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How do you Change an Electric Recliner Mechanism?

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Are you looking to change your electric recliner mechanism? If your recliner is old or broken, there are steps you can follow to replace the mechanism.

First, remove the back of your recliner. From there, remove bolts that secure the recliner in place. Detach the release cable and move it to the side. Remove the bolts that hold the footrest in place. Finally, lift out your recliner mechanism.

Place your new mechanism into your empty recliner and repeat the steps backward.

How do you change an electric recliner mechanism?

Make sure to take photos as you disassemble your recliner. Each of these photos will provide a reference point if you get stuck.  Once you’re reassembling the recliner, you can follow your photos to help out.

Photos can also help if you ever get stuck. Each photo will show you the position everything should be in. Copy the photos as you go.

Step One – Move the Recliner to the Floor

The first thing you need to do when changing your electric recliner mechanism is to place it on the floor. To avoid damages, make sure the back of the recliner is upright as you do this. Bring the recliner forward, letting it rest on the two armrests.

Once you’ve done this, you will have exposed the back of the recliner, letting you move on to the second step.

Step Two – Remove locks and expose the mechanism

Lift up the cloth that covers the back of the recliner as far as it can go. This will expose the bottom of the back, where it connects to the base of the recliner.

Slit a screwdriver into the gap. There will be a slight click as you do this. That sound lets you know that you have undone the locks that secure the back in place. Do this on both sides and you will be able to pull the back off the recliner.

Now that you’re only left with a base, roll the recliner forward to expose the bottom completely.

Step Three – Remove bolts

bolt being removed from recliner

On the base, there will be between four and six bolts that hold the recliner mechanism in place. Go around the frame removing the bolts one at a time. You can use a bolt remover to do this. Make sure you keep them somewhere you remember as not to lose them.

Once you have removed the bolts, find the release cable. The cable is often in one of the corners of your recliner’s base.

With a pair of pliers, gently detach the release cable from the mechanism. Once undone, you can move it to the side and out of the way.

There will be four more bolts that connect the mechanism to the wooden frame, remove these. Typically, there is one in each corner.

Step Four – Remove the Footrest

The final step in removing your mechanism is to detach the footrest from the main structure.

There will be two bolts that hold the footrest on, remove these using the same tool as before.

Once you remove these, there will be nothing holding your mechanism down. Lift up the mechanism, pulling it out of the base. You will then have an empty recliner that you can fill with a new mechanism.

Step Five – Reassemble, working backward.

recliner being reassembled

Get your new recliner mechanism and place it into the empty frame. Reattach the footrest using the bolts.

Then move to secure it down on the wooden frame, using the bolts to hold the new mechanism in place.

Use pilers to reattach the release cable to the new mechanism. Then secure the final four-six bolts that will hold the mechanism in place.

Lift the recliner upward, placing it as a normal recliner would sit. You can then attach the back of the recliner. You will hear a slight ‘click’ as the back slips into its correct place.

Lower the material to cover the back of the recliner. This is the final step, meaning you will have successfully replaced your mechanism.

What to do if Electric Recliner Motor not Working

motor for electric recliner

If your electric recliner isn’t working, your first step is going to be troubleshooting. Finding out what exactly is wrong with your recliner will allow you to fix the problem.

The position in which the electric recliner has stopped working can tell you a lot about what is wrong with it.

If your recliner stops when it is open, make sure there is a secure power source. Either use the reset button to restart the recliner or unplug it for 2 minutes and plug it back it.

If this doesn’t work, check that all the wires are still connected. The recliner could have cut one in half when it was opening. If that’s the case, use electrical tape to secure them back together.

If your recliner stops working while closed, you may have a problem with lubrication. Lubricate all the parts, making sure all springs and joints can smoothly move with each other.

Electrical failures within your power recliner are easy to spot. Look at the back of the recliner, you will find a transformer box. If the light displayed there is green, everything should be fine. If the light displays red, it is likely you have an electrical failure.

Finally, if there is a loud noise when you open or close your recliner, your footrest rod is to blame. The grating of the footrest rod against the recliner mechanism is what makes the noise. Look at the footrest, if the rod has slipped out of place, put it back in.

How Long do Electric Recliners Last?

Electric recliner in store

The durability of a recliner depends on several factors. These include, how much you use it, what material it is, and if you care for it. Due to this, there is no exact rule about how long a recliner can last.

However, a general rule that many recliner retailers suggest is that a recliner can last for 10 years.

In fact, many retailers offer a warranty that will ensure you get a replacement recliner if it breaks.

Can you Convert a Manual Recliner to an Electric?

Most of the time, you can convert your manual recliner into an electric one. You will simply use the above steps to remove your old mechanism and insert a new one. However, this does vary from model to mode. Check online before you begin the process.

There is a huge price difference between manual and electric recliners in store. Changing it yourself can save you a lot of money to change your recliner yourself.

There are lots of kits out there that you could buy to change your manual recliner to an electric one. While many of these kits are useful, be sure to buy one that has good reviews.

Another way you can check if your recliner can change is to call your retailer. Often, retailers will sell kits that will upgrade specific models. This is much cheaper than buying an electric recliner.

How do I Reset my Electric Recliner?

unplugging electric recliner

There are two ways to reset your electric recliner. One using the chair itself, and one using the wall outlet.

First of all, get a paperclip or a small pin that will be able to fit into a small hole. On the hand control, you will find an open and close button. Between these buttons, you will find a tiny hole. Insert your paperclip into this hole and you will have pressed down on the reset button.

If you can’t find the hole or this isn’t working, you can use a wall outlet to reset the power recliner. Unplug the recliner for two minutes and then plug it back in. This will reset your recliner.

Wrapping Up How to Change an Electric Recliner Mechanism

To replace an electric recliner mechanism, you have to disassemble the chair. First, remove the mechanism by unscrewing the bolts and unclipping the recliner cable. This will let you take the mechanism out of the chair. You will then need to replace the mechanism with a new one.

To attach your new mechanism, work backward. First, reattach the bolts and recliner cable. Then attach the back, and you will have successfully changed your recliner mechanism.

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