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What Does Hemp Oil do For Furniture?

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Hemp oil has taken the world by storm over the past several years. This all-natural substance works fantastically on wood. It’ll transform your furniture, sealing it while deepening the wood tones. If you’re wondering what does hemp oil do for furniture, you’ve come to the right place!

In this article, we’ll break down exactly what hemp oil does. We’ll even go over the most common questions people have when working with hemp oil. From if you can paint over it to if you need to sand, we’ve got you covered. Let’s jump right in.

What does hemp oil do for furniture?

Hemp oil is a 100% natural substance. It naturally occurs in hemp, the cannabis plant. However, in this particular oil form, there is no tetrahydrocannabinol. That’s the which instils a ‘high’ in people. Due to how natural the product is, it is environmentally friendly. Alongside this, it is free from chemicals and solvents.

But what exactly does it do for furniture? There are several uses of hemp oil in furniture. The first of these is to deepen the wood tones of furniture. By applying a coat of hemp oil, the oil will seep into the wood. During this process, the oil makes the tone of the wood appear darker.

A darker and deeper wood color often improves the quality of furniture. This style gives an aged appearance. Applying hemp oil to wood is one sure-fire way to make your furniture look beautiful. The ornate dark tones will impress all of your guests.

Another use of hemp oil is to seal wood. The oil forms a protective layer on the wood. In doing this, you will prevent bacteria and moisture from getting into your wood. Oil and water are immiscible, meaning they don’t mix. Due to this, your furniture will also take on water-proof qualities.

Is hemp oil good for furniture?

Hemp oil is absolutely good for furniture. While nourishing the wood, it will also protect it. If you’re looking for an easy way to make your furniture look older than it is, hemp oil is an easy solution.

In other words, hemp oil is great for furniture. Both in terms of protection and aesthetic, you’ll be helping your furniture.

Can I paint over hemp oil?

Yes, you can paint over hemp oil. However, before doing this, you should leave as long as you can. The hemp oil, although fast-drying, cures slowly. If you want your furniture to look its absolute best, wait as long as you can.

You can paint over hemp oil around a week after application. However, if you want the best effects, wait longer. Waiting up to a month would be the perfect amount of time. This amount of time will ensure the oil has fully cured the wood.

Do you sand before using hemp oil?

There is no need to sand before using hemp oil. However, if you want to make the wood you’re curing look better, then do. Use sandpaper to whittle down the furniture to the right shape for you. You want your furniture to be as smooth as possible. Use sandpaper to remove any lumps and bumps.

Once you’ve done this, make sure to get rid of any dust. Dust will get trapped under the hemp oil. To avoid this, use a lint-free cloth to clean your furniture after sanding. Then, once you have sanded and cleaned, you’re ready to apply the hemp oil!

How do you use hemp oil on furniture?

How to apply hemp oil to furniture

You may now be wondering how to apply hemp oil on furniture. This is an easy process and only takes a few steps.

Step one – Prepare your furniture

First of all, you’re going to want to get your furniture ready. There are two main objectives here. The first is that the furniture is aesthetically how you want it. The second is that the furniture is completely clean. If you want to paint your furniture, apply the paint and make sure it has enough time to dry.

Similarly, if you want to sand anything down, do it now. Make sure your furniture is exactly how you want it. Imagine that the hemp oil freezes your furniture in time. You’re going to want to have the furniture looking its best before applying the oil.

Next, ensure you clean the furniture well. The oil will trap any dirt and dust under the furniture. Be sure to clean the furniture with a lint-free cloth. Use water to pick up any leftover pieces of dirt. Make sure the furniture is dry before moving on to step two.

At this point, your furniture should look how you want it and be clean.

Step Two – Apply a thin coat

The second step will be the first moment of contact between your furniture and the oil. Only use a very thin layer of oil. If you want to ensure you only use a little bit, apply using a lint-free cloth. Simply dip the cloth into the oil and apply using the cloth. Try to make the layer as even as possible.

Don’t worry if you see a deep green color. The oil has a dark forest green appearance. However, this will lighten over time. Especially once dry, the oil will be considerably lighter than its first tones. If you want a darker color, you can apply more than one coat.

Leave your furniture for at least 12 hours to dry. You’re going to want to make sure the furniture is completely dry before adding more coats. However, a lot of the time it will only take one coat to achieve the desired effect.

Step Three – Second and third coats

If you are using your hemp oil on a heavy-traffic piece of furniture, this step is for you. By high/heavy traffic I mean something that you use a lot. This could be a kitchen table or a coffee table. Due to the fact that these get lots of use, you’re going to want to give them extra protection.

Once the first coat has finished drying, add a second coat. Then, wait 12 hours. You can then apply a third coat. Each coat will darken the wood. It will also offer another layer of protection. This comes in handy with wood that is valuable and you want to keep looking great.

The hemp oil will wear away over time. Due to this, you should reapply a coat every 2-3 years. Or, simply apply more whenever you feel the wood is becoming too light.


Treat wood with hemp oil

When asking what does hemp oil do for furniture, several answers come to mind. Hemp oil protects wood from damage. It also darkens the tones of the wood. If you’re looking to deepen your wooden furniture, hemp oil is for you. It’s a 100% natural product and has fantastic results every time. Best of luck with hemp oil!

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