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Unique Picture Hanging Ideas You’ve Never Thought Of

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When you put together art or a gallery in your home you are adding personality. If you put it together well it is something you will always cherish. It will bring joy to you every time you see this.

It is something you should definitely browse for inspiration to see what bring you the most joy. With the picturing hanging ideas and tips this article goes over you will be prepared to tackle this journey.

Getting Started With Picture Hanging & Gallery Wall Ideas and Tips

First, browse through the different ideas we have to determine which layout you are going for. Do you want to keep is simple with one large picture? Are you looking to add polaroid pictures you took yourself for personalizations? Is mixing in wall decor you already have important to you?

Next, select the picture frames you want to use. You can mix and match different sizes on your own but now they are for sale already mixed and matched for you to save time.

If you select your own make sure you go over what colors go together. Layering neutrals is always a safe bet.

Make sure you measure out the pieces you will be using to and lay them out on the wall before you start hanging the pictures on display.

How to Arrange an Art Wall

Simple and Symmetrical

One way is to keep things simple. Arrange all the picture frames symmetrically and use all the same sized picture frames.

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Create a balance in a way that works for you

Create a unique arrangement that speaks to you. Different sized frames of the same style can be an easy option as well. These two are perfect exmaples of these methods.

Get Creative

The last way is to get creative and mix and match a bunch of different frames to your hanging art. If you want your personality to shine and put ur own twist on it this method is for you.

Essential Tips and FAQ

How high should I hang my artwork?

Make sure to not put your artwork too high on the wall. The ideal highest in typically 55 to 60 inches from the floor. If you do have high walls it can go more towards 60 inches high.

How to I make my decor proportional?

Don’t forget to keep in mind what else is on the wall you are putting you’re hanging pictures on. If there is furniture beneath don’t leave a ton of space between the pictures and it. It will look disjointed.

Do I need to arrange my work before putting it on the wall?

Technically no, but if you want to save yourself time yes. Lay it out on the floor or cut out sheets of paper of the same size to arrange it on the wall before you beging.

How Should I hang the Pictures?

There are magnetic wood frames, screws, and command strips that can be used to hang the pictures. If using nails, using two nails instead of one keeps the photograph or art leveled for longer periods of time.

How do I make sure my art is level?

There are many tool you can leverage to make sure your pictures are levels. You can also go by your eyes but be weary of going by ceiling and floors. Sometimes they are not level themselves and can throw off the hanging pictures.

50 Unique Gallery Wall Ideas & Picture Hanging Ideas

1. Fairy string lights are a unique way to hang pictures. They are very warm at night. Polaroid style pictures give it a vintage feel.

2. Clothespins on a write is an easy DIY budget-friendly way of hanging pictures. It feels very cozy and warm. It can be done on a wall or across a room hanging.

3. Placing a picture underneath a light will draw attention to it. The black frame makes it modern. If you really want a picture to stand out hang it this way,

4. A gold bulletin board can look extra fancy. Matching it with gold office pins and adding some fairy lights is DIY goodness.

5. Keeping is clean and modern is always a good option. Mix and matching different sized pictures with similar color tones for a congruent style.

6. Ready to hang boarder-less pictures look great as well. Matching the tones to the wall color makes it cohesive.

7. Distressed wood frames add a rustic touch. Matching the frames keeps it put together.

8. Mixing and matching different frame sizes with the same style and color work well here. It can work with modern looks as well and keep it interesting. It’s a gorgeus gallery wall.

9. Black and white pictures with wood frames are good if you want a vintage vibe. Classic and timeless.

10. Mix and match different frame sizes and styles for an eclectic look. It’s very trendy and now. Try to keep them all neutral shades or stick to one color family or things can get a little too crazy. A very eccelctic gallery wall idea.

11. Another example of mixing and matching different frames on a smaller scale. A white wall with neutral colored frames and pictures works great. When in doubt, layer neutrals.

12. Using similar themes inside the images will make things seem gallery style, as well as a more organized picture, layout. This gallery wall idea can keep your home looking modern and sophisticated.

13. Another example of a gallery style layout. It gives the impression of professionalism and someone who treasures their artwork.

14.Mixing and matching wall decor keep the eyes busy. Don’t forget you can also place art on top of shelves and other wall decor instead of hanging it for a more laidback approach.

15. Polaroids instead of a wood pallet or wood wall make for a creative DIY project. It can follow any theme you want making it very personalized. Try it with family pictures or a passion. It’s like a mini gallery wall.

16. Get creative with a DIY wall on what’s important to you, a true sense of wanderlust. Add a hat, camera, or travel bag and make an homage to what makes you happy.

17. A Simple quote in a frame is minimalist and direct. Keeping things simple is always a good idea for hanging pictures.

18. Pick a color palette and build a picture hanging idea around it. It helps to start with one thing that you truely love.

19. Stay strong with a plant theme with some plant theme pictures.

20. If your a fan of musuems, fancy picture frames will bring the look home. Pair different antique style frames for a high end gallery look.

21. Perfectly aligned, same sized frames will bring focus and minimize distractions. A go to if you like minimalism.

22. Square frames next to each other with monochromatic are make it feel like one piece. A unique picturing hanging idea.

23. Elegant gold frames keep this room feeling high end and luxurious.

24. A wall full of different sized frames mixed between being hung and standing on shelves is an attention-grabbing statement. Picking 3 colors that pair together help this work.

25. Intricate wall lighting drives this into a steampunk & industrial style. Green and gold compliment each other.

26. Don’t be afraid to mix in wall decor with a wall full of picture frames. It’s a great way to add your personality to your decor.

27. Having a minimal amount of hanging pictures keep them the certain of attention. Good if you invested money into a few pieces you want to keep the focus on.

28. Mixing different sized hanging art with one large piece on another wall work great in this room. Note how the back wall also has art on it.

29. A picture hanging idea organization idea. Keep the largest picture in the middle and the two sides matching.

30. Don’t forget placing a large peice of art or picture on the floor is also a picture hanging idea. If you enjoy lofty-artsy vibes.

31. Keep a large peice of art you love the center focus of the room.

32. Keep a room clean and simple with this picture hanging idea. When in doubt, layer neutrals.

33. Lay a picture on a desk instead of hanging it.

34. Keep stairs interesting with art of varying sizes on the walls.

35. Another example of pictures hung along stairways.

36.Mix a an intricate gold picture frame with a rustic wood background. You’d think it’d look odd but it works so well in this picture.

37. All white picture frames of different sizes with simple pictures and art inside.

38. Add wall decor with black and white pictures in this picture hanging idea. The clock and wooden wall peices look great with the art.

39. Add a mirror and some faux plants. Place a picture on a shelf for a different approach.

40. Lay a few matching pictures on the floor together and keep the space above occupied.

41. Add two matching hanging pictures to a float drawer.

42. Keep things simple with white bordered art. Across each other in the corner of a room.

43. Mixed and match hanging polaroid pictures with pictures hanging in frames.

44. Hang a shelf high and have a picture frame lay on it instead of hanging it. Laid back feel.

45. Lay a picture on a stand and keep the space above busy with another peice of wall decor.

46. Keep things cozy with mixing and matching unconvetional picture frames with wall decor.

47. Add industrial lightinging and a vintage wall poster with hanging art on a brick background.

48. Place a picture of fruit near some fruit. Also works with other kinds of plants. Fun and interesting!

49. Add black and white pictures to mixed and match frames to keep a room sleek.

50. Add some overhead lighting to hanging pictures and wall decor for a high end look. It feels just like a musuem!

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