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5 Ways To Make a Nightstand Taller

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Do you have a nightstand that isn’t tall enough? Are you looking to make the most out of what little space you have in your bedroom? Or are you simply looking for ways to make a nightstand taller? We’ll share some clever ways to make a nightstand taller that don’t require spending money.

Adding legs to the lower structure of a table is an easy way to create added height. You can do this most easily by using additional pieces of scrap wood. Just make sure that they’re cut at the same angle as the existing sides of the stand so they blend in. 

Furniture legs of varying heights

You can connect these legs with wood glue or screws before staining them. Inserts for drawers are another option for creating extra height on a stand. You can insert pieces of wood underneath existing drawer hardware so they don’t show through when closed.

Very small inserts measuring only two-inches tall work well for this purpose since it lifts just enough to raise one side of each drawer off the ground.

Different Ways To Make a Nightstand Taller

As you may know, nightstands are typically short and tend to be the perfect height for a bed. But if your bed is taller than average, a normal nightstand will be too short. 

So, we’ve come up with three ways to make your nightstand taller without actually having to buy a new one.

Option 1: Add Casters or Wheels to Your Current Stand

You can add casters or wheels to any flat-bottomed furniture piece. 

Three caster wheels

You’ll need to remove the current screws from your nightstands’ legs and replace them with bolts that have caster attachments on one end. Then, test out your new casters by rolling them around your room. 

Option 2: Add an Inexpensive Platform for Storage or Display

If you don’t mind how bulky this option is, this solution works well if you’re on a budget. Simply purchase an old wooden desktop from a thrift store or yard sale.

Then, use sandpaper to grind down the top surface. After you’ve properly smoothed it out, you’ll have a wooden tabletop to use as the foundation for your nightstand. 

Finally, place the original stand on top and enjoy all the added space for storage.

Option 3: Utilize Wall Space with a Shelf

Another option is to upgrade your nightstand by adding a shelf above it. This concept works well if you’re looking for more display space rather than storage, as most shelves come with only one or two levels. 

Four wooden shelves

Again, this is an easy and inexpensive way to make a nightstand taller. All you have to do is find the perfect piece to hang on the bedroom wall and purchase a set of brackets from the hardware store. 

Find a spot on your wall that works well with the dimensions of your shelf, and attach it using the brackets. Once they’re in place, you can slide the shelf into them.

Do Night Risers or Leg Extenders Work?

Most people like how easy nightstand risers and leg extenders are to use. You just slide them underneath your nightstands. 

However, some people have found that they don’t work as well as other options because the casters on the feet make sliding more difficult. In addition, risers made of wood can warp or break if not sturdy enough or properly cared for.

What Do Nightstand Risers or Leg Extenders Do?

A comparison of what a nightstand would look like with and without extenders

Nightstand risers and leg extenders are products that make your nightstands taller. They raise the height of your nightstands’ legs, allowing for more storage underneath or more comfortability.

What Is a Nightstand Riser Made Of?

Nightstand risers are often made of wood with an angled design. The bottom edge angles downward to allow you to slide items underneath it easily. And, if you have a tall bed, they make it easier for you to reach the nightstand.  

Some designs have an upright slat on either side so you can use them to prop up reading materials next to the bed.

Who Should Buy Nightstand Risers or Leg Extenders?

If your biggest problem is storage space, then a nightstand riser is right for you. If you’re looking to change the height of your bed to make it easier or more comfortable to get in and out of, then a leg extender is the best option.

How Much Do Nightstand Risers or Leg Extenders Cost?

Nightstand risers can cost as little as $10 for the most basic models. More well-made, durable models are upwards of $30-60 depending on style. Leg extenders also vary in price depending on brand and features. 

7 wooden blocks with letters printed on it spelling out "how much," some coins, and a calculator

Some are less than $20 while others can reach up to $100+ depending on the fabric, material used, and other factors.

How Long Do Nightstand Risers or Leg Extenders Last?

Since they’re designed to support heavy items such as books and magazines as well as small pieces of furniture like lamps, your nightstand riser should last a lifetime if properly cared for. 

The life expectancy of leg extenders is much shorter since they’re designed for single-use.

Why Are Nightstands So Short and Is It Okay To Make Them Taller?

A bed and a nightstand with a lamp on it

Nightstands are generally around 30-inches tall. They are meant to be the same height as an average bed, which is also about 30-inches tall. This height allows people to comfortably set things on them and grab things from them.

It also keeps things within close reach, therefore reducing the likelihood of knocking things on the floor by accident if they were placed too high or too far away.

A bed that is taller than the nightstand beside it

However, if your bed is taller than that average, you’ll want to increase the height of your nightstands. Doing so will help create balance in your bedroom. But, before adding that height, you’ll want to keep a few things in mind.

A white bedroom with a tall nightstand beside a white bed

For example, taller nightstands need to have ample support and should never exceed 3/4 of the height of the bed. In addition, you should keep in mind that the taller you make them, the less sturdy they will become. You should also firmly attach them to the wall so they don’t tip over. 

Also, you’ll want to give the legs a wider stance so they don’t tip over easily.

How To Make an Ikea Malm Nightstand Taller

Step 1: Find one of the legs for the IKEA malm nightstand.

Step 2: Using a saw or grinder, cut off the top part of the leg so that there is a flat surface.

Step 3: Take a new piece of wood and drill a hole in it to fit exactly with the bottom portion of the leg. Cut this piece to approximately where you want your finished product.

Step 4: Take the leg and place it over top of your piece of wood. Trace around the base. Then, remove the leg and cut along the lines until you see that they line up perfectly (screws will be holding this together).

Step 5: Mark out where the screws should go and then drill holes for them.

Step 6: Use some small screws to hold the base in place.

Step 7: Find another piece of wood (or you can use more of the leg). Drill a hole at one end, big enough for your desired height. Measure twice before drilling. Drill 4-6 holes (depending on what size you want).

Step 8: Using lag bolts, attach this piece onto the bottom portion of your leg. You may need to saw or file down any excess length.

Step 9: Now, find some scrap plywood, cut it to shape around the malm sideboard, and screw this onto the rear of the leg.

Step 10: Fill in any gaps with caulk or filler.

Step 11: Paint/stain to your desired color and enjoy your new nightstand.

You’re done. Now you have an IKEA malm nightstand that’s taller, making it perfect for book storage underneath.


Before you get started, you have to decide which of these methods for making your nightstands taller will work best for your situation. You can always try out different options until you find one that works.

All these ideas are pretty easy to carry out, even if you don’t have any carpentry experience. And, if you’re still feeling unsure about doing it yourself, you can always ask for help from someone with a little more experience. 

Please feel free to leave any feedback/suggestions/questions in the comments below.

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