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Shabby Chic Dining Tables With Great Reviews That Are Budget Friendly

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Budget Friendly Shabby Chic

This Zinus Jeniffer rectangular dining table works great with shabby chic decor. First, the colors used are neutral which are always great for shabby chic. Secondly, the wood style top works well for adding different textures to a room to keep in interesting. It’s the most budget friendly and has a ton of great reviews. I like how easy it is to assemble, how firm and sturdy it is, and how it also works great as an office table for a shabby chic office!

shabby chic dining table

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Best For Small Spaces Shabby Chic

The coavas kitchen dining table in white is the smallest dinning table and is great if you have a smaller kitchen or live in an apartment. It also works well for as a shabby chic dining room table with the brown legs adding some fun texture to your room and the white top being a neutral color. It also has great reviews and is budget friendly. I love how multifunctional it can be so you can move it to the side easily to make space if you have limited room.

shabby chic dining room table

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All Wood Shabby Chic

The Zinus Wood Dining Table is an all wood design which if you want something to pop more in your shabby chic home it will work well. I love that it’s made of strong pine wood and it is rounded on the corners. It’s super easy to assemble as well. It’s definitely a reasonable budget friendly price for an all wood table!

shabby chic dining table

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Budget Friendly Shabby Chic Set

The zinus becky farmhouse dining table with two benches is a great deal considering it is a three piece set that comes with two benches. The two tone white and wood adds a nice contrast and helps with texture in the room. It can give your shabby chic room a nice rustic, vintage, and even farmhouse feel. It’s also made of pine wood and extremely sturdy so wobbling wont be an issue! There’s also an option to buy the table only here

shabby chic dinning table

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Dramatic Shabby Chic

The dporticus 5 piece dinning set is perfect if your looking for a more dramatic table. It comes in 6 different styles and honestly all of them work great for a shabby chic dinning table. The style of the wood table top has a great rustic feel that can contrast the neutrals used in shabby chic well to add some excitement to a room.

shabby chic dinning table

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Carved Shabby Chic Glory

If you’re a fan of carved designs the Ashley Furniture Whitesburg table is the choice. You can get just the table or the table with the seats. I love how many people haven’t had problems with the table even after having it for a few months. Definitely a pretty table!

shabby chic dinning table

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Shabby Chic Other Things To Consider

Now that we’ve gone over shabby chic dining room table you’ll have to think of what to do with the walls and decor. Neutral tones work best for shabby chic but if you want to keep things interesting and add more textures I highly recommend our shabby chic wall paper guide.

Next, when it comes with wall decor rustic wood pieces work and especially in brushed white. You can find our excellent guide on shabby chic wall decor and some items to select here. This shabby chic selection of picture frames and shelves will also help a lot as well.

Also, if your considering adding shabby chic to your bedroom check out our shabby chic bedroom furniture guide.

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