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Can a Twin Bed Fit Two Adults?

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If you’re traveling, buying a mattress for a small space, or planning to have company, you’re probably debating, can a twin bed fit two adults?

These beds are the cheapest option on the market, but they may not be your best bet. 

Can a Twin Bed Fit Two Adults?

The name twin bed really isn’t very accurate because it makes it seem like it’s built for two. 

Here’s the truth, you cannot fit two adults on a twin comfortably. You can squish together for a night or two, but a twin bed for two adults is not a good long term plan.

Twin Bed vs Full Bed

infographic dimensions of twin bed and full bed

Twin beds measure 38 inches wide by 75 inches long, and they’re the smallest bed you can get.

The average shoulder span of a woman is 14.4″ and of a man is 16.1″, so for an average person a twin provides a comfortable amount of space at a good price point.

But, split 38″ between two people and you’re left with only 7.5″ of wiggle room for pillows, blankets, and sprawling.

Twins are small, so they are light, portable, and perfect for small rooms. 

They are also cheaper than full beds when it comes to the mattress, bed frame, and sheets.

A twin is great for a single person saving money or living in a small space, but they’re too small for more than one person.

A full bed is slightly larger at 54 inches wide and 75 inches long. The added width is great for larger people, and active sleepers.

It’s small and inexpensive but can sleep two people more comfortably than a twin bed. That makes it a great choice for guest rooms.

Is a Full or Twin Better for Two People?

a couple laying on a bed

Sharing a bed can be uncomfortable. The other person may steal the covers, they might fall asleep on your arm, you can get overheated, and the snoring can be unbearable. 

Twin beds are made for one person, so a full bed is the better option for two people.

They provide more space to sleep so you and your partner won’t be squished. You should also account for:

Body Size – How big are both of you?

For two people who are 5’4″-5’8”, a full bed is a good size. If you split it evenly, a full allows 27″ of space per person. But, people who are 6 feet or taller need more space for those longer limbs.

Closeness – Do you like snuggling while sleeping?

A twin will force you to cuddle while a full bed will give you some of your own space.

Extras – Are kids, babies, and pets going to sleep with you?

If so, a twin definitely doesn’t provide enough space. 

Can Two Twin Beds Be Pushed Together?

two twin beds sitting next each other

Some couples would prefer to push two twin beds together that they already have rather than buy a brand new bed. This is a great way to save money.

But, two twins don’t quite equal a king. They are slightly shorter, so finding fitted sheets and proper bed frames can be tricky.

You can even jump on the Scandinavian trend and buy separate duvets for each bed so each of you has their own space to sleep.

However, nobody wants to roll over to snuggle and find themselves sinking into the gap between mattresses.

To remedy this, buy mattresses that match in height and use a C-clamp or a tie to prevent the mattresses from drifting apart.

Then, use a mattress overlay under the fitted sheet to connect them and get rid of that gap. 

How to Sleep in a Twin Bed with Someone

If a twin bed is your only option, you’ll have to prepare for an uncomfortable night’s sleep.

You and the other person will be fairly squished and you won’t have much room for yourself. 

You’ll need to cuddle up to make the most of the space you have.

You’re going to be touching all night, so wear breathable pajamas to wick sweat off your skin.

How Do You Make a Twin Bed Feel Bigger?

two twin beds resting next to each other with two white pillows on them

There are also some things you can do to make your twin bed feel bigger:

1. Add a padded bedroom bench for extra length at your feet.

2. Get a twin mattress with great edge support. When the edges of your mattress become old, the sides sink and you will feel like you’re about to fall off.

Good edges give about six extra inches of sleeping space. If your edges are droopy, tuck your blanket in tight to add stability.

3. Place the bed along a wall. This doesn’t add physical inches to the bed, but it does add a sense of security.

4. A trundle bed adds extra space and even doubles your bed if you get one that extends to the same height.

5. For extra arm support, use empty side tables dressed with a pillow. That way, when your arm hangs off the bed, there will be some support.

You can also expand or buy a frame bigger than the mattress and add body pillows or mattress extenders.

Can a Twin Bed Fit an Adult and a Child?

Since children tend to sleep more actively than adults, a twin bed still might not be the best long-term option for an adult and a child.

However, for a snuggle or story time before bed, a twin bed is perfect.

Twins are a great size for children, and their parents and siblings can easily lay down or sit with them to snuggle up with an iPad for a movie or to read a book.

Will Buying a Twin Bed for Two Adults Save Money and Is It Worth It?

Buying a twin bed for two people is a cheap option, but it isn’t worth it. Sharing a twin with your partner is very uncomfortable.

Think about if one of you gets sick, gains weight, or gets pregnant. You’ll want more space. 

And, if you add in a dog, cat, or child, sleeping in a twin bed will be near impossible. For everyday life, you want a bed that is comfortable and will last.


If you are a single person or you are moving a lot, then a twin bed is a great choice.

You don’t need to fork over a lot of money for a big bed if you don’t need it. 

However, for couples and families, it is worth it to spend more money on a bed that gives you space.

The most important thing here is sleep. Invest in a bed that you will sleep well in for years to come.

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