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What Curtain Colors Go With Brick Walls

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If your home has a brick wall, you may be wondering what color curtains go with brick walls. This is a good question to ask, as this can feel tricky if you have never worked with bricks before.

This can feel very intimidating, if you have never decorated with or around brick before. This will greatly impact the way you can decorate this area as you want the colors to go with the brick wall.

If you have a brick wall in your home, one color that goes great is gray curtains to compliment the brock. These natural colors compliment each other without feeling too bold, the same idea applies to cream curtains.

Keep reading to find out what color curtains go with brick walls so that you know what curtain sets to pick out for this space.

9 Curtain Color Ideas That go With Brick Walls

Curtain Color Ideas That go With Brick Walls

When a home has a room with brick walls, it can feel very difficult to know how to work with this area. Brick is quite a bold wall choice and can easily become overpowering for the entire room. 

This is why many people may look at a brick wall and feel stumped about what curtains would look good here. After all, the brick is already so bold, what other color options could work in this area of your home?

This is where many people get stumped when trying to pick out curtains for a brick wall. Despite the fact that there are actually many colors that go well with brick walls.

  1. Navy Blue Curtains

Navy blue is a bold yet sophisticated color choice that pairs beautifully with a brick wall. Navy blue curtains are a neutral in their own way, despite being such a rich color choice.

Navy blue compliments bricks that are a darker shade of red as red and blue often pair well together. This makes navy curtains ideal for brick walls that tend to appear darker than other brick walls.

This is a great color to choose if you want something bold without it becoming too flashy or overwhelming against the bricks.

  1. Gray Curtains

Gray curtains are a classic choice, when it comes to working around brick walls. Gray naturally compliments brick as most kinds of natural bricks have some shade of gray in them.

This works perfectly with either a darker or lighter brick wall, as gray compliments all shades of brick. You could also vary between shades of gray depending on how you want this space to feel.

This creates a sophisticated look and helps pull the room together. This doesn’t necessarily hide the brick wall, but it does balance the way that it looks.

  1. White Curtains

White curtains are another traditional option that helps to tone down the boldness of a brick wall. This works with either darker or lighter brick walls, though white compliments lighter brick better.

This helps to lighten up this space and counteract just how dark and grim bricks can appear. This is the perfect option if you want to try to reduce the impact that the brick wall has on the room.

This can help this space to feel more modern as well as less dingy and closed in. This is perfect for smaller rooms with brick walls that might have otherwise felt smaller and cramped.

  1. Brown Curtains

Brown curtains are a great color option that pair wonderfully with either light or dark brick walls. If it is dark brick, go with a darker shade for the curtains and vice versa.

This is a great neutral shade that still has an impact on the room. These curtains naturally bring out the brown in the bricks, giving the room a very balanced feeling.

This creates a very neutral starting place in the room where you can introduce other colors. This is ideal if you are still not very fond of the brick wall and want to add other interesting features to the room.

Brown leaves plenty of room for additional creativity so that you aren’t limited to just a few colors in the room.

  1. Red Curtains

Red is a color that you may not immediately think to pair with a brick wall. Red curtains are a great option as they help to bring out the natural red of the brick in the wall.

This can help the room to feel harmonious and balanced as the colors bounce off of each other without competing. Most natural bricks are going to have various shades of red in them, so you can use that to help you pick out the curtains.

Though you should avoid brighter shades of red that may immediately come to mind. Instead, go for shades that are more orange-toned or have a darker look, such as burgundy or cranberry red.

These shades compliment the brick and will look much better in the room.

  1. Cream Curtains

Cream curtains are similar to white curtains as they are a neutral that goes well with light or dark brick walls. Though cream is a warmer tone and can make the space feel much more inviting.

Cream softens the appearance of a brick wall and counteracts how harsh it can look. This can help this space to feel homier and less industrial or rough.

  1. Beige Curtains

Beige curtains are a neutral that is a cross between tan and cream, making it a bit more pigmented. This color goes great primarily with light brick walls as light bricks have more beige in them.

This is a gentle tone that can lighten up the space without making it look too modern or minimalist. This is another color that goes well with many other accent colors as well.

  1. Sage Curtains

Sage-colored curtains are a color that goes well with brick walls, whether they be darker or lighter. Though lighter shades of sage do go better with paler bricks than it does darker bricks.

The naturalness of sage goes well with bricks and helps the space to feel more natural and open. This is a fun color choice without having to go to bold or too adventurous.

It can also be accented with other shades, such as dark green, beige, cream, or brown to pull the entire room together.

  1. Lavender Curtains

Lavender-colored curtains may not be the first option that comes to your mind, but they can still be a good option. This color of curtain will look its best with a lighter shade of brick wall as lavender is quite a light shade.

Many lighter-colored bricks tend to have a bit of purple in them. The lavender curtains help to highlight this, making the colors feel cohesive and balanced. Even if they don’t immediately look like they would match.


If your home has a brick wall, this may feel like a very intimidating place to decorate and design. The good news is that there are actually quite a lot of curtain colors that really compliment natural brick.

If you have any questions about what color curtains go with brick walls, leave them down below, and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Brick walls look great with natural colored curtains, such as cream, beige, or sage, though mostly neutrals will work here. Even bolder shades like red or lavender pair well with brick walls as long as they are the right shade.

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