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Twin vs. Double Bed

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Finding the right size bed is very important when you’re furnishing a home. Beds take up space, but they’re also critical to getting a good night’s rest. 

Twin beds set beside each other

While a twin bed might sound like the same thing as a double bed, the two are different sizes. Another name for a double is a full bed. If you’re looking to furnish a child’s bedroom or a small guest room, you’ll want to pick the right size bed.

Let’s take a look at what makes each size a good choice or why you might want to steer away from it. Then, you can make an informed decision about whether to buy a twin bed or a double bed.

Is a Twin Bed the Same as a Double Bed?

While twin and double have similar meanings linguistically, the two kinds of beds are different things. They are the same length, but a double bed is a little bit wider than a twin bed.

Twin beds

Twin beds are the smallest standard-sized bed at 39 inches and 75 inches long.

Double bed in standard size room

Just as it would be wrong to assume that twin and double mean the same thing in terms of beds, you shouldn’t assume that a double is twice as wide as a twin bed. They are 54 inches wide and 75 inches long.

Is a Double Bed Bigger Than a Twin Bed?

When you think of the word twin, it’s understandable that double would come to mind. Both words involve the word two. When it comes to bed size, a double bed is a little wider than a twin bed.

Both do share the same length at 75 inches, but it would be a mistake to think that a double bed is twice the width of a twin bed. Double beds are 54 inches wide and twin beds are 39 inches wide.

Twin Bed vs. Double Bed: Pros and Cons

The primary difference between twin and double beds is the width. Twin beds are 39 inches wide while double beds are 54 inches wide. Both are 75 inches long. And, both have their respective strengths and drawbacks.

Twin Bed Pros

Children in twin beds

Twin-size beds are perfect for children. They also take up the least amount of space of any standard bed. That makes them perfect for small bedrooms for small children. They can also provide a sense of coziness and they’re usually the cheapest option.

Twin Bed Cons

Narrow twin beds

Twin-size beds are not suitable for couples and are probably even too small for small adults. In fact, they are narrow enough that even large children might find them uncomfortable.

Double Bed Pros 

Children on double bed

As an investment for a child’s bedroom, a double bed provides a better return because it’ll take a lot longer for your child to outgrow it. A double bed is large enough that small adults can sleep comfortably on them.

Double Bed Cons 

Couple on double bed

Calling it a double bed is kind of deceptive because it gives the impression that double beds are big enough for couples. At 54 inches wide, however, that only leaves 27 inches for each adult, which isn’t enough space. Double beds also cost more than twin beds.

Should You Pick a Double Bed or a Twin Bed?

Trying to decide

When deciding which size bed to buy, there are some important things to consider. Bigger is often better, but it’s not always ideal.

Children on double bed

A double bed is a bit wider than a twin bed, which is great for larger children who move around while sleeping. It can also be a better money investment since it’ll take a lot longer for a child to outgrow it. Some adults find double beds a perfect fit for their size.

Very nice room with twin beds

Twin beds, on the other hand, can provide a sense of coziness for kids who might feel a bit lost in a bigger bed. You can also fit a twin bed into a smaller space, making it ideal for cramped living situations. They are also a little bit more affordable.

You’ll want to weigh your needs and financial considerations before making a choice, especially since beds are significant investments.

Can You Use a Twin Bed or a Double Bed in a Primary Bedroom?

A master bedroom is a statement room in most homes. It’s usually one of the biggest rooms in the house and it’s usually where you put your biggest, most luxurious furniture. But, let’s not make assumptions that smaller beds have no place in a primary bedroom.

Double bed in a beautiful room

Your personal needs might dictate that you need to use the master bedroom for something else. Maybe you’re an artist who needs a large studio, or you want to put in a home gym. If all you do in your master bedroom is sleep, maybe you want to use a smaller room as your bedroom.

Depending on your size and sleeping arrangements, a twin or double bed might work in a smaller primary bedroom.

Elderly people

It hasn’t always been a thing for married couples to sleep together, so two separate double beds would work in those situations. Elderly people might also find a twin-size bed more comfortable to sleep in. 

Are Twin Beds or Double Beds More Comfortable for One Person to Sleep In? How About Two People?

When it comes to the right bed size, there is no black-and-white answer. It all comes down to how big a person is and their sleeping habits.

Adults preparing to sleep

Small adults who remain still throughout the night can sleep comfortably in a twin bed. Smaller adults who toss and turn and larger adults might need to sleep in a double bed to get a good night’s sleep. Just be aware that both beds are 75-inches long.

When it comes to sleeping with someone else, even a double bed’s 54-inch width offers a very limited amount of sleeping space. If you cuddle with your partner all night, maybe you can pull it off. 

Twin beds in nice room

As for a twin bed, we’d recommend that couples look into something that will provide more space .


Bigger is usually better when it comes to beds, and the extra width on a double bed makes it a better choice in most cases. If you have kids, it’ll be a bed they can use from the time they leave the crib to the day they graduate from high school.

Twin beds have their advantages, however. They take up less space, which means they are better for small rooms. They usually cost a little less, too. Also, another advantage is that people can feel a little cozier in a small bed.

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