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Idea Guide For Shabby Chic Quilts And Comforters

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There are many guides and patterns available for designing your own shabby chic comforter. If you prefer to buy one view below our shabby chic quilt guide.

This Lush Decor Ruffle Skirt Bed Spread

Super feminine and lightweight. Comes in a few different colors and white is always great for shabby chic. Keeps cool as well. Great reviews and it’s budget friendly.

shabby chic quilt shabby chic ruffle comforter

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Lush Decor Kemmy Quilt

Another great white shabby chic comforter. If you like ruffled texture it works great as well. It can make a room that needs more texture more interesting. Very feminine and pretty. I love the details in it.

shabby chic ruffled comforter

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This 100% Cotton in floral print comforter set

Floral print also works really well for shabby chic decor. First, it adds a unique pattern to more muted shabby chic design elements. Second, the flowers are a nice contrast if the walls are furniture are neutral as well. Also, floral goes well with vintage pieces.

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Another Gorgeous 100% Cotton Floral Shabby Chic Quilt

Also a beautiful floral print. It’s also 100% cotton therefore it keep cool well if you get hot at night. Super cute shabby chic-ness! I love how well made it is for the money. Above all, budget friendly!

shabby chic quilt

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This Vintage Look Rose Quilted Patchwork Throw

Vintage works well for shabby shic, therefore this quilt is perfect. Most importantly, it’s budget friendly! It’s a throw so it works well in many places in your home. I love the colors, textures, and great reviews.

shabby chic quilt

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This Reversible Floral Print Cotton Quilt Set

The country style roses are perfect for prettying up shabby chic decor. It’s 100% cotton so it keeps super cool. Also, love how it’s machine washable. In conclusion, it can definitely transform a bedroom!

shabby chic

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Shabby Chic Quilt In Cotton And Floral Print

It has great reviews stating how fast the shipping is and how well it’s packaged. First, the color is absolutely stunning. Secondly, it totally help the room feel super comfy.

floral shabby chic quilt

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Pink Ruffled Shabby Chic Quilt

First, it’s super feminine and the ruffles are super cute. It’s a cool cotton/poly blend so you’ll stay cool at night. Second, it’s elegant and delicate looking. The ruffles will give off a vintage feel to any room.

pink ruffle shabby chic quilt

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This Lilac Quilt Set

The color on this quilt set is works well with a lot of shabby chic decor. Lilac seems to work well with vintage pieces most of the time. Many who have purchase it can’t stop look at their beds!

shabby chic quilt

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This Pink Microfiber Monochromatic Floral Quilt

This pink microfiber quilt is super versatile. The pattern on quilt helps keep things interesting. The texture is great to layer with different patterns on the room. Lately, microfiber is super easy to take care of!

shabby chic quilt

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Now that we’ve gone over shabby chic quilts you’ll have to think of what to do with the walls and decor. Neutral tones work best for shabby chic but if you want to keep things interesting and add more textures I highly recommend our shabby chic wall paper guide.

Next, when it comes with wall decor rustic wood pieces work and especially in brushed white. You can find our excellent guide on shabby chic wall decor and some items to select here. This shabby chic selection of picture frames and shelves will also help a lot as well.

Also, if your considering adding shabby chic to your bedroom check out our shabby chic bedroom furniture guide.

Let me know what you think in the comment below and please share if you found this useful! Thanks!!

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