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Farmhouse Sinks: The Good, The Bad, And Everything in Between

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If you’re in the market for a new farmhouse sink, you have  to read this to prevent a mistake

One of the most popular and newly desired home decor trends are farmhouse sinks. I can see why. They’re practical and they’re gorgeous. How often does that happen?

The look has become popular because of it’s rustic touch, timelessness, and down-to-earth feel. It screams modern farmhouse, which is similarly popular.

I can go on and on about the appealing qualities of a farmhouse sink. They’re commonly referred to as apron or apron-front sinks. They’re deeper and wider than traditional sinks. This makes them super ideal for big families. Can you say easy dishes?

The front of the sinks usually protrudes from the counter, hence the apron name. This adds an extra sense of style to your kitchen. Further, it comes in many materials such as fireclay, stainless steel, copper, cast  iron, and more. If you’re in the market for buying one, there are many options.

Now before you buy a farmhouse sink there is something extremely important to consider: Do you already have a farmhouse sink? This might seem like a silly question. Well, if you don’t already have your countertop prepped for one you may have to redo it.

The reason is the size and weight of a farmhouse sink. In the end, this is totally fine if you’re already planning to swap out your countertops. But, if you’re just changing your sink, this is an added cost.

So you have to have the right cut out for your new something. There is something else you need to consider. You have to take extra caution the correct material and method is used to seal the sink and the countertop together. They can weigh up to 300 lbs or more when filled with water!

You’re going to have two options when installing your farm sink. Undermount or top mounted.

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Undermount VS Drop-in or Top Mounted Farmhouse Sinks


Slightly Increases Countertop Space

Makes Cleaning Counter Easier

Typically Best Resale Value

More Expensive

Drop-in or Top Mounted

The lip of the sink is visible and rests on the counter

Easier to recaulk if needed

Easier for DIY install (not recommended)

Less Expensive

Round 1

Easy Cleaning

For top mounted sinks there is going to be a gap over the counter top. It’s going to be filled with silicone caulk. It’s not 100% filled, however.

This gap is going to build up food. You should re-caulk it every three to five year. Why? To clean out any food debris and build up.


Countertop Cleaning

The winner here is going to be undermount sinks. The reasons the resale value is higher is typically because of this. You can just wipe off anything inside the sink and the down the garbage disposal.

Winner: Undermount

Cost & Installation

Because of materials and labor, drop-in sinks are the winner here. Also, if the countertop is already cut-out a drop in sink can be installed in 1 hour or less.

Winner: Drop-in

Resale Value

As a homeowner you should always be considering the resale value of your home. Now a kitchen sink isn’t going to have a significant impact of the price of a home. However, undermount sinks are much more desirable. You should take this into consideration when picking a sink.

Winner: Undermount

Which Sink Installation Style Should You Go With?

Whichever you prefer. Why? They both have their pros and cons. Personally, I prefer the look and ease of use of an undermount sink but a case can be made for drop in sinks. Asses your budgets and needs then use these pros and cons to decide.

Where To Buy Farmhouse Sinks

Why Are Farmhouse Sinks so Expensive

Farmhouse sinks usually cost from $1000-$2000. This can be as much as replacing all your cabinets or countertops! We have a guide and review here on how to save and which are the best low costs farmhouse sinks.

They’re more expensive than traditional sinks because of the amount of material needed to make them and their weight. A farmhouse or apron sink is bigger than a traditional sink so this adds to the cost. The materials they are made out of are costly as well.

Hidden Costs

Also, don’t forget about the hidden costs. If your cabinets are not designed for a farmhouse sink already, you’re going to have to pay more.

Due to their size, cabinets have to be cut and designed to accommodate a farmhouse sink. It’s much deeper, heavier, and wider than a regular sink. You may have to pay to recut your countertops and to redo you’re plumbing.

What Size are Farmhouse Sinks?

Farmhouse sinks are large. You’re going to lose some under sink storage space. The large size of farmhouse sinks is appealing but you might not realize how big they are until you have one.

If you do use your under-sink storage you’re going to have to get creative replacing it.

It takes considerably longer than a traditional sink to fill with water! Something to consider if you frequently fill your sink for washing dishes or vegetables.

Where to Buy Farmhouse Sinks

My favorite place to buy a budget friendly farmhouse sink is going to be Amazon. They have a good selection and really good prices on apron front sinks for this style.

Traditional farmhouse sinks can be over $1000 but good alternatives can be found on Amazon under $1000. Because of this, Amazon is going to be the best place to buy a farmhouse sink or apron front sink.

How to Install a Farmhouse Sink or Apron Sink

Installation for a farmhouse sink can get very tricky very fast. I definitely recommend using a contractor or plumber to get the sink installed to avoid any mistakes.

If you do install it yourself, make sure it already fits your countertop cut out. If not you are to have to call another contractor to do that or DIY it which can also be complicated.

The sinks are extra heavy and only get heavier when filled with water. Because of this, you’re going to have to install some braces to help support the sink.

Make sure you do a lot of research and watch some videos on how to install a sink like this one.

The Pros & Cons of  Farmhouse Sinks

To summarize everything we discussed here are some pros and cons of a farmhouse sink.


The large and deep bowl of a farmhouse sinks makes it ideal for cleaning large pots and pans. They’re the best for doing dishes. If you want to speed this up a farm sink is for you.

Because of the size, bathing babies and small animals is also easy. No more hurting your back bending over your tub!

It’s more comfortable to use because the sink is right on the edge of the counter top. This makes it closer to you. You won’t have to reach as far to get to the sink.

It’s a gorgeous and trendy design that will bring your kitchen’s appearance up. This helps with the resale value of your home. Everyone is in love with farmhouse sinks right now and for the future as well.


The costs can be quite high but we do have a guide on the best budget friendly farmhouse sinks.

Don’t forget the additional costs of that can be incurred like redoing plumbing and countertops. You might need to higher a plumber and a contractor to cut out your countertops and make it fit.

It can take a long time to fill them with water. They’re huge and make it easy to clean pots and pans. However, if you fill your sink often remember it takes a bit longer.

Should You Get A Farmhouse Sink? Takeaways

Should get get a farmhouse sink? If you love the look and have taken the pros and cons into consideration, definitely!

They look great and add value to your home. There are some costs to consider but overall they’re great.

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