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2 Ways to Have Two Different Dressers Side by Side

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Can you place two different dressers side by side in one room? Maybe you’re an amateur interior designer with a passion for rearranging your home furniture every so often. Or, maybe you just need two dressers in one room. Regardless of the reason, you’ll want to know how to put two dressers in one room. 

While it’s possible to place two dressers side by side, there are factors to consider in order to make sure they’re aesthetically pleasing and functional. The space available, as well as the shape and size of the dressers themselves, are important factors that can limit your options. You should also take into account the shape and size of the dressers and whether they complement each other.

Two Different Dressers Side by Side

White dressers placed side by side

In order to place two dressers side by side, you need to make sure you have enough space in the room for both dressers. The two dressers can easily occupy a whole wall, leaving you no room for any other piece of furniture. But, if you have enough space, then placing the two dressers side by side can be a decorative high point in the room.

If the colors, textures, and patterns match or complement each other, the two pieces can become one cohesive unit that serves both decorative as well as practical purposes. Make sure there are no spaces or gaps between the two dressers and that the horizontal edges are vertically aligned. For the best results, ensure that the two dressers are the same height and size. As for color differences, you can repaint the pieces to make them match.

The second way to arrange the dressers side by side is to keep a gap between them. This works best when you have a large room with a long wall. One dresser can occupy one side of the wall while the other takes its place on the other side. Here, matching colors, shapes, and sizes isn’t as important. Each dresser becomes its own focal point in the room.

Can You Mix and Match Dressers?

Dressers in walk in closet

When it comes to decorating your home, the most important thing to keep in mind is your personal style. So, you can rearrange the furniture any way you please. The only rules are your own tastes and levels of comfort. 

So, if you want to mix and match dressers, there’s nothing to stop you. You can go for contrasting, complementing, or totally matching dressers. If you’re mixing and matching, then you should find some common features between the two pieces. These could be matching colors, materials, or designs. That will make it easier to place the dressers side by side or in close proximity.

If the two dressers have similarities or complementing qualities, then you should ensure that they coordinate with the other furniture in the room. If one dresser sticks out like a sore thumb, then it has no place in the room.

Can You Put Two Different Dressers Side by Side?

Drawers of white dresser

Here again, your aesthetic sense should guide you. Remember, you have two options with the two dressers: either create one unit from them both or separate them with a strategic gap in-between.

Provided you have a long wall and enough space, then your main concern should be creating harmony between the different dressers. Of course, you can repaint the dressers to make them look like one unit if they have different designs. But, if you can’t find a way to coordinate them, then keep them apart.

Two Different Dressers Side by Side in the Bedroom

White modern dresser design

More than any other room in your house, the bedroom furniture should complement each other. It’s the last place you’d want to experiment with eclectic ideas, jarring colors, or out-of-place pieces. Your bedroom should inspire you to wind down and relax, and the furniture should reflect that. 

But, since the rules of home decor are flexible and trends change, placing two different dressers side by side in the bedroom is in style these days. Matching furniture in the bedroom can get boring. So, spice up the room with two different dressers side by side. Just make sure you don’t block the doorway and that you have enough space to walk around them.

Two Different Dressers Side by Side in a Walk-In Closet

Dressers in walk in closet

A walk-in closet isn’t the most spacious place in your house. So, placing two dressers side by side in the closet would be quite tricky. 

Space is the first problem that pops up. Can the closet take the two dressers side by side? Even before you start to worry about the decorative part of the task, you need to make sure that the closet won’t become cramped, cluttered, or difficult to walk in and out of. 

To avoid these issues, it’s best to place the dressers at the far end of the walk-in closet. If one of the dressers is taller or bulkier than the other, then it should go into the far corner with the smaller dresser next to it. When you’re happy with the arrangement, then you can paint the dressers to make them match.

How to Style Two Dressers Side by Side

Beautiful woman standing by a dresser with mirror

If you’re blessed with a high aesthetic sense, that would make styling two dressers side by side a lot easier. Some elements of style are easier to manipulate than others. Color and accessories are two elements that you have full control over. You can repaint two seemingly mismatched dressers to make them look like one unit. 

The same goes for drawer handles and knobs. They’re easily replaceable, so you can get ones for both dressers that match. 

But, that’s as far as you can style two dressers side by side. The two dressers have to have underlying commonalities to allow you to create a cohesive unit out of them. If the two dressers are fundamentally different, there’s little you can do to style them. Some irreconcilable differences such as mismatching size or material are beyond your control. 

An ornate dresser that’s been lovingly handcrafted will not sit well side by side with a minimalistic dresser that comes out of the assembly line. In that case, the best way to style those dressers is to place them far apart from each other.


Dressers come in different shapes and sizes. If you’re redecorating, you may find yourself wanting to place two dressers side by side in the same room. 

There are two ways you can do that: either arrange them right next to each other against a long wall into one cohesive unit, or keep some space between them.

Always make sure the two dressers side by side either match or complement each other. You can also style them with paint and accessories to coordinate them with the rest of the furniture in the room.

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