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How To Clean A Wool Rug So it Looks Brand New Again

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Thinking about getting a clean wool rug can be a scary thought. Wool rugs can be expensive and the thought of ruining one can put off anyone. On the other hand, Memories of how fresh and clean it looked when you first got it can be motivating.

This guide will hold your hand and remove any fears to get that fresh, new, and clean wool rug again!

Quick Tip: Make sure you use a quality rug pad to increase the life of your rug.

How Often to Clean A Wool Rug

Make sure you vacuum a wool rug often. 2-4 times a month will be enough to maintain it.

When you first start vacuuming a new wool rug you will see some fibers coming off. This is normal as the loose fiber will be coming off. After a few vacuums you’l see minimal fibers coming off.

Vacuuming is hands down the best thing you can do to clean and maintain a wool rug. If you or someone in the household has allergies, this will help.

It will also cut down the amount of times you need to do a deep cleaning on a wool rug. The longer dirt stays trapped in it the harder it is to remove.

Walking and activity on the rug will keep pushing dirty and debris deep into it. Dirt and dust rubbing the fibers will actually damage the rug over time. https://www.superpages.com/em/cleaning-wool-rugs/

So, one last time! Vacuum often for a happy wool rug.

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Also, a rug with a beater bar will ensure the rug receives a deep cleaning.
While vacuuming should take place 2-4 times a month you should clean your rug once a year. You can do it yourself and we will go over the steps. If the rug what expensive or is delicate you should have it cleaned by a professional.

What You Will Need

  • Bucket with Water
  • Dish Soap or Carpet Cleaner
  • Vacuum
  • Broom or Something to Hit Carpet With
  • Spong

Steps To Deep Clean A Wool Rug

1. Get the wool rug outside and shake off any excess debris and dirt from the rug.
You can use a broom or other object to hit the rug to help remove even more debris and dirt.

The rug should be dry at this point and if it isn’t wait for it to dry. A wet rug will hold on to the debris and dirt you are trying to move. Also, shaking a wool rug when it’s wet can damage the rug (even durable outdoor rugs).

2. Vacuum the rug
To make sure you get as much damaging debris as possible run a vacuum over the rug at this point. If possible, one with a beater works best. If there is fringe on the ends of the rug do the center. A beater can get caught on fringe and loose threads and damage the rug. Make sure you get all the dog hair out of the rug if you have pets.

As stated earlier, you should be vacuuming the rug at least 2-4 times a month.
Set your vacuum to a high height. This is often done with a foot pedal. The further the vacuum is from the carpet the more suction can happen due to increase air flow. A high height will protect the carpet. Low height can be damaging to a wool rug

3. Shampoo and use a mild detergent.
Prepare your rug cleaner or detergent at this point. Wet the rug first.
Don’t over wet the rug. Wool rugs are dense and it will take a long time to dry if you use more water than necessary.

If it’s a dining room rug make sure to focus on any stains caused by food and drink on this step.

After the rug is damp use a sponge with the cleaning solutions to rub throughout. If the rug has fringe use the solution on this as well.
Start with the center of the rug and work your way to the outer edges. Use linear motions going outward. This will move the dirt out of the rug inside of pushing it back in.

Next, rinse the rug out of all soap solution. It’s important to make sure all the soap is out before moving on to the next step. Lingering soap can leave noticeable spots on the rug.

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4. Dry the rug with a towel.
Speed up the drying process by using a towel to remove excess water and press it out. Wool rugs are dense and take long to dry to it’s important to help it along.

Don’t place it in a dryer. It can damage the rug. But, you can use a heater.
After you have squeezed out excess water with a towel, place the rug out in the sun. You can flip the rug once one side is dry.

Some rugs may feel stiff after this process but vacuuming it can bring it back to life.

Make sure the rug is completely dry before moving on.

Getting Rid of the Tough Stains

Tough stains are best removed the moment they happen so don’t wait to do a complete wash to work on them.

When a stain occur it’s important you only blot it. Do not rub the stain as that will push it deeper in to the rug and risk spreading it.
It’s always good to have a stain and spot remover handy but baking soda will work in an emergency.

1. Apply a liberal amount of baking soda on the area after you have blotted the stain.
After the baking soda sits for at least 30 mins you can vacuum it.

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2. Next, use some vinegar and dish soap to continue washing the stain.
A quick pour of vinegar or 1/2 a tsp and 1/2 a tsp of soap in a cup or bowl is all you need. Make sure you are gentle when rubbing the mixture in.
As always, make sure you spot treat an area before working on the carpet to make sure it won’t ruin it.

3. Blot the area again with a towel to dry it.
You can use a paper towel to remove the moisture. Press on the rug with the towel on your hand. Continue to do this until the spot is doesn’t release liquid.

4. Hang the rug to let it finish drying.
If it’s a sunny day outside, hang the rug so the sun and air flow can work on drying the rug.

Dealing with Shedding

When you first buy your wool area rug you’ll notice a some shedding will occur. Don’t worry as this is natural.

It doesn’t mean the wool rug is poor quality. This is a process that all wool rugs go through no matter the cost and way it’s made.

The shedding process takes a few months to go through and after will stop. Keep vacuuming the rug 2-4 times a month and it’ll stop in no time!

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Maintaining A Wool Rug Fresh & Clean

Last, maintaining your wool rug will keep it fresh and new for years to come. It’s a money saving tactic you can use to preserve your carpet for as long as possible.

1. Vacuum your rug often. Dirt and debris trapped in a rug will rub against the wool fibers. This will cause damage to the wool rug. If you vacuum 2-4 times a month this will cut down on the damage done.

2. Follow a cleaning schedule. Cleaning will help in much the same way the vacuuming will. It will remove dirt and debris that deep inside of the rug.

Cleaning it once every 6-12 months should be enough. If you are not feeling up to the task, remember you can also have it cleaned by a professional. This helps with the amount of work a large area rug can be.

When to know it’s time to clean the rug? Shake it and if you see dirt and dust coming it. It’s time.

3. Rotate the rug a few times a year. Depending on where your rug is in your home part of the rug will get more foot traffic. This can cause the rug to look worn out on certain parts.

By rotating the rug the traffic will spread across the entire surface area. It will look balanced and will help it last longer.

4. Be cautious of sunlight. As damaging as sun can be to our skin it also wears out rugs.

A rug placed in sunlight will start to fade. Using the rotating method to help with this. Also, UV filters on your windows or shade and blinds will prevent direct sunlight.

These methods will help protect the rug from the sun and help its longevity.

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Important Wool Rug Tips

  • Don’t rub any stains. This will push them deeper into the rug and make it difficult to remove them. Also, always clean stains as soon as possible. Use a sponge or towel to blot them.
  • If using a stain remover make sure to test it before applying it on the rug. Not all stain removers work well with all kinds of rugs and this can damage the rug. Testing first will prevent damaging a visible part of the rug.
  • There are specific stain removers made for wool rugs. If you have a large wool rug in your home you should keep one handy. Accidents and spills are always unexpected and you won’t have time to go to the store and buy one.

Add Helpful Video To Clean Wool Rug At

This helpful video goes over how a professional cleans a large wool rug. It can be helpful to follow along when cleaning a wool rug at home.
Getting a large area rug cleaned by a professional has it’s benefits due to the equipment they have. As well as their expertise.



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