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12 Fabulous Ideas For What Color Rug With a Red Couch?

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couches offer a bold, passionate, and energetic touch to your living room. It creates a focal point you can’t miss!

However, it’s vibrancy doesn’t make it the easiest to decorate around.

Want to know what color rug with red couch pieces works well together? Try these on for size!

#1: Neutral White

red couch white rug

In most cases, red is a color that interior designers use to accent neutral furniture pieces. You might see it on throw pillows or splashes around sparingly with decorative items around the room.

The same principles can apply with a plush red couch. Pairing the couch with a neutral white rug is one of the easiest design choices you can make.

White is a light and airy color that effortlessly blends in with the surrounding decor. It goes with everything and won’t pull attention away from your eye-catching sofa.

#2: Black and White Patterns

black and white rug under red couch

Monochromatic color schemes are all the rage these days in interior design. But for many homeowners, sticking to a singular color pattern is a bit too drab.

One way that you can get that same monochromatic feel is through your rug! Choose a two-tone rug with simple shades of black and white!

A black and white rug highlights a red sofa beautifully. It acts as a point of visual interest while still letting your couch be the star of the show. 

Monochromatic rugs are one step up from neutral items. They’re perfect for those who want a bit more whimsy in their living room.

#3: Fiery Red

red carpet red couch

If you’re already bold enough to buy an entire red couch, why not take things one step further? Red provides a lot of personality to your home. It shows that you have an energetic spirit that just won’t quit!

Matching a red couch with a red rug is a no-brainer. But, you have to be careful to ensure you’re not going overboard!

This color can quickly get overbearing. Keep the rest of the room relatively neutral.

You can also try mixing up different shades to add some more depth. Or, you can go all out and make the color a key feature of the room. The choice is yours! Be bold!

#4: Beautiful Beige

beige rug under beige sofa

Not everyone is a fan of beige. For many, it conjures up thoughts of old traditions and safe decorating choices. But when it’s used correctly, this neutral tone can play well with more vibrant colors.

When used under a red couch, it helps the space feel more grounded. Like white, beige won’t pull focus from your couch. However, it will complement the furniture piece nicely.

Red and beige go well together. It can tone down that fiery hue a bit and make your living room a bit more welcoming.

#5: Cool Gray

gray rug red couch

Here’s another neutral shade that works beautifully underneath a red couch! 

Gray is a calming tone. It offers balance and a touch of sophistication. Unlike other neutrals, such as white or beige, gray doesn’t usually feel dated or safe.

Instead, it makes things look contemporary and modern. This is especially true when paired with red. 

Experiment a bit with textures! Shaggy gray rugs play off that energetic tone of the red. Meanwhile, a low-pile rug would help make the space feel more polished and formal.

#6: Staunch Black

red sofa black couch

There’s nothing more reliable than black! Dark black works well with any color. 

It’s a versatile color that can also dramatically change the way the room feels. While white provides an open and airy effect, black does the complete opposite.

It can make the room feel more close and intimate. As a result, black rugs are perfect for larger rooms.

A red and black color combination offers an aesthetically pleasing look. These colors are a tried and true pairing that never goes out of style. Together, they create a chic and fashion-forward look that’s hard to replicate with other combinations.

#7: Sunny Orange

orange rug

Red is already a dominant color. But you can tastefully pair it with other in-your-face tones as well. Take orange as an example.

Orange and red create a summertime color palette that just exudes fun. It’s a refreshing combination that can help bring some of the outdoors in.

Make sure that you don’t push things too far! Stick to more muted tones to ensure that the rug and couch complement each other instead of clashing.

#8: Earthy Green

green rug
what color rug with red sofa

I know what you’re thinking: green and red are only for the holiday season!

While this color combo does remind people of the merriment of winter, it doesn’t have to.

Interestingly enough, red and green are complementary colors. They sit opposite each other on the color wheel. As a result, they work harmoniously.

The trick to having a red couch with a green rug is to choose desaturated tones. Stick with earthy tones that aren’t so vibrant and eye-catching.

Also, keep the color combination contained to your couch and rug. A few accents here or there are fine. But keeping the attention on those two pieces will ensure that your living room doesn’t look holiday-ready all year long.

#9: Multi-Colored Bohemian Style

red sofa bohemian rug
what color rug with red couch

Boho style is another trend that continues to sour in popularity! Characterized by a mix of textures and natural colors, a bohemian-style rug is perfect for red sofas.

Choose a woven rug that incorporates several colors. Red is a staple of this particular design trend. So, you can easily find rugs with accents of red that tie everything together.

Even if the red doesn’t match up exactly, the multi-colored nature of bohemian rugs just works! It adds an organic touch while still letting the bold feeling of your red couch fly free!

#10: Vintage-Style Oriental or Persian

bohemian rug and red couch

Oriental and Persian rugs are a hot commodity in the interior design world. Many enjoy them for their intricate designs and patterns.

These rugs are very well-made and often last for generations with proper care. But do they work with red couches?

Surprisingly, the many beautiful colors in an Oriental or Persian rug lends itself well to the vibrancy of a red sofa. Most of these rugs have some shade of red already in them, which helps to create a cohesive color story.

These types of rug act as a unique centerpiece to the room, complementing a red sofa perfectly.

#11: Fresh Blue

red couch blue rug

If red represents passion and energy, blue is the complete opposite! In color psychology, blue often represents feelings of peace and tranquility. You can use this to your advantage to offset the boldness of your red couch.

Find a simple rug with some light blue accents. Try to stick with simpler designs that use softer shades of blue. If you implement too much rich blue, you might end up creating an Americana aesthetic.

#12: Chic Yellow

yellow rug red couch

This color combination can easily get into ketchup and mustard territory! However, tasteful pieces can create a stunning free-spirited look.

Red and yellow are both primary colors. As a result, many interior decorators like to avoid using them together. With more muted tones, these colors work beautifully together.

Depending on the exact tones and patterns you use, it’s easy to create a specific style. You can find a patterned rug to achieve that coveted bohemian chic look. Or, you can implement simpler designs for a more rustic feel.

Let the rug and sofa be the center of attention. Combine the colors and design the rest of the room around them to come up with something truly special.


What did you think of our list of rug colors?

Red is a notoriously tough color to design around. However, choosing the right rug to anchor your red couch and create a specific vibe can make it much easier!

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and make sure to share our list if you liked it!

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