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The Standard Frame Sizes For Pictures, Photos And Art You Should Know About

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Standard Frame Size List:

Frame Size Mat Opening Image Size
8” x 10” 4.5” x 6.5” 5” x 7”
11” x 14” 7.5” x 9.5” 8” x 10”
16” x 20” 10.5” x 13.5” 11” x 14”
20” x 24” 15.5” x 19.5” 16” x 20”
24” x 36” 19.5” x 29.5” 20” x 30”
30” x 40” 21.5” x 31.5” 22” x 32”

Framing pictures and photos are essential to any home. It’s important to make sure they match your decor style and the right size picture frames are picked. Whether it’s a new space or your redecorating, framed photos are a needed finishing touch.

Personalizing them to your style is the fun part. Shabby chic decor looks great with antique, white, and distressed wood picture frames. Modern homes will do well with sleek black picture frames and white matts.

After picking the frame the next step is picking the pictures that are the perfect fit. Or if you already have your favorite pictures then finding the perfect picture frame size. Reading this will help you get the perfect frame. This works for poster frames, a custom size picture, and more.

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Most Common Standard Picture Frame Sizes & What Size Picture Frame do I Need?

These frame sizes are the most common you will see. It helps to know them because pictures and art works are commonly printed in these sizes.

Small artwork and pictures will be seen in this frame size. They can accent bigger pieces of art in a photo wall gallery. They can also be placed on shelves or on top of desks. Let’s go over the most common picture frame sizes.

Framing 4 x 6 Photos

Small 4 X 6 Photo Frame


Small 4 X 6 Photo Frame

Photos for a 4 x 6 frame are common in photography. If you don’t want a mat then a 4 x 6 frame is the size for a 4 x 6 picture. This size is also used for photo albums.

4 x 6 Photo Frame Guide

Photo Size Frame Minimum If Mat is Used
4 x 6 4 x 6 6 x 8 or 8 x 10

Framing 5 x 7 Photos

Slightly bigger than 4 x 6 photos they are used for portraits and group pictures. You’ll also see this on desks and placed on shelves.

If you want the picture to be seen from a distance this size will work better than 4 x 6. It works well for horizontal or vertical pictures and art works.

Photo Size Frame Minimum If Mat is Used
5 x 7 5 x 7 8 x 10 or 11 x 14

5 X 7 Photo frame in black gloss


5 X 7 Photo frame

Framing 8 x 10 Photos

8 x 10 photos are considered the largest of “small photos” that are appropriate for desks and small pictures. You’ll see this photo size used often for graduation pictures and special events.

If you’re looking for a picture size to put on a desk and want something substantial this is the size to go with. This also works for table top pictures, entryway tables, and for shelves.

Photo Size Frame Minimum If Mat is Used
8 x 10 8 x 10 11 x 14 or 12 x 14

Larger 8 X 10 picture frame with a matting


Larger 8 X 10 picture frame with a matting

Standard Frame Sizes Large


Framing 20 x 30 Photos

20 x 30 is the smallest of the average larger picture frame sizes. This frame size is more appropriate to be hung on a wall vs on a table top. A decor trend is to have them laying on a shelf instead of hanging them.

This size is getting close to the average poster size which is 24 x 36. This size print will start drawing a lot of attention. Make sure it’s something you want to be noticed.

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Photo Size Frame Minimum If Mat is Used
20 x 30 20 x 30 24 x 36

20 x 30 Photo Example


20 x 30 Photo Example

Framing 22 x 32 Photos

The biggest and boldest photo size. Photos of this size don’t need matting. If you want to make the biggest statement in a room, this is the average photo size to go with.

Photos of this size will look like a poster given them a high end gallery appearance. Trying arranging 3 on a while symmetrically on a wall. The photos will be highlighted and it will change the feel on your space. You’ll see posters in these sizes.

Photo Size Frame Minimum If Mat is Used
20 x 30 20 x 30 30 x 40

20 x 30 Poster Frame size Example


22 x 32 Poster Frame size Example

Tips & How to Choose the Right Frame Size For Pictures

How Much Space Do You Have?

Measuring the empty wall space you’re trying to occupy is a good place to start. It will help you determine how much space you are working with. From there you can go on to selecting the photo size. It will also work for a custom size picture or poster frames.

If it’s a large space there are two ways you can approve it. A large photo with a large frame or setting up a gallery wall. A gallery wall can have frame of the same size or mix and matched frame sizes.

Picture Frames all of the seem size appear sleek and modern. Mixing and matching different sizes looks warmer and unique.

Average Picture Frame Size

The most common and the average picture frame size is 8 X 10. This size is a good mix of size and convenience that works well for photos and pictures.

What Are Picture Frame Sizes?

Picture frame sizes are the sizes of the frames you’ll need to put around pictures, art, and posters. They are a decorative way to display and protect these items.

For a more elegant touch they are combined with photo matts. This will also allow you to use a frame that is large than the picture. For more information on this read here earlier in this guide as we go over everything you need to know.

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  1. It’s good to know that your frame needs to be about 12×14 if you use a mat with an 8×10 image. I’m currently working on a gallery wall for my living room, but I don’t have any frames yet. Thanks for explaining the frame sizes that I will need.

  2. Thanks for explaining that you should use a 12×14 frame if you use a mat with an 8×10 photo. I am thinking about creating a gallery wall for my formal living room this spring. The dimension guidelines you provided will definitely be helpful as I decide which size to use for the photos.

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