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Do Designers Hate Sectionals? The Shocking Truth

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One of the constants of home decor is that trends come and go. What’s fashionable one season could be out the next. Another constant is that everyone is going to have different tastes and preferences.

For example, if you mention the word “sectional” in front of a group of interior designers, you’ll get a mixed reaction. So, do designers hate sectionals?

For many interior designers, sectionals represent a love-hate relationship. Some swear by sectionals and use them as often as they can in living rooms. Others swear them off and vow never to use them.

It all comes down to personal taste. Some designers consider sectionals space-saving pieces while others see them as outdated and a waste of space.

A Brief History of Sectionals

Contrary to what many believe, sectionals are not a new concept designed for American living rooms. Their history goes further back than that and finds its roots in 19th century Europe. Back then, having visitors over and entertaining them was the favorite pastime of middle-class families.

Modern sectionals saw a complete overhaul both in design and functionality around the time Baby Boomers were born. In 1950s suburban America, designer Charles Eames and his brother, Ray, revived that old-fashioned piece of furniture by adding a new twist to it. The new sectionals were minimalistic in design and had a variety of geometric shapes that made them more functional in smaller living rooms.

Do Designers Hate Sectionals?

Many interior designers and home decor aficionados prefer to steer clear of sectional sofas altogether. If you ask the designers for a reason, they would likely mention how much space they take up.

It’s true, you can’t just rearrange your living space on a whim when you have a sectional taking up most of the space. But, the hatred some designers have for sectionals goes deeper than that. It likely also has to do with the shape of the piece itself. It limits their options in terms of creative and splashy designs.

Why Do Some Designers Hate Sectionals?

Why Designers Hate Sectionals

There are many reasons why designers might hate sectionals. Here are some of the most common reasons:

  • Long-term Prospects: Many designers consider sectionals to be short-term solutions. They might fit in your living room when you buy them, but when you move to a different place, the space and shape of the room will be different. So, if you were to move, you would have trouble making the sectional work.
  • Less Practical than Sofas: This is a fact that many people agree on. Sectionals tend to squeeze people together unlike sofas. This might work for small and cozy families. But, it might not be a practical option when you have guests.
  • No Room for the Coffee Table: Once you get a sectional sofa, suddenly there’s no space left for the coffee table. Then, you’re left figuring out where to put your food, drinks, and your feet.
  • Less Space: It’s not just the coffee table that gets crowded out of the living room. The whole room suddenly looks smaller because the sectional takes up most of the space. And, now you have to arrange everything around the sectional.
  • Limited Design Options: Since the sectional takes up so much space in the room and becomes the focal point, you will have little space to fit in any other pieces of furniture. Also, you won’t have many options if you ever want to rearrange the room.

Why Do Some Designers Love Sectionals?

Why Designers Love Sectionals

However, not all designers think that way about sectionals. Here are some of the reasons why they like using them in their spaces:

  • Good Vibes: Unlike sofas, settees, and chairs, sectionals are laid-back and informal pieces of furniture that give off good vibes and a cheerful ambiance. The living room feels more inviting and welcoming with a sectional at its center.
  • Good Fit: Sectionals are easy to fit into a corner due to their geometrical design. So, even if you have a small room, you can still fit a medium-sized sectional without a problem.
  • Easy to Arrange: One of the advantages of having a sectional over a traditional sofa is that the sectional is made up of different sections. You can rearrange those sections to create any seating arrangement you desire.
  • Budget Friendly: This is true of sectionals that have different parts. Since you can buy each section on its own, you can build up to a whole sectional without breaking the bank.

Are Sectional Sofas Out of Style?

If anything, the exact opposite is true. Sectional sofas are making a big comeback and their popularity is growing over time. That said, just because something is fashionable, doesn’t mean that it’s a good option for you.

Remember, buying a sectional requires some commitment. If you plan to stay in your current place for the next five to seven years, then there’s no issue investing in a sectional. But, if you tend to move frequently, then a sectional would just turn into a hassle. And, you may have to abandon it if it won’t fit in the new place.


Sectional Couch

Interior designers disagree over a lot of things, and sectionals are no exception. Some designers hate them while others love them. If you love sectionals, then don’t let the naysayers discourage you. These unique pieces of furniture are certainly not for everyone. But, they do have their unmistakable charm and laid-back vibes.

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