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What Size Beds Do Couples Prefer?

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Picking a bed for you and your partner is a big deal. You spend a third of your day in bed, which means you’ll spend more time in bed with your partner than you will anywhere else. Picking the wrong size bed can lead to marital problems.

So, it’s important to put some thought into which size of the four standard beds you’ll want to pick. You probably already know a twin size is too small. But what about a full, queen, and king? Keep in mind that bigger isn’t always the best.

We’ll provide some insight into how couples pick bed sizes and which one they most frequently choose. 

What Size Bed Do Most Couples Have?

Full-size beds used to be the most common choice for couples. At 54×74 inches, they’re long enough to fit all but the tallest people, plus they’re wide enough for two people to sleep comfortably. That is especially true if those people enjoy cuddling all night.

A couple in bed cuddling

However, people have gotten a bit bigger over the years. And, innovations in mattresses have made it more attractive to spend a little more money on a luxurious sleep. These days, it’s more common for couples to sleep in a queen-size bed.

At 60×80 inches, they provide more legroom than full beds. And, they’re wide enough that if one partner tosses and turns in their sleep, it won’t upset the other person.

Couples who share their beds with kids or pets might need a little extra space. In that case, a king-size bed that’s 76×80 inches might be the best option.

The other standard size, twin, is too narrow for two people at 38×75 inches. Twin beds are intended for children.

Simple twin size bed

What Size Bed is Best for Two People?

Since we spend so much time in our beds, it’s a good idea to leave the question of which size is best for two people to the two particular people making the decision. The choice comes down to size, sleeping style, and whether the family pet will share the bed.

A couple in bed with a pet dog

Most couples will do just fine in a queen-size bed. It’s wide enough that if one partner moves around at night, they probably won’t disturb the other. It’s also perfect if both people are a little bigger.

Couples who like to cuddle might prefer a full-size bed. They are big enough for two but provide a sense of coziness. In fact, these were the standard choice for a long time.

A king-size bed is fine under any circumstance because it’s big enough for couples who enjoy cuddling or for people who need a bit of space. But, where they really shine is when a couple expects to share the bed with kids or a pet.

King size bed option for couples

There is one common sleeping arrangement that no one talks about much. Two people who are together, but who sleep in separate beds. This is especially common among elderly people. In this case, the couple might find twin beds acceptable. 

Is a Queen-Size Bed Enough for a Couple?

If you were to ask us for a bed size recommendation, we’d go with queen size. At 60×80 inches, they are big enough for couples that need individual space but who also want to be able to snuggle.

The only circumstances in which a queen-size bed isn’t big enough is if the couple plans to share the bed with children or large pets. In those cases, you’ll probably want to invest in a king-size bed.

Does Bed Size Affect a Marriage?

You spend about a third of your day in bed, which also means you spend a lot of time in very close proximity to your partner. Because of that, you’ll want to get the right size bed, and bigger isn’t always better.

Sleeping in too confined a space can rob people of their sense of privacy. Sleeping in too large a space can make someone feel isolated and detached from their partner. Neither is good for a marriage.

In addition, restful sleep is linked to generally better health and a general increase in happiness and satisfaction. Fitful, restless sleep will lead to irritability, dissatisfaction, and unhappiness.

These aren’t direct impacts on a marriage, but a bad sleeping situation can make marital problems worse.

Do Couples Prefer Queen or King-Size Beds?

The most common choice of bed for couples these days is queen-size. There are reasons why some couples would opt for a king-size one, however.

Queen-size beds are big enough for two grown adults, especially if they have different sleeping needs. If one moves around, or one sleeps hot and the other sleeps cold, they’ll need the extra space. If they want to cuddle a bit, they can still do that in a queen-size bed.

When a couple will want to consider a king-size bed is if they have children or pets who will share the bed. The extra width will allow them to do so comfortably. 

Is a Full-Size Bed Good for a Couple?

Full-size beds used to be the standard choice for couples. People were a little smaller and a full-size bed was enough room. 

While the queen-size bed is the most common choice for couples today, some couples prefer full-size beds. Smaller couples or those who enjoy snuggling might find a full-size bed’s sense of intimacy a valuable part of restful sleep.

Queen size bed option for couples


For years, most couples would buy a full-size bed. They were large enough for a comfortable sleep, didn’t take up a lot of space, and came at an affordable price.

These days, couples more frequently go with queen-size beds. People are a bit bigger today, plus innovations in mattresses mean that you can get a lot more for less money. You can still opt for a twin or move up to a king, but today the queen is the standard.

We hope you found this article helpful in figuring out which size bed couples go with. If you feel like you’ve learned something, please leave a comment down below. You can also share this article on your social media feeds.

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