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What are Hardwood Solids in Furniture?

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Are you confused about all the different types of wood-categories out there? Some are hardwood, some are solid wood, and all of them are hard to follow! In this article, I’ll walk you through hardwood solids, solid wood, and veneer wood. By the end, you’ll know exactly what each of these terms refers to.

What are hardwood solids in furniture?

plywood is a kind of hardwood

A hardwood solid is an industry term for furniture that isn’t made from one specific type of wood. This often means that they manufacturer multiple species of wood in conjunction. These are often used to make a piece of wood stronger, or to achieve a certain quality. This could be flexibility, a certain lustor, or general strength.

Hardwood solids also encompass engineered woods. This means they glue pieces of wood together in layers in order to make the final product stronger. Plywood also falls into this category.

Anything that is a combination of several different kinds of wood is a hardwood solid.

What do hardwood solids mean?

wood textures

Hardwood solids dictate which type of wood they used within the construction. This also includes which sort of wood grade a material is. Wood grades demonstrate the quality of wood. The closer to #1 the better a wood is. A wood that is grade 2 will warp and split much more easily than a grade one wood.

If you can afford it, I would suggest that when buying hardwood slides, you go for the lower grades. When it comes to lots of woods used together, a better grade can make a real difference.

On the other hand, solid hardwood will be completely made of wood. Yet, it can still vary in specific types of wood used. This can lead to a big difference in the quality of solid hardwood. For example, maple is a notoriously strong wood. However, another wood, hickory, is overly hard, making it difficult to work with.

You need to be careful to ask for specifics when working with solid hardwood or hardwood solids. As these terms are interchangeable, they are often misinterpreted and misunderstood. Try to ask which woods a hardwood solid consists of.

Hardwood solids VS Solid wood

This section will walk you through the pros of hardwood solids VS solid wood.

Hardwood Solids (also known as engineered woods)

wood benches for outdoor

Hardwood solids consist of multiple layers and will last between 20-30 years.


One of the best things about hardwood solids is that you can install them on concrete. There is no need to remove the floor, you can place this wood right on top of it

Engineered wood is lighter than solid wood, meaning you can install it over heat sources.

Hardwood solids are often much easier to work with and will be easier to install in general.

Solid wood

wood furniture for office

Solid wood consists of only one type of wood. It is often slightly more expensive than hardwood and will last longer.


Solid wood comes at a higher price, but it will almost certainly last longer than hardwood.

Solid wood will come in a larger variety of colors than hardwood. Softwood typically will come in colors that are distinct to certain regions. If your city or state has a specific variety of wood, this could be a nice way to bring a touch of your area into your home.

Solid wood is much easier to repair than hardwood. You can sand out any bumps or grooves.

In fact, you can sand down solid wood many times. Considering it is one piece of wood, you can sand any damage away without ruining the visuals.

Solid wood is a highly valued floor unit. Due to this, having this floor can increase the value of your home.

What is veneer furniture?

wood rings

Veneer furniture is often used for higher-end furniture. That is mainly because veneer wood is more costly than solid wood. Veneer takes its name from the Egyptian practice of squaring wood.

The process involves peeling the outside of a tree, taking off large potions as they do. Similarly, you could also slice rectangular blocks of the wood out of the tree. This is a valuable source of wood is it often has the rings of the tree still intact.

These create a beautiful effect and are highly sought after in furniture design. Depending on how they have sliced the wood, you can also even have the grooves of the tree visible.

Veneer is thin layers of the above type of wood then glued together. They layer the design together to create a crosshatch design. This design provides stability, meaning the wood is much less likely to crack.

The process is also more environmentally friendly. Considering they waste less wood, each tree goes further in the production process.

Should you buy furniture with hardwood solids?

Wood furniture clean

If you are looking for a cheaper wooden floor, hardwood solids could be a good option for you. Hardwood solids definitely have some positive upsides, like how easy it is to install. If it’s only going to be for the short term, hardwood is a good option.

Hardwood solids don’t last as long as solid wood, meaning that it can be great for shorter periods. If you want that wood comfort style without the cost, this is a great option for you.


Wood Cabinets and Chairs

Hardwood solids are multiple types of wood combined into one material. It is a cheaper form of wood that can be great for short periods of time. Although you can’t sand them, they are easy to install and will last around 15+ years.

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