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Shabby Chic Wall Paper: The Ultimate Guide

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The most important thing with shabby chic style is to keep things pleasantly old and slightly worn looking. It makes a space feel perfectly cozy and homey.

Here you will find a guide on how to add one of your favorite things to this style- Shabby chic wallpaper!

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Pick Neutral Relaxed Color Patterns

Neutral relaxed colors at the cornerstone to shabby chic style! Selecting a wallpaper that has textures but stays neutral is ideal for this interior design style. 

Distressed Wood

1. This Distressed Wood Peel And Stick Wallpaper is great for adding texture and some wood pattern to the worm on an accent wall. It’s great for a shabby chic bedroom or shabby chic living room.

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2. This Beach Wood Self Adhesive Wall Paper is great if your looking for some fun light blues to your room. It’s a little on the beach-y side but can work for shabby chic if done right!

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3. This vintage wood shabby chic wall paper has a neutral but textured look. 

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4. This shabby chic distressed wood wall paper shows more of the browns from the wood. It has more of a vintage feel if you’re leaning that way. Great for covering furniture as well!

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5. This barn wood style wallpaper has more of a rustic vibe that the other ones. Adding it will sway the room in a more rustic kind of vibe but still works great! It’s available in multiple colors.

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Floral Wall Paper

1. This folk tulip wall paper is perfectly neutral and works towards adding a little exciting to a shabby chic room! Works well on furniture, bookcases, and stairs as well.

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2. This floral bouquet wallpaper is gorgeous and definitely vintage. Perfect is you can to add excitement on the walls. Also, works great for a shabby chic bedroom. 

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3. This gypsy floral blue/green peel & stick wallpaper will add some color but still keeps is subtle.  

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Other Shabby Chic Wall Paper Styles

1. This forest tan embossed textured wall paper is ,as the name says, great for adding texture to the room. It comes in a variety of colors making it easy to chose a style that compliments your room. 

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2. This shimmering titanium silver wall paper is subtle enough to work for shabby chic. It comes in a variety of neutral colors. The shimmer is the perfect contract to add chic to the shabby.

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