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Two Couches vs. Sectional

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The sofa is the largest piece of furniture in your living room and it sets the tone of your home. If you find yourself in the two couches vs. sectional debate, you are not alone. 

Whichever option you choose will be an investment and will be the anchor of your living room. So, you don’t want to make the wrong choice. But, what should you consider when making the decision? First, make sure you understand the versatility of each option, and then consider your space and your style.

Should You Get a Sectional or Two Sofas?

Living room with two sofas and a rug

In the two couches vs sectional debate, we will be talking about the two most popular types of sofas: traditional and loveseat. Traditional couches can usually hold up to three people comfortably while loveseats are meant for two people. 

A gray sectional sofa in a small living room

A sectional is a sofa made up of two or more connected parts. Sectionals are designed for comfort and, therefore, are larger than sofas. Even though they are heavier and bulkier, they come in a variety of shapes and styles that can be suitable for any living room.

L-shaped sectional sofa

Sectionals come in three different shapes: L-Shape which is the most popular, U-Shape which has three sides and is best for large rooms, and Curved Shape which is more of a semicircle. 

Keep in mind that these basic shapes come in a variety of styles and sizes. In addition, most sectionals have separate pieces that you can move around to fit your needs.

Are Couches or Sectionals More Comfortable?

A 2-piece sectional that looks comfortable

Sofas are designed with comfort in mind, but sectionals are designed with comfort as the priority. Sectionals are created with fuller cushions, larger back rests, and more surface area for sitting and laying down. One sectional can fit about three to five people comfortably.

A close-up shot of two sofas

Two couches could hold the same amount of people, but everyone would be divided. Some people— especially families— find the cozy seating of a sectional more comfortable. Others find that split seating feels more natural.

Does a Sectional or Two Sofas Take Up More Space?

The second thing to consider is how much space you have, and how you want the room to feel.

Sectional sofa in a living room viewed from above

A sectional will take up more space and command more attention in a living room than two sofas will. Sectionals can come in smaller, sleeker designs, but ultimately they’re meant to make a room feel full, cozy, and inviting. 

Two identical sofas in a living room with a nice layout

Two sofas can also bring comfort to a room, but they’ll always make the room feel more open than a sectional will. With two sofas, however, you have more variety when it comes to your seating. And, more seating creates the illusion of more space. 

Sectional sofa in a living room with a lot of windows

Sectionals are great for rooms with open wall space. In living rooms with a lot of doors, windows, or even a fireplace, a sectional can feel overwhelming. If you have a smaller living room with a lot of doors and windows, you may want to opt for two couches. 

Are Two Couches or a Sectional More Stylish?

The casual look of sectionals vs. the simplicity of sofas has created debate about which is more stylish. But, the truth is, the answer will depend on your personal tastes and the current decor in your home.

Sectional sofa in a modern loft

Sectionals are cozy and create a casual atmosphere in a room. Sofas are smaller and sleeker. So, they can be inviting, but still bring formality to a room. 

Two identical sofas in a living room with a nice view

Sofas also come in a variety of designs that can easily transform the feel of your space. For that reason, a lot of people would say they are more stylish than sectionals. 

However, if you are trying to create a cozy, welcoming atmosphere, a sectional may be the best option. 

Are Sectionals or Two Couches Better for Couples?

Everyone would agree that it’s easier to cuddle up on a sectional than it is on a sofa. Sofas are designed for two to three people to sit or for one person to lay down comfortably. 

Four people sitting on a sectional sofa drinking champagne

A sectional is designed to hold three to five people and allows two to three people to lay down comfortably. So, if watching movies, reading together, or being snuggled up is a top priority for you and your partner, then a sectional will suit your needs better than a sofa.

A happy couple sitting on a sofa

However, comfort isn’t the only consideration you should make. It’s also important to think about what phase of life you are in together. Couples that plan on upgrading their home might want to opt for two couches rather than a sectional. Moving a sectional is a hassle because of its large size and shape. 


The decision about whether to get two sofas or a sectional boils down to your style, your lifestyle and your space. Sectionals are going to command attention and make your living room casual and inviting. Two sofas are going to create more space as well as a more modern look. Make sure to pick something that serves the needs of your home and creates the atmosphere you’re looking for.

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