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How to Stop Your Couch from Slipping

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Has your couch suddenly started sliding across the floor when you sit on it? This is an incredibly common problem that can be easily fixed. Sliding furniture can damage floors, so it’s a good idea to fix this problem early on.

The best way to combat sliding furniture is by adding a product to the legs of the furniture. There are many products you can use, some of which are better for different surfaces. All in all, you can use grippers, rubber feet, rugs, and rubber mesh to stop your furniture from sliding around. 

How do I Keep my Couch From Sliding on Hardwood Floors?

furniture stop sliding on hardwood floors


Grippers are a textured surface that is slide-proof. One side of the gripper is adhesive, meaning it will stick to your couch. This pairing will hold your couch still in place. These are often the cheapest answer to stop your couch from slipping.

They are also easy to install, only taking a few seconds once you’ve opened up the pack. You can purchase these on Amazon or in your local hardware store. They often come in several sizes, so make sure to get one that is similar to the foot of your couch.

If all the sizes available are too big, you will be able to use scissors to trim them to the correct size.

Rubber Furniture feet

One problem with Grippers is durability. Rubber furniture feet fix this problem for a more long-term solution.

Once you have bought these, you will be able to screw them into the bottom of your couch. They go on each foot or corner of your couch and meet the floor, creating friction that stops it from moving.


If you are looking for a method that brings an aspect of aesthetic design to your room, you can buy a rug. This rug, whatever the design may be, will go under your sofa.

By resting on the rug, the sofa will no longer slide against the hardwood floor. This will stop it from moving and also prevent any damages that can occur.

A further tip is to secure the rug to the floor using either grippers or rubber mesh. This double protection will ensure comfort and will eradicate any chance of slippage.

Rubber Mesh

Rubber mesh is similar to Grippers in that it is a cheap method of fixing your problem. The rubber mesh comes in large sheets which you can then cut up to be the size you want. This is handy because if it ever stops working, you can simply replace the old mesh with a new cut.

Once you’ve cut an appropriate size mesh, simply stick it under the corners of your sofa. This will create friction against the floor and stop any movement of your couch on a hardwood floor.

A DIY Solution – Make-Up Pads

make up pads for stopping couch from sliding

If you don’t want to spend any money on stopping your couch from slipping, see what you have around the house. If you have make-up wipes or any heavy-duty cloths, you will be able to secure them to the couch. This material between your couch and the floor will stop slippage.

By using double-sided tape or glue, you can connect the couch and make-up pad. This pad will then rest on the floor and stop any sliding from occurring.

If you’re confused how to place any of the above options, check out this YouTube tutorial.

How do I Stop a Sofa From Sliding on Laminate?

Peel-and-Stick Grips

You will be able to use all of the above methods for laminate floors alongside hardwood floors. Alternatively, you can also use Peel-and-Stick Grips on your laminate surfaces.

A Peel-and-Stick Grip is an attachment you can put on the bottom of the leg of a piece of furniture. This then binds the object to the floor. This will then create friction with the floor and stop it from marking or moving the laminate floor.

If you want to use this method, your first step should be to measure the diameter of the legs you are going to be sticking.

Once you know their size, you can buy Peel-and-Stick Grips of a similar size. By having the correct size, you ensure they remain hidden, not upsetting the aesthetic of the room.

If you have a size that is a little too big, you can always cut the Peel-and-Stick Grips down to the correct size.

How to Stop a Couch From Sliding on a Tile Floor?

slippery tile floor

If the couch is slightly elevated off the ground, you should use Peel-and-Stick Grips to secure it. Another option is to use grippers to stop the slipping.

The small size of these products will allow you to secure each individually to the legs of the couch. This will stop them from moving and ensure they remain in the same place.

However, if the couch is low to the ground or doesn’t have individual legs, your best option is to use a rug. Alternatively, you could use a rubber floor mat. Both of these options will cover the area under and around the couch.

These options will stop any movement while also looking aesthetically pleasing.

How do I keep my Recliner Couch from Sliding?

Recliner couches often do not have individual legs upon which one could use a Gripper. Instead, you will need to buy a rug or rubber matt. These will go under the recliner and create friction that will stop it from moving.

Do Felt Pads Keep Furniture from Sliding?

Felt Pads do not stop furniture from sliding. Actually, they do the opposite. By decreasing the friction between the object and the floor, furniture will move more.

While this is useful for tables, for more permanent objects like couches, you want to avoid felt pads.

While this is useful for tables, for more permanent objects like couches, you want to avoid felt pads.

Wrapping Up How to Stop Furniture from Sliding

Couches can be incredibly frustrating when they begin to slide around. Alongside this, a couch that moves could leave marks which damage your floor. If you need to fix your sliding couch quickly, head to your nearest hardware store.

If your couch has legs, buying grippers, Peel-and-Stick pads, or rubber mesh is a great idea. You can cut these down to the correct size, ensuring they don’t ruin the aesthetic of your living room.

If your sofa is larger or doesn’t have legs, one of the best ways to stop it sliding would be to buy a rug. You can place the rug under your couc h to stop the slipping.

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