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Ways You Can Put a Round Rug Under a Square Table

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When it comes to a rug and a table sharing the same space, conventional wisdom dictates that they both should have the same shape. But as we all know, interior design is all about defying conventional thinking. This also applies to the ways you can put a round rug under a square table.

You can pair a square table with a round rug with a little creativity. As long as the round rug is bigger than the table, and they both have matching elements, the table and rug will pair together perfectly. It helps to also have round furniture and decor in the room.

There’s more to placing a round rug under a square table than simply matching them with the decor. Read on to find out how best to make sure a round rug under a square table doesn’t look too square.

Can You Put a Round Rug Under a Square Table?

Square table and round rugs

There are many ways you can put a round rug under a square table and still make them both look good. Of course, the challenge of the different shapes requires some creative solutions and workarounds. Here are a few ways to help you get it right:

1. The Right Size Rug

No matter what shape of the table you’re placing the rug under, the rug has to be larger than the table. If it’s too small and is barely noticeable, it will not have the desired effect. 

2. Try Different Table Styles

As we know, the majority of table styles are square or at least rectangular. If you have a round rug, and you’re not sure where to put it, any of these square tables is a good candidate. Choose the one that best matches the rug in terms of color, patterns, or style.

3. Find Common Design Elements

Let’s face it, not all tables will go with just about any rug. You need to look for similar elements between the two items before you choose to pair them. Shape aside, you can look for matching or complementing colors or styles. Or, you could look for subtle design elements that they have in common.

If the table is an ornamental one with a heavy design, then a plain rug with one color will do just fine. And the opposite is true. Match a patterned rug with a plain square table.

4. Round Furniture

The rug doesn’t have to be the only round item in the room. Instead, choose more round furniture or items with round edges, arms, or buttons. Good examples include lounge chairs, chesterfield sofas, and tufted chairs with round buttons. Even if the round edges are subtle, they’d still bring the harmony and balance you need.

5. Don’t Overmatch

It’s easy to get caught up in your endeavor to hide the sharp contrast between the square table and round rug. There’s a fine line between a balanced room with tastefully matching decor and a room where conformity is the goal. When it comes to matching in decor, less is more. At some point, adding more round furniture will simply make the space look too overwhelmed. 

Is It Okay to Put a Round Rug Under a Square Table?

Square table on round rug

Not only is it okay to put a round rug under a square table, but sometimes it’s the best thing you can do. And, as long as you follow the following tips, your room won’t look tacky.

  • Neither the table nor the rug should be oversized in proportion to the room you place them in
  • The rug has to be larger than the table, but not too large for the room
  • Mix and match round rugs with square tables of different styles and sizes
  • Use other pieces of furniture of either shape to bring harmony to the room
  • Make sure the rug and the table have similar elements between them
  • Prioritize functionality over aesthetics

How Big Should a Round Rug Be Under a Square Table?

Graphic image of a round rug under a round table with 2 chairs

Naturally, you need to put a round rug under a square table so that the rug sticks out and catches your eye. To complicate things further, the table can have chairs which then would hide the rug.

The rule of thumb, according to interior design experts, is to choose a rug that spills out about 30 inches from under the edge of the table. Make sure the round rug is in the center of the room, especially if the room is also square. Then, place the table in the center of the rug so that you can see the edge of the rug from every angle.

Can I Put a Rectangular Coffee Table on a Round Rug?

Square coffee table

In general, you can place a round rug under any square or rectangular table in the house. The coffee table is a good candidate, too.

However, you need to follow the tips and guidelines outlined above. Make sure the round rug is large enough to stretch out from under the coffee table. Since the table is rectangular, you cannot center it perfectly on the round rug. However, use your best judgment so that the rug edge doesn’t look large on one side and short on the other.

Round Rug Under a Square Dining Room Table

Square dining table

The dining room table poses a challenge when you want to match it with a round rug. Unlike other square or rectangular tables, the dining room table also comes with chairs. That means you’ll have to choose a large round rug that won’t get hidden under the chairs.

Square tables are easier to place in the center of the round rug than rectangular ones. In this case, take the measurements of the table with the chairs and select a rug that extends about 30 inches beyond the chairs on all sides.

Pros and Cons of a Round Rug Under a Square Table

Multiple round rugs

Not all round rugs can go under square tables and look their best. There are some problems and pitfalls that could make the whole room look off. Here are the pros and cons of pairing the round rug with the square table:


  • Easy to position the square table in the center of the round rug
  • Allows you to mix and match different table styles with the round rug
  • Creates a sense of harmony and balance by pairing two items of different shapes


  • You can clutter the room while trying to balance the design
  • Not all square tables go with a round rug 
  • You have to find similarities between the two
Square table with chairs


Even if your table is square and your rug is round, you can still pair them together. Make sure the rug is larger than the table and find points of similarity between the two in terms of color or design. Remember, interior design is all about your own personal tastes. If you want to pair a round rug with a square table, then you should do it.

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