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How to Waterproof a Rug

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Accidents happen, especially in high traffic areas. To help those situations from doing permanent damage, we recommend water-proofing your rug. One of the main ways to do that is by using a rug pad under the rug.

First, choose the proper underlayment. If the rug is going to be used for sitting and drinking, use a rubber or plastic pad beneath the rug. 

A waterproof rug is perfect for any room, but they’re most useful in high traffic areas, like the living room. 

3 Ways to Waterproof a Rug

There are many ways to waterproof a rug, so it can be hard to decide which one to try. We recommend the following methods:

1. Spray-on Sealant

The underside of a rug is an often overlooked area that needs to be waterproofed. 

This can lead to unsightly stains on your rug, which can be devastating to the appearance and value of your rug. To keep the underside of your rug from getting water stains, you must understand how to waterproof it.

You can do this using a spray-on sealant like Scotchgard Fabric Protector. This spray-on sealant can be applied easily and will effectively protect your rug from stains caused by spills and moisture. You need to make sure that you use the sealant evenly. 

2. Liquid Filling Spray or Foam

Another way you can go about waterproofing the underside of your rug is by filling in any holes or gaps in the fabric with something like Liquid Filling Spray or Liquid Filling Foam. These sprays will fill any empty spots where water could seep through and damage your rug.

3. Fiber Protector

If you want to waterproof the upper fibers of your rug, you’ll need to use a polyester fiber protector. You must follow the instructions on the back of the package and mix it with a small amount of water to create a paste. 

Once you have created the paste, apply it to the upper fibers of your rug and allow it to dry for at least 24 hours. 

The upper fibers of your rug are pretty vulnerable to water damage. The best way to avoid this is to use an excellent spray-on waterproofing and sealant. 

That way, any spills or leaks will be mostly contained in the top layer of your rug and won’t penetrate the backing underneath it.

These methods are not only effective, but they also work quickly. You should be able to finish up this project in less than half an hour.

How Much Does It Cost to Waterproof a Rug?

The cost to waterproof a rug is hard to determine because there are many factors. The price will depend on how difficult the area that needs to be covered is and how much time and effort it will take. 

Beautiful rug

It also depends on the type and size of the rug, and how much work you want to do. 

For instance, if you have a small rug that only needs to be covered in one or two places, the cost might be around $50-100. However, if the rug requires more extensive coverage, like a large rug that must be fully waterproofed, the price could be up to $2,000.

Professional cleaning rug

If you’re looking for a more professional solution and don’t mind paying extra money, professional services may be worth considering. 

These professionals will also provide free advice on how to do repairs yourself, how much time it will take, and any other helpful information that might come in handy when trying this project out at home.

Is Waterproofing a Rug Worth It?

There are a lot of benefits to waterproofing your rug, from protecting your investment to avoiding the hassle of cleaning up spills. If you’re considering waterproofing your rug, it’s probably a good idea.

Living room with rug

When thinking about waterproofing a rug, the larger question you might ask yourself is whether it will be worth your time and money.

If you don’t want to risk getting your rug wet, or if you’re not sure that all of your rugs are going to last as long as they should, then waterproofing may be an option worth considering. If you have a woolen rug, make sure to check with your manufacturer to see if the rug needs to be waterproofed. 

Natural fiber rug

But, if the carpet is made from natural fibers like wool, it might need to be treated with a chemical-based solution to maintain its integrity and quality. However, this should only be done by professionals.

Synthetic rug

If you have a synthetic rug that doesn’t need any special treatment or care due to its material makeup, then you can use a water repellent spray on the surface. This will help protect the rug from stains caused by spills or accidents and prevent it from absorbing moisture from humidity. It also makes the rug easier to clean and prevents mold and mildew buildup.

Should You Just Buy a Waterproof Rug Instead of Waterproofing One?

You should buy the waterproof one because the rug will be safe from spills right from the start. 

This is because the rug has been designed to absorb liquids through its fibers and prevent them from penetrating the rug’s surface. The moisture will then evaporate as soon as it comes in contact with the air.

Buying a rug with waterproofing would not only keep your floor from getting wet, but it will also keep stains from showing on top of the carpet. And, it will reduce fading over time. 

The only downside of this option would be that waterproof rugs are more expensive than regular rugs. 

So, if you’re wondering whether to spend money on a new water-proof rug, consider these four factors:

  • The state of your floors
  • Your budget
  • Your motivation for purchasing a new rug
  • How often you will use the rug

If your floors are in good shape and you have enough money to buy a new water-proof rug without breaking the bank, then you might want to buy it. 

If, however, you want something waterproof but don’t have enough money to buy a new one, then it may be worth hiring reliable professionals for their services.

Do You Need to Waterproof a Rug?

There are a few things you should know before you consider doing so. Remember that waterproofing a rug may not be necessary for every person. 

Rug used in an outdoor setting

Some people need to waterproof their rugs because they’re using the rug outdoors or in wet environments. For them, it would make sense to waterproof their rugs. However, if you live in an area where there are no humidity problems, and you don’t use the rug outdoors, then it may not be necessary to waterproof the rug at all.

Also, if the manufacturer of your particular rug says that it’s not necessary to waterproof your rug under any circumstances, then you won’t need to. 

If your rug is easy to clean and maintain, then it likely won’t need to be waterproofed. But, if the rug is in a high-traffic area, like the living room, and you’re worried about spills, then we recommend waterproofing it.

Are Rug Pads Necessary for Waterproofing a Rug?

The answer to this question is yes. Rug pads are necessary for waterproofing a rug. 

Rug pads will help your rug maintain its original color, texture, and shape for a longer period. Also, the process of attaching a rug pad is relatively easy and less time-consuming than doing it yourself. 

So, if you need an easy way to protect your investment, or want to keep stains at bay by using an extra layer on top of your rug, then investing in a rug pad will come in handy.


Waterproofing your rug will help it last longer and will make it resistant to stains. This makes it easy to understand why people are interested in waterproofing a rug.

Many people want to know the best ways to waterproof a rug. There are many different solutions for this problem, and you should consider all of them before deciding on the best option for your personal needs. One of the most effective methods is using a rug pad under the rug.

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