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8 Ideas for Adding a Kitchen Island Extension

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A kitchen island can mean different things to different people. Some consider it an ornamental part of an overall elegant and grand decor. Others treat it as part of the kitchen that should serve several purposes. It all comes down to personal tastes. 

But with so many ideas for adding a kitchen island extension, it’s easy to get distracted from your goal. How you think of the kitchen island extension will determine not just its design, but also its functionality. You can turn it into a comfortable dining area, or design it for purely ornamental purposes. 

You’re also limited by the available space in the kitchen area, as well as your budget. To get the most out of your kitchen island extension we’ve compiled the following list of ideas to help inspire you.

Kitchen Island Extension Ideas

Modern kitchen with island and stools

1. Add a Touch of Color to the Kitchen

When your kitchen is looking dim, drab, and in need of renovation, adding a kitchen island extension with a bright color can be a cost-effective way to brighten the kitchen. Not only that, but you can think of the kitchen island as a way to change the overall look of the kitchen. And, you won’t have to go through costly and time-consuming renovations. 

If your kitchen is outdated and you need a quick solution that doesn’t involve redesigning it from scratch, then a kitchen island extension is a good starting point. You can experiment with daring styles and outlandish colors and themes to see what works. If it doesn’t work, it’s easy to take it apart and start over again.

2. Make the Kitchen Look More Spacious

Although the kitchen island will be taking up more space, you can actually use it to make your kitchen appear more spacious. You’ll rely on optical illusions to achieve this goal.

Use a compact kitchen island with legs that raise the bulk of the island off the ground and reveal more floor area. That should do the trick. By exposing the floor of the kitchen, you give the impression that the kitchen is actually larger and more spacious than it really is. The vertical design of the island is another factor that tricks the mind into thinking the kitchen is rather large.

3. Turn the Kitchen into a Dining Area

We all know dining in the kitchen isn’t as comfortable or elegant as eating at the dining table. But, a kitchen island that doubles as a comfy dining area is a step up from a simple and austere kitchen table.

However, it’s not always easy to find a kitchen island with suitable seating. But, that shouldn’t stop you. Simply find a kitchen island that you like, then purchase multipurpose chairs that go well with many different kitchen island designs. If you want to change the theme or style of the kitchen island later, you can repurpose the versatile chairs.

4. Add More Functionality to the Kitchen

A kitchen island isn’t meant to just add decor to the space. It can also have some practical uses, like providing more counter space. Since the three components of the kitchen are the cooktop, fridge, and sink, extending the functionality of the kitchen is quite easy. 

One idea is to install an extra sink in the kitchen island. If you have a small sink in the kitchen, then having another one in the middle area will transform the way you move around the kitchen and do your cooking. The downside here is the cost involved. But, if you need the extra sink, it’s definitely worth it.

5. L-Shaped Kitchen Island

You can only pull off this design if you have a large kitchen. Much like L-shaped couches in the living room, an L-shaped kitchen island adds style and elegance to an underfurnished and spacious kitchen. It also allows you to use more space in the kitchen than a traditional rectangular island would.

To make sure the island doesn’t leave the kitchen area cramped or hard to move around in, you should have a walking space between three to four feet on every side of the L-shaped island. This type of island can work as a peninsula as well. Just push the end of the L side towards the kitchen wall to give your kitchen a new look.

6. Built-In Wine Fridge

The best part of an island is that you can make the most of all the space it adds to your kitchen. You can have a lot of cabinets and drawers there to store your kitchen pots, tools, and appliances. But, adding a wine fridge is an even better idea.

The dimensions of a wine fridge happen to match the height of most kitchen islands. You can keep the wine fridge in one of the corners of the island so it’s easier to open. This location will also make sure the fridge stays out of the way of people trying to cook and move around the kitchen. 

7. Cooker in the Island

You can also build a cooker in the middle of the island. The success of this idea depends on whether you need a handy cooker in the middle of the kitchen or if the one you already have is sufficient.

The downside to this idea is that you won’t be able to use the island as a dining area. Eating that close to the cooker would be very uncomfortable, especially in the summertime.  

8. Go Rustic

This idea works best if you live in a country house or if your overall theme is rustic. Choosing a rustic style kitchen island will make the island the centerpiece in the kitchen. Also, keep in mind that the rest of the kitchen will fade into the background, but will not disappear altogether.

So, your kitchen cabinets should either be neutral or they should go well with the rustic island. If they have a sleek and modern style, the rustic island won’t match. 


The kitchen island is more than an extension to the kitchen area. It can be an integral part of the design and decor of your kitchen, and it also adds functionality. You can install an extra sink or another cooker in the kitchen island to cater to large gatherings in your home. Or, you can use it as another place for your family to come together and eat.

When you feel like renovating the kitchen or giving it a new look, adding or replacing the kitchen island is a hassle-free and cost-effective solution.

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