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What are Furniture Pads?

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A lot of furniture jargon gets thrown around. All these new words and terms may have left you wondering, what are furniture pads? In this article, I’ll break down exactly what you can use these for. I’ll walk you through the key features of furniture pads. I’ll also answer the most frequently asked questions about them.

Let’s get right into it.

What are furniture pads?

Furniture Pads

What exactly are furniture pads? Well, they are a small piece of fabric with adhesive on one side. This patch of fabric will go face down on the floor. The adhesive side will then connect with your furniture. You’ll place a furniture pad on every place where the piece of furniture connects to the ground.

By placing a furniture pad under the feet of a piece of furniture, you’ll gain a few benefits. First of all, they will stabilize the product. They will keep the furniture level. This is especially useful if one of your furniture legs is slightly uneven.

Their most common use is to reduce floor damages. The fabric will rub on the floor, instead of the hard furniture leg. This will reduce any change of scrapes or damages happening. While furniture legs may grate against the floor and mark it, these will protect from that. Their thick fabric will ensure no damage comes to your floors.

Furniture pads will also ensure that furniture doesn’t slide. The thick fabric increases friction with the floor. This is great as it’ll stop furniture from moving around. If you have a table that you want to stay put, these will do the trick.

Just a side note, you can also get furniture pads that don’t have this final function. These will allow for movement of furniture, while protecting. This is helpful for chairs and other furniture that you actively need to move around.

Furniture pads are a fantastic way to protect your floors. You’ll be able to keep your furniture in its best condition.

How many furniture pads do you need?

This depends on the piece of furniture you have. You will need one pad per leg of furniture. If you have a wall-leaning table, you’ll only need two furniture pads. That’s because that piece of furniture only has two legs.

Most commonly, furniture has four legs. Due to this, you’ll need at least four furniture pads. Place each one on a leg. They will normally last an incredibly long time.

However, if you are using them on a mobile piece of furniture, they will wear out faster. Make sure you have some spares just in case. Once one wears out, the whole piece of furniture will become unstable. To fix this, simply change out the one that has worn away.

To summarise, you’ll need one per leg of furniture. But, make sure to keep some spare!

How do you use furniture pad?

Furniture Pads

Furniture pads are an incredibly easy product to install. Once they arrive, you’ll only have to take a few steps.

First of all, get them out of their pack. Sometimes they come in one large sheet. If this is the case, you’ll need to cut them to size. Measure the legs of your furniture. You can use a ruler or a tape measure for this. Depending on the size, you can then cut the sheet. Use scissors to cut the sheet into size pieces that fit your furniture.

Once you have the correctly sized furniture pads, you’re ready to install. First, carefully move your furniture onto its side. You could also place it upside down. This will expose the furniture legs.

Next, peel off the sticker cover that is on one side. There will be a sticker to peel off. This will expose the adhesive below. Once you expose this, place it firmly on the bottom of a furniture leg.

Make sure to press down hard. You want to make sure that the furniture pad sticks to the leg. Once you believe it is stuck down properly, move to another corner. Move around, securing all of the furniture legs with a furniture pad.

Now that each leg has it’s own pad, you are ready to put the furniture back upright. I always like to give a final push down once it’s upright. This will ensure it is stuck as steadfast as can be.

That’s everything! Your installed your furniture pads correctly.

What are furniture pads commonly used for?

Furniture pads have many different uses. The most common of these is to protect the floors. The layer of fabric allows protects in two ways. First of all, if the furniture moves, it no longer scrapes against the floor. Instead, the fabric moves along the floor. This doesn’t create any scuff marks and keeps your floor clean.

Second of all, the furniture pads helps to distribute weight. Due to this, there is less of a chance of damaging the carpet. Gone are the days of carpet holes and bumps!

Another use of furniture pads is to create friction. These will help keep your furniture from slipping. If you get frustrated by your furniture sliding around, these are for you. The additional friction from the fabric will keep them stable. Instead of moving around, they will are stuck in place. Of course, if you need to move them, simply pick them up.


Furniture pads are extraordinarily useful pieces of equipment. From stabilising to protection, these really can do everything. They are incredibly easy to install and last a long time. If you want to protect your floors, these are a cheap and effective way of doing so.

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