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Best Wall Mounted Toilets Reviews

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With their sleek, space-saving design, wall mounted toilets offer flexibility and style when designing a bathroom. They are perfect choices for bathrooms with limited floor space. The problem comes down to finding the best wall mounted toilet for your home.

How to Select the Best Wall Mounted Toilet

Selecting a wall mounted toilet requires more thought than a more standard floor mounted model. You need to consider common toilet issues plus the special considerations that come with the wall-mounted design.

Wall mounted toilets are noted for their sleek modern design. You can find multiple manufacturers offering dozens of designs. You can easily find a design that works for your bathroom decor and the space you have available.

Bowl Design
Most wall-mounted models have an elongated bowl for comfortable seating. However, some use standard toilet seats, while others have a unique design. It’s important to know if the bowl design is unique or takes standard seats.

Flush Options
Many wall-mounted toilets offer dual flush options. Each manufacturer uses a different flush design for efficient waste removal. You need a toilet that will clear the waste out with a single flush.

Prices vary widely when it comes to wall-mounted toilets. In most cases, the toilet bowl is purchased separately from the toilet tank carrier and the actuator plate. You need to consider the price of all the parts before making your final choice.

Water Use
Installing a new toilet offers you the opportunity to save money on your water bill while making your bathroom more water efficient. Check each toilet’s water use carefully.

Parts Included
As stated before, wall mounted toilets are usually sold in three separate parts: the bowl, the toilet tank carrier, and the actuator plate. Some toilet bowl options do not come with the needed parts for installation.

A wall-mounted toilet is more expensive to buy and install than a floor-mounted model. That’s one main reason why the manufacturer’s warranty is so important. You need some protection if something goes wrong.

What’s Different About a Wall Mounted Toilet?

Most people are familiar with floor-mounted toilets. They are usually one or two piece fixtures that sit on the floor. Water from the tank in the back washes out the bowl which pushes waste out the bottom through an attached floor drain.

Wall mounted toilets work on the same principle as most floor-mounted ones. However, their construction is a bit different.

The most obvious difference is the toilet hangs on the wall and never touches the floor. It seems to float in mid-air. This offers a modern, sleek look that’s easy to keep clean. All the working parts of the toilet rest in the wall behind the fixture. That includes the drain, the toilet tank carrier, and the moving parts. An actuator plate is where the user flushes the toilet. It also offers a point of access for maintenance.

To install the toilet, the wall cavity behind it needs to be opened up. In many cases, the contractor will build-out the depth of the wall to accommodate the toilet mechanics. Extra framing and bracing is necessary where the toilet bowl hangs. The plumber will rough in the pipes and drain, then install the toilet parts within the wall cavity.

After the installation passes inspection, the contractor comes back and closes up the wall cavity, covering the working parts of the toilet. Alternatively, the contractor can install an access panel for easier maintenance. In either case, the only part of the toilet that you see is the bowl and the actuator plate with its flush buttons.

What Are the Benefits and Drawbacks of a Wall Mounted Toilet?

Like any other fixture, a wall mounted toilet brings its own benefits and drawbacks. Let’s look at both.

The Benefits

  • Sleek design is one of the main draws to the wall-mounted toilet. A simple bowl hanging from the wall seems to float above the floor. Most models are modern and even minimal.
  • Easy to clean is the name of the game. There’s no need to clean around the base of the toilet. It’s just a quick sweep and mop to keep the floor clean. The clean lines of the bowl make it easy to keep sanitary.
  • Space-saving design frees up to 10 inches because the tank is inside the wall. It’s perfect for tiny bathrooms or awkward installation points.
  • Available in a number of styles, colors, and designs from multiple manufacturers. This makes it possible to find a design that works for your bathroom remodel.
  • Can be mounted at desired height which is great for those with disabilities and taller adults.

The Drawbacks

  • More expensive to purchase and to install. The bowl often costs just as much as a floor-mounted toilet. Plus, the carrier and the actuator have to be purchased separately. Installation requires wall construction and special plumbing installation.
  • Requires extensive construction to the bathroom wall to accommodate carrier inside wall. Some walls may not be deep enough, requiring the wall to be built-out.
  • Bowl can work loose over time, especially in busy bathrooms. It may require routine tightening to keep it safe.
  • Maintenance is more difficult because the working parts are inside the wall. Access is through the actuator plate, which is tight. An alternative option is to install an access panel.
  • Toilet may leak more and require occasional repairs. Repair costs will be higher due to limited access.
  • Water in tank could freeze if installed on exterior wall. Cavity needs to be well insulated.
  • Noise level in adjoining rooms could be louder if tank is mounted in shared wall.

Is a Wall Mounted Toilet Worth It?

Only you can decide whether a wall-mounted toilet is the right choice for your home. However, there are some situations where a wall mounted toilet makes more sense.

  • A small bathroom with limited floor space is ideal for a wall-mounted design.
  • Minimalist bathrooms would benefit from the sleek design.
  • Make it easy to keep the bathroom clean. It’s a good option for those who have physical limitations which make cleaning difficult or for those who have very little time.
  • Custom height installation is available for those with mobility issues or taller individuals.

Best Wall Mounted Toilet Reviews

All the toilets in our comparison are for the bowl portion of the installation. The toilet tank carrier and actuator plate are sold separately.

Toto CT418FGNo.01 Aquia

The Toto CT418FGNo.01 Aquia offers a sleek rounded design that is classic enough for a more traditional bathroom while fitting perfectly into a more contemporary design. With an elongated seat, it offers comfortable seating for everyone. It can be installed at universal height to accommodate adults of all sizes and those with disabilities. The toilet is only available in cotton white. It measures 23.8 x 15.8 x 17.5 inches.

This toilet comes with Toto’s SanaGloss glazing. It prevents debris and mold from finding a place to gather inside the bowl and trapway. That means less water for clearing the bowl and fewer chemicals for cleaning it.

The Aquia comes with dual flush. The partial flush uses 0.9 gallons per flush, while the full flush uses 1.6 gallons per flush. The bowl has a low water level.

This bowl pairs with Toto’s in-wall tank system, but can be used with other carriers such as Geberit. It does not include a toilet seat, which must be purchased separately. Toto offers a one-year limited warranty on the toilet bowl.

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  • Transitional design works in both traditional and contemporary spaces
  • Dual flush system offers efficient waste removal and water savings
  • Universal seat height makes it a good choice for taller adults and those with mobility issues
  • Sanagloss glazing offers a sleek surface for efficient debris removal and prevents mold growth


  • Requires toilet seat to be purchased separately
  • Low water level can leave fecal smears
  • One-year limited warranty

Duravit 25350900922 Toilet

The Duravit 25350900922 Toilet offers elegance and individuality in a sleek contemporary design. It’s part of the D-Code collection of fixtures from Duravit. The collection includes toilets, sinks, and tubs that blend well with each other. This toilet has an elongated squared bowl for a comfortable feel and look. The squared design offers 1.5 inches of extra seating. If installed between 17 and 19 inches from the floor, the toilet is ADA compliant.

This commode is made from vitreous china for a durable finish that’s easy to keep clean. It can be paired with Duravit or Geberit toilet tank carriers and actuators.

The washdown model offers an efficient dual flush. The partial flush uses 0.8 gallons per flush, while the full flush uses 1.6 gallons per flush. It’s WaterSense certified due to its water efficiency.

The manufacturer offers a limited lifetime warranty. This commode comes with trip lever, but does not include toilet seat. The unique design of the toilet bowl requires the purchase of a specific seat from Duravit.

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  • Modern design that’s part of a comprehsnive fixture collection
  • Dual flush offers efficient flushing and water savings
  • Elongated bowl offers 1.5 inches of extra seating
  • ADA compliant when mounted between 17 and 19 inches from floor to rim
  • WaterSense certified
  • Lower price than others compared


  • Special bowl shape requires purchase of toilet seat from manufacturer

KOHLER K-6299-0 Veil

A sleek seamless look is the first thing you notice about the KOHLER K-6299-0 Veil toilet. This one-piece wall mounted toilet includes an elongated bowl that occupies the same space as a rounded front model. It’s comfortable and compact. The mounting hardware stays hidden, giving this toilet a truly contemporary look that’s also easy to keep clean.

The compact design of this toilet can save up to 12 inches compared to longer floor-mounted models.

This toilet offers water efficiency with a dual flush system. The partial flush uses 0.8 gallons per flush, while the full flush uses 1.6 gallons per flush. Its bowl design maximizes waste removal without using extra water.

Kohler offers a one-year limited warranty. The toilet bowl includes the Grip Tight Reveal Q3 seat that fits the bowl shape perfectly. It should be paired with Kohler carrier and actuators.

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  • Sleek contemporary design
  • Dual flush system uses 0.8 gallons for a partial flush and 1.6 gallons for a full flush
  • Concealed mounting hardware
  • Includes toilet seat


  • One-year limited warranty
  • Side and back panels affixed with double-sided tape and velcro
  • Water level too low to prevent fecal smears

Duravit 22170900921 Vero

The distinct square shape of the Duravit 22170900921 Vero offers an individual look to any contemporary bathroom. It’s a washdown model from luxury brand Duravit. It’s part of the Vero collection of bathroom fixtures. The square bowl offers an extra 1.5 inches compared to a traditional rounded bowl. The commode has a fully skirted design that hides the trapway for a smoother, sleek appearance. When mounted between 17 and 19 inches from floor to seat, it’s ADA compliant.

This sleek commode includes the WonderGliss glaze. It’s baked into the ceramic to provide a slick surface that prevents mold and bacterial growth. It also helps prevent debris from sticking to the inside of the bowl.

An efficient dual flush system uses 0.8 gallons per flush for the partial and 1.6 gallons for the full. It’s WaterSense certified due to its water efficiency.

The manufacturer offers a limited lifetime warranty. The design of the bowl is unique, which requires the separate purchase of a unique toilet seat from the manufacturer.

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  • Unique squared contemporary design
  • Part of larger Vero bathroom collection
  • Skirted design hides trapway
  • WonderGliss finish prevents mold growth and makes cleaning easier
  • Dual flush system for water efficiency
  • WaterSense certified
  • ADA compliant when mounted between 17 and 19 inches above the floor
  • Lifetime limited warranty


  • Unique bowl shape requires purchase of special toilet seat from manufacturer
  • Highest price model compared

Swiss Madison Ivy SM-WT450 Wall Hung Toilet

A sleek understated design makes the Swiss Madison Ivy SM-WT450 memorable. Its rounded style works well in both traditional and contemporary spaces. Easy mounting access makes this wall mount toilet exceptional. The one-piece fixture is easy to clean and keep sanitary. It’s supposed to be compatible with many toilet tank carrier models.

This toilet is very water efficient. Its partial flush uses 0.8 gallons per flush. The full flush uses only 1.28 gallons per flush.

The toilet comes with the Slymm™ soft close quick-release seat that fits the unique bowl shape perfectly. A replacement would have to be purchased from the manufacturer.

Swiss Madison offers a one-year limited warranty. The kit comes with the bolts and screws for installation, but does not include supply line.

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  • Transitional design works well in contemporary and more traditional bathrooms
  • Works with different carrier systems
  • Easy to install and easy to clean design
  • Includes toilet seat, bolts, and screws
  • Dual flush system is very water efficient


  • Unique toilet bowl shape requires toilet seat replacement from manufacturer
  • One year limited warranty
  • Cannot be installed above 19 inches
  • Weak flush

And the Best Wall Mounted Toilet is…

The Duravit 25350900922 D-Code is clearly the best wall mounted toilet among the ones we compared. Its modern minimalist shape makes it a clear winner in design. The efficient dual flush system and its low price takes it over the top.

It’s part of the larger D-Code collection which allows you to redo your entire bathroom with coordinating fixtures. The dual flush system quickly and efficiently removes liquid and bulk waste with minimal water use. The bowl design makes waste removal easy. While the Swiss Madison Ivy has better water efficiency, its weak flush doesn’t remove waste efficiently.

What differentiates the Duravit 25350900922 D-Code from the other Duravit model is the price. The D-Code is at the bottom of our price list while the other Duravit is at the top. The extras included with the higher priced Duravit aren’t enough to justify the price being three times higher.

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