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Best Rugs for Dogs

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Area rugs make a great addition to any space. They offer color, softness, and sound absorption. If you have dogs (or cats), however, your area rugs will need to be tough to take a lot of wear. You have to contend with muddy paws, pet stains, and a lot of hair.

Let’s look at an assembly of the best rugs for dogs. These will fare better than others when faced with the reality of rugs and pets.

What Should You Look for When Selecting Rugs for a Home with Dogs

Very few rugs can claim to be pet-proof. However, certain features make some rugs a better choice for homes with dogs. Let’s look at which features you need to look for when selecting an area rug.


Wool is by far the best material for any rug in a dog-friendly home. The wool fibers are naturally stain resistant. The lanolin in the wool keeps the fibers resilient against wear and tear. This makes it easy to clean with a vacuum cleaner or a broom.

Other materials also make good additions to homes with pets.

  • Polypropylene is used for outdoor rugs. The material is made to take the outdoor weather, which makes it tough enough to handle the adventures of a dog.
  • Nylon is almost as resilient as polypropylene. A simple hose and brush can deal with most dirt and stains.
  • Cotton dhurrie rugs are easy to wash and to transport. You can shake dirt and hair out. If the rug gets too dirty, hand washing will remove most stains.


A rug that has an intricate or busy pattern will naturally hide the presence of dirt, stains, and pet hair. Detailed traditional rugs are a good choice because of the varied colors and patterns in the weave.

Small repeating patterns are another good choice. Any stains or pet hair will become less noticeable due to the visual busyness of the pattern.


Color is critical when selecting an area rug for a home with a dog. Avoid white at all costs. It will show dirt and pet stains immediately. Plus, any darker pet fur will stand out.

Darker colors tend to work better than lighter ones. Darker pet fur blends in to the color, instead of standing out. Plus, the darker colors hide stains more easily. The exception to the darker color rule is if you have white or light-colored dogs. White or cream fur will stand out against a brown or black background.

An easy solution is to color coordinate your rugs to your pets’ fur. That way, the fur will blend in and be less noticeable.


Low, cut loop pile is the better choice for dog-friendly households.

Higher piles and shag rugs feel almost like grass underfoot. This can be an attractive place for dogs to do their business, if they can’t make it outside in time. They are also more difficult to clean, even under normal circumstances.

Looped pile rugs may feel great underfoot for a human. However, the closed loops can snag the claws on your dogs’ feet, making it a potential safety hazard.


You can find rugs in almost any size to fit your home. However, if you have dogs or cats, you need to consider the size carefully.

A smaller rug is easier to roll up and take to the cleaners. Plus, smaller rugs tend to be less expensive. That way, you can replace a rug, if needed, without breaking the bank.

Features to Avoid

There are some features you need to avoid when selecting an area rug when dogs are in the household:

  • Tassel and fringe are often the target for dogs who like to chew. When swallowed, the threads can lead to intestinal blockage. If your dog likes to chew, select rugs without tassel or fringe.
  • Glued-on backs are not moisture proof. Pet urine can soak through the glue, creating a permanent odor.
  • Natural fibers can absorb liquid, including pet urine. This can leave a permanent odor, even with thorough cleaning. Plus, if you have cats, natural fiber rugs make an attractive scratching pad.
  • Rayon and silk are not good material choices. They absorb stains easily and don’t wear well under pet paws.

1. Safavieh Madison Collection

Best Selection of Colors, Shapes, and Sizes for Dog-Friendly Rugs

The vintage designs of the Safavieh Madison Collection make it a good choice for dog owners. Based of traditional designs, this collection works well in different style interiors. This includes traditional, bohemian, contemporary, and casual homes. These rugs are made from a combination of polypropylene and nylon threads. This makes them easy to keep clean while remaining soft under foot.

What makes this collection attractive is the variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. Cream, turquoise, grey, blue, silver, fuschia, and gold are a few of the color options. You can get the rug in runner size up to 22′ long. You also have options for round, square, and rectangular. Sizes range from a 3′ x 5′ up to 12′ by 18′.


  • Polypropylene and nylon fibers make it easy to keep clean
  • The low pile is safe for pets and easy to vacuum
  • The pattern hides pet stains and fur between cleanings
  • The design fits into almost any decor


  • Needs a non-skid rug pad on hardwood or tile floors

2. Orian Rugs Boucle Collection

Best Look for Pet-Friendly Homes

Indoor/outdoor rugs are ideal choices for dog-friendly homes. The Orian Rugs Boucle Collection brings elegant sculptured texture in durable, stain-resitant fibers. Made from 100% polypropylene fibers, this rug is also 100% stain resistant. A garden hose and a gentle scrubbing will remove almost any stain. The fibers are soft under foot with almost no shedding.

The sculpted texture brings a visual pattern that helps hide dirt and stains. It’s an elegant addition to any home. Available in two natural colors, it works to hide the fur of most dogs. It’s available in four sizes ranging from 1’11” x 7’6″ up to 9′ x 13′.


  • Beautiful texture is both elegant and durable
  • Soft under the feet
  • Polypropylene fibers are easy to keep clean
  • Affordable and a good value for the money


  • Limited color and size selection

3. nuLOOM Moroccan Blyth Area Rugs

Best Rated Rug for Homes with Dogs

The nuLOOM Moroccan Blyth Area Rugs are both durable and elegant. These rugs offer a blended traditional design. It works well in contemporary, Bohemian, and traditional homes. Made from polypropylene fibers, this rug can take a lot of wear, while still looking good. It’s easy to keep clean and is very stain resistant. It’s durability makes it a good choice for pet-friendly households and high-traffic areas.

You can get this rug in a number of colors ranging from black to blue to pink. There’s even a multi-color version available. Looking for a particular shape? This collection offers runners, rectangles, squares, rounds, and ovals. Sizes go from 2′ x 3′ up to 12′ x 18′, with several options in between.


  • Very easy to keep clean and stain resistant
  • Beautiful color selection with pattern to hide stains and fur
  • Made from high quality materials on a power loom
  • Has minimal shedding and maximum durability


  • Needs a non-skid pad on smooth floors

4. Safavieh Natura Collection

Best Wool Rug for Dog-Friendly Homes

The Safavieh Natura Collection offers the beauty and resiliency of wool, with a casual texture that fits almost any home. The wool fibers makes this rug a natural for any home that has dogs. It resists stains and dirt easily. The casual style works well in a contemporary, casual, or Bohemian space. The 0.5″ pile makes it a good choice for both pets and humans.

What makes this rug collection stand out is the play on textures. It offers raised areas to contrast with flat weave areas for a rich play on dimensions. It comes in three natural colors: beige, grey, and ivory. One of its biggest draws is the number of sizes available. It starts at 2′ x 3′ and goes up to 11′ x 15′. You can get multiple rugs to fit any space in your home.


  • Beautiful play of texture and dimensions
  • Wide selection of sizes
  • Wool is easy to care for and keep clean
  • Soft under the feet


  • Small variety of colors, all light. Not good match for darker colored dogs
  • Needs non-skid pad on smooth floors

5. Stone & Beam Modern Global Wool Rug

Best International Design for Homes with Dogs

Bring the beauty of Ikat design into your home with the Stone & Beam Modern Global Wool Rug. The geometric patterns in this rug offer visual appeal, while hiding a multitude of pet sins. Made from 80% wool and 20% cotton, this rug offers stain resistance and resilient durability. Hand tufted, this rug is soft under the foot while offering a pleasing texture.

The rug’s medium pile is easy to vacuum and keep clean. You can use with or without a rug pad, which makes it versatile for many floor surfaces.

The colors are vibrant without being too bold. The yellow/gold blends easily with the vivid blue and accents of white. While colorful, the rug works well in many interior spaces. It’s a great choice for offices, bedrooms, and family spaces. The tassels are braided, which helps prevent chewing issues with dogs.


  • Wool and cotton fibers make it soft underfoot, yet easy to clean
  • Works well in contemporary, Bohemian, casual, and world-design homes.
  • Colors are bright, without being too overwhelming


  • This particular rug comes in only one color palette: blue, gold, white
  • There are only three sizes available

6. Fab Habitat Reversible Rugs

Best Rug for Outdoor and Dog Durability

Want a rug that’s both environmentally friendly and dog-friendly? The Fab Habitat Reversible Rugs are just the answer. They are made completely from 100% recycled plastic. This gives these rugs long-term durability, while remaining soft under foot. These rugs are mold and mildew resistant. This makes them a good choice for both indoor and outdoor spaces.

This rug collection is available in a range of colors and patterns. Go with gray, blue, green, or black. Select a pattern inspired by the Southwest, South America, Africa, or Europe. You can find a rug to fit both your design aesthetic and your color palette. The rugs are reversable with one color being more dominant on each side.


  • Made from recycled plastic that resists stains, mold, and mildew
  • Available in a number of colors and patterns
  • Easy to clean and very durable


  • Needs a non-skid pad on most surfaces
  • Very lightweight

7. Iron Gate Handspun Jute Area Rugs

Best Natural Fiber Rugs for Dog-Friendly Homes

The tough fibers and rough weave are a hallmark of the Iron Gate Handspun Jute Area Rugs. This makes them a great choice for dog-friendly households. The fibers can take a lot of foot traffic, including muddy paw prints. It’s easy to keep clean with regular shake outs and vacuuming. The natural tones of the rug help hide pet hair and stains. Because the weave and color is the same on both sides, you can get twice the wear out of the same rug by just reversing it.

This rug comes in several colors to match your decor and pet’s fur. Choose from two shades of gray, natural, khaki, and natural off-white. It’s available in a number of sizes going from 2′ x 3′ up to 7.6′ x 9.6′. If you want a round rug, you can get this in a 6′ or 8′ round version.


  • Thick and heavy weave makes it highly durable
  • Natural colors make it easy to match to hide dog fur
  • Regular vacuuming keeps it clear off dog fur buildup. Shaking it outside also helps.


  • Needs a non-skid pad underneath on all surfaces
  • Attractive for cats to use as a scratching pad

These are the best rugs for dogs that we could find. This collection offers multiple options to find a desirable design that will hold up to even the roughest of pups. Browse through these selection and find the rug that works for your decor and your budget. Which one do you think would work best for your dog-friendly household?

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