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How Much are Window Blinds?

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If you want to keep sunlight from filling your living room, or you just want a bit more privacy, a set of window blinds might be your answer. They give you greater control over light compared to curtains. And, your cat is less likely to see them as something to climb.

However, blinds can also come with a hefty price tag. Some of that you can make up for in reduced energy costs. But, if you pay a bunch of money upfront, it might take a long time for the blinds to pay for themselves.

We’ve looked into the price and value of window blinds. After reading, you’ll have a better idea of how to get the most from what you spend on blinds.

Why Can Window Blinds Be So Expensive?

Sitting area next to stairway with a carpet, sofa and window with blinds

Window blinds aren’t typically made out of very expensive materials, but they can cost a lot of money. The reasons come down to the frequency that you purchase them, design, materials, and the price of installation labor and hardware.

Throughout your homeownership, your blinds will mostly stay the same. The only time you’ll buy new ones is when the old ones wear out or your tastes change. When you buy new ones, it reflects that longevity. If purchasing blinds were a more common thing, they’d be cheaper.

Blinds also have to fit the window they cover. While there are some standard window sizes, makers of window blinds need to have a wide assortment of sizes.

Living room area with curtains and blinds

If you have an unusually sized window, you might even need to get custom window blinds for it. Building to those sizes drives up the price on all window blinds, even the ones designed for common window sizes.

You’ll also pay for quality blinds. A set of maple window blinds will look great in most rooms, but it will also cost a lot more than blinds made from vinyl. They will also last a lot longer, while the vinyl ones might get brittle in sunlight and break after a few years.

Finally, the blinds themselves might not cost too much money, but paying for labor to install them correctly might. You might also need to get specialized hardware to mount your blinds to the wall. That will drive up the overall cost of putting up blinds.

Which Type of Living Room Blinds Is Least Expensive?

The cost of blinds is largely driven by the materials used to make them. In addition, window blind technology has grown over the years, so blinds that come without added features will cost less than blinds with extras.

Simple living room with a blind on the window

Vinyl blinds with standard pull cords are normally the least expensive option. These blinds tend to wear out the fastest and offer you the least number of extra features.

One thing to keep in mind is that just because it’s the cheapest option doesn’t mean it’s the best value. Since vinyl blinds wear out the fastest, you’ll probably need to replace them more quickly than better quality blinds. In the long run, it might make more sense to invest in quality at the start.

Which Type of Living Room Blinds Is Most Expensive?

The most expensive blinds are those that are made from the best materials and come with advanced features that make them easier to use. They also provide greater versatility.

Living area with a man looking through the window with wooden blinds

When it comes to materials, wooden blinds tend to cost more than vinyl or aluminum. Wood requires more work to turn into blinds, and it looks a lot better than metal or vinyl blinds. So naturally, they’ll cost more.

Vertical blinds cost more money than traditional horizontal blinds. These are sometimes called Roman blinds and can allow you greater flexibility in terms of lighting. But, they also require a more complex design.

Living room with beautiful vertical blinds

Finally, the way in which the blinds go up and down plays a big role in how much they cost. A standard pull cord set of blinds will save you money. Cordless blinds controlled by remote control are much more convenient. They’ll also cost you a lot more money.

What Can You Do to Save On Living Room Blinds?

When it comes to saving money, labor costs are always the first thing to look at. Blinds aren’t usually very complicated things to mount. As long as you have some basic DIY skills and some basic tools, the work is usually within the skill set of average homeowners.

Materials are another way you can save money on blinds. Wood blinds look the best, but they are also the most expensive. Consider whether you need real wood when faux wood will save you some money.

Living room with blue sofa, fireplace and window blinds

We also recommend that you consider a bit of outside-the-box thinking when it comes to cost. A set of vinyl blinds with a standard pull cord might save you money at first. But, you might also need to replace them so frequently that more durable faux wood offers better value.

That also applies to buying energy-efficient blinds that help save you money on utility bills. These blinds help keep warm air in the house when it’s cold outside. So, they will pay for themselves more quickly than standard blinds that allow more heat to escape.


Window blinds are a good alternative to curtains and can offer a lot of upsides when it comes to managing light and privacy. They can also help save you some money on your utility bills by creating an additional barrier between your living space and the outdoors.

Depending on the materials used to make them, and the extra features they have, they can also cost a lot of money. You’ll want to consider how you can get the most from your blinds for the least amount of upfront investment.

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