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How To Store Blankets & Blanket Storage Ideas

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You’ve got throw blankets, floor rugs, and decorative saddle blankets. They brighten up the home atmosphere with their colorful designs. They also make your room look messy when they’re not in use.

You need to find a clever way to store them without making it too much of a chore to get at them again. After all, they’re beautiful, so why not choose to display the smaller ones even when they’re folded up? Here are a few ideas.

Baskets And Open Carriers
If you’ve got extra floor space in your living room, use it for decorative storage of your throw blankets. Woven baskets without lids are perfect for stuffing with smaller blankets and floor rugs. Open-weave baskets are popular because they are stylish and allow the pattern of the blankets to show.

Wire baskets such as portable laundry baskets look great sitting in the corner of your room. Because the blankets will be visible, choose this storage idea of the blankets have different color patterns. It’s a real eye-catcher.

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Firewood kindling and newspaper/magazine carriers make perfect storage bases for throw blankets. Place them wherever your want and move them around the room whenever you like. These can be purchased at antique stores and flea markets. 

Wall Racks
Your smaller blankets are colorful and brighten up the room. Display them on a horizontal wall rack. These can be purchased at home improvement stores.

Horizontal ladder racks look especially appealing. Place one of these above a low book shelf for easy accessibility. This is a great way to store larger blankets and quilts.

If you travel a lot, you’ve probably stayed in a hotel that has those appealing wall racks in the bathroom. These are the ones that hold the rolled bath towel, hand towel, and bath mat.

Do the same thing with your throw blankets and pillow covers. Install the rack on the living room wall. Place your rolled blankets in the clutches.

Ladder Racks
Most of these models have four rungs, and when complementing colors of four blankets are folded on them, the effect is dazzling. They hold in place like any other ladder. The bottom is about one foot from the wall.

When laden with colorful throw blankets, the ladder becomes a piece of artwork. Place the ladder near the sofa for easy reach. If you have a collection of neutral throws, this is perhaps the best way to store and display them.

Make sure to choose a ladder that complements the other furniture. If you have wooden chairs or hardwood floors, a dark-tone wood is the best choice for your ladder.

Hanging ladders are perfect for storing and displaying smaller blankets and throws. They look like art mobiles. A single hook is used to hold the ladder to the wall.

Put your folded blankets on the wire or rope ladder rungs. This type of wall ladder can easily be moved from one area to another. You have plenty of display options with this type of setup. 

Concealed Storage
Wooden crates can be purchased at craft shops and public markets. Get one with rope handles, and set it next to a refurbished wine cask. This will become a centerpiece of the living room.

Inside the crate, store your throw blankets. If the crate doesn’t have a lid, that’s okay. You want to see the colorful blankets anyway.

When you travel by air, you use the overhead bin for your carry-on luggage. Do the same for storing your blankets and quilts. 

Get a small, rustic-style hay bin and fasten it to the wall above the head of your bed. Toss in your throw blankets and grab one whenever you need it.

Purchase several ventilated wire shelves and secure them to one side of your walk-in closet. Place a wired shoe rack below. You now have plenty of space for several folded blankets and quilts.

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Open Cabinet Storage
You display china, glass, and other stuff in a china cabinet. Do the same for storing your colorful quilts, throw blankets, and rugs. Purchase a used cabinet that has an open front and several shelves. 

Fold your quilts and throw blankets, place them on the shelves, and use the top shelf for other display items. This type of storage is also an attractive display case, and it serves as an extra piece of living room furniture.

An old-style bookcase with legs makes a perfect storage area for larger blankets. Take out the shelves and pile the folded blankets. You still have the top of the case to use for displaying photos, a lava lamp, or anything else you desire.

Door Displays
The back of the door is a good place for a shoe rack, but why not make it the place for blanket storage? If you have a small child, use the door for the hanging of baby blankets. 

Purchase a simple pocket container and hang it on the door. Roll the baby blankets or throw blankets and stuff them into the pockets. Choose a style with clear pockets so that you can see which blanket is in each. 

Long-Term Storage
Crates and travel chests such as the ones used by college students are perfect for long-term storage of blankets. In summer, you need a place to fold and keep your comforter or down blanket. Set the crate in the back of the closet or in the corner of the room. 

Under-the-bed storage is another idea. Even if your bed isn’t designed with cabinets, you can still make use of the area. Purchase plastic or rubber containers that are low enough to fit under the bed.

Fill these with your winter blankets and quilts. You can forget all about them until next winter comes. If you’re concerned about the blankets absorbing odors, store them in a zipped plastic container with most of the air removed.

Storage Made Simple
These storage and display ideas will help you decide just how to keep your blankets off the floor and out of the way. You’ll also get inspired to create a visually appealing storage solution. You’ll be proud of your storage display because you designed it yourself!

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