and fully glazed flush path keeps the waste flowing and the bowl clean.

The manufacturer includes all the parts needed for installation, including a soft-closing seat and the wax ring. They also include a five-year limited warranty on staining or fading of the glaze and a three-year limited warranty on the flushing mechanisms and the toilet seat. This is better than the warranties offered on the GALBA and American Standard models.

While it’s a bit more expensive than the American Standard toilet, the HOROW HWMT-8733 Small Toilet includes higher quality and the features that will make this commode last for decades.

Best Short Depth Toilets 24-25in

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