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Space Saving Sofa Bunk Bed for Small Spaces

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A bunk bed is something many of us grew up with, think back to your cozy bedroom that we shared with a sibling or two. As well as being incredibly fun, it is a smart way to add two beds into a small room without sacrificing space.

But who said bunk beds were just for the kids? A sofa bunk bed is a perfect solution for a small apartment space or living space looking to make the most of their living area.

And if you’re looking for our favorite sofa bunk, nothing compares to the DHP Twin Over Futon Convertible.

6 Space Saving Sofa Bunk Bed For Small Spaces

6 Space Saving Sofa Bunk Bed For Small Spaces

Best Overall Sofa Bunk Bed

DHP Twin Over Futon Convertible Couch and Bed

Product Details:

  • Materials: Metal Frame and Ladder, Full-Size Guardrail, Thick Memory Foam Mattresses, Futon Mattress, Metal Slats
  • Colors: Black, Blue, Pink, Silver, and White
  • Dimensions: 78″ W x 72.5″ H x 54.5″ D
  • Weight Capacity: (Top Bunk) 200 lbs. (Bottom Bunk) 400 lbs.

The DHP Twin Over Futon Convertible offers a versatile and sturdy design that makes it one of the best overall sofa bunk bed choices.

The DHP is our top pick as it strikes the perfect balance between aesthetics and price. In a stylish matte black hue, this bunk bed will look effortlessly chic in a contemporary home. Just take note that both the mattress and sofa cushioning are sold separately – don’t forget to pick them up, or you won’t be having the most comfortable night’s sleep.

The DHP comes with a sturdy metal frame that can easily hold 200-pounds, heavy enough to support one large adult. If you’re planning on using the DHP in a child’s room, its tall guardrails will give you peace of mind as it will help keep your child safe in bed.

The DHP frame supports a full-sized twin bed. You can pair the frame with a thick memory foam mattress to ensure the ultimate comfort.

Its bottom bunk is best paired with a futon mattress thanks to its easy foldable frame, converting the bottom bunk into either a sofa or a bed. This provides you, your kids, and their friends the luxury of having a place to sit and relax.

And with its smooth and rounded frame construction, it’s styled in an aesthetically pleasing way while also keeping its space-saving quality.

Sofa Bunk Bed For Kids Bedroom

Exmore Twin Over Full Futon Bunk Bed

Product Details:

  • Materials: Powder-coated Steel Frame and Ladder, Futon Mattresses
  • Colors: Black and White
  • Dimensions: 68″ H x 42″ W x 79″ L
  • Weight Capacity: (Top Bunk) 300 lbs. (Bottom Bunk) 250 lbs.

Looking for the perfect sofa bunk bed for your kids? Then look no further. The Exmore is a solid choice, thanks to its child-friendly features.

Next up is this beautiful futon from Harriet Bee, which we think is an excellent choice for kids.

The Exmore features a twin over full bed arrangement, with a convertible bottom bunk that can easily change into a bed frame or a sofa frame. The bed on top is perfect for a growing teen, while the space underneath can be used for seating or sleepovers.

Now, the Exmore doesn’t share the same rounded frame as the DHP. Instead, it is an angular, boxy bed that looks effortlessly stylish. But what makes the Exmore the quality choice for your kids’ bedroom is its sturdy and robust design. Able to hold 300-pounds on its top bunk because of its solid metal slats, the safety of your kids is assured. Not to mention the guard rails, which will ensure your child stays in bed.

With its powder-coated steel frame, it’s certainly built to last. And thanks to its paint, which is both resistant to chipping and peeling, the bunk bed will be looking good as new for years to come.

Although it only comes in two color choices, the matte coated finish would look stylish in any room.

Sofa Bunk Bed With Good Reviews

Walker Edison Twin Over Futon Bunk Bed

Product Details:

  • Materials: Steel Frame and Ladder, Twin and Full-Size Mattress, Steel Guardrails, Wood Support Slats
  • Colors: Black, Gray, Silver, and White
  • Dimensions: 55″ L x 80″ W x 68″ H
  • Weight Capacity: (Top Bunk) 300 lbs. (Bottom Bunk) 300 lbs.

The Walker Edison is a fan favorite, thanks to its versatility and overall design.

The Walker Edison is a sofa bunk bed that features a robust steel frame, and it is its durability that has won a lot of its praise.

Surprisingly, the Walker Edison‘s popularity was mostly from adults using the bunk bed for themselves. This was made possible thanks to the strong 300-pound weight capacity for its top and bottom bunk.

That’s not to say that the Walker Edison‘s robust design isn’t fit for kids. It can still serve as a solid choice for your kids’ bedroom, especially if their room is one that doesn’t come with a lot of space.

Just like the previous sofa bunk beds, the Walker Edison also transforms its full-size sleeper into a sofa, meaning that you or your kids can use their room as more than just a place to sleep in.

The Walker Edison comes with a choice of colors to four pick from. With black, gray, silver, and white to choose from, the Walker Edison is suited a minimalist aesthetic.

Sofa Bunk Bed With Unique Design

Aayden Twin Futon Bunk Bed

Product Details:

  • Materials: Steel Frame, Twin-sized Top Bunk Bed and Futon Bottom Bunk, Detachable Guardrails
  • Colors: Glossy Black
  • Dimensions: 64.5″ H x 41.75″ W 78.5″ L
  • Weight Capacity: (Top Bunk) 400 lbs. (Bottom Bunk) 400 lbs.

The Aayden is an impressive bunk bed that’s sure to spice up your kids’ bedroom with its sophisticated design.

Although it only comes in a single color, that doesn’t take away the aesthetic flair that the Aayden Twin Futon Bunk Bed offers. Its C-shaped frame also provides ample support despite what you might think at first glance.

With a robust 400-pound weight capacity on both its top and bottom bunk, you don’t need to worry about your kids’ safety. Moreover, the tall guardrails on the top bunk provide extra security for your kid if they toss and turn in bed.

At first glance, you might not see the stairs of the Aayden Twin Futon Bunk Bed. That’s because its slatted frame is its stairs. In that way, the Aayden avoids having to put in a separate ladder, which could detract from its stylish appearance.

In addition to its aesthetically pleasing design, you’ll be pleased to hear that the Aayden features an adjustable frame that lets it turn into either a twin-sized bed or a futon sofa. The Aayden is also surprisingly inexpensive, making it all the more difficult not to get one for your little ones!

Bunk Bed With Space For A Sofa

DHP Abode Loft Bed With Desk And Ladder

Product Details:

  • Materials: Metal Frame and Ladder, Integrated Desk and Shelves, Guardrails
  • Colors: Black
  • Dimensions: 80" L x 57.5" W x 72" H
  • Weight Capacity: (Top Bunk) 300 lbs. (Desk) 50 lbs.

Looking for a bunk bed that you can stylize yourself? DHP has your back with its Abode Loft Desk and Ladder.

Unlike the rest of the sofa bunk beds on this list, the DHP Abode Loft Bed only has a desk for its bottom ‘bunk.’ The design of this particular bunk bed is to give you the freedom to put anything that you want in the space on the bottom.

The DHP Abode Loft Bed‘s minimalist design is best suited to a contemporary room. Its sturdy steel frame can comfortably hold 300-pounds, which is ideal for 2 adults.

And with its impressive space-saving feature emphasized by its built-in desk and shelf, you can personalize the bottom bunk to fit your own needs. While it would look great paired with a sofa, let your imagination run wild. You could turn your room into a home theatre or simply install a home office underneath.

With its open to interpretation design, the DHP Abode Loft Bed is a popular choice for any growing preteen who wants to have the freedom to design their bedroom and give it some flare.

While some bunks can be a real pain to fit together, you’ll be pleased to hear that the DHP Abode Loft Bed assembly is effortlessly simple.

Modern Bunk Bed With Space For A Sofa

Home Accent Furnishings New Full Over Loft Framed Bed

Product Details:

  • Materials: Metal Frame and Ladder, Guardrails, Support Slats
  • Colors: Black
  • Dimensions: 80″ L x 55″ W x 71″ H
  • Weight Capacity: (Top Bunk) 250 lbs.

A cozy bunk bed with a bottom bunk that’s open to interpretation. Home Accent Furnishings’ New Full Over Loft Framed Bed is an excellent choice for any wannabe interior designer.

Home Accent Furnishings gives us a homely loft framed bed with a simple yet aesthetically pleasing appearance brought on by its modern design.

Like the Adobe bunk by DHP, Home Accent Furnishings also opted for the same open to interpretation design on its bottom bunk. What separates it from the DHP Abode Loft Bed is the absence of a desk and a shelf, which gives this modern bunk bed greater personalization.

Although it only comes in a single color (black), styling this bunk bed to git almost any decore would be relatively simple. The best part, however, is its space-saving design, complete with sturdy modern construction.

Just like the DHP Abode Loft Bed, the full over loft bed from Home Accent Furnishings is also easy to put together – the only thing you’ll have difficulty in is choosing how to stylize the loft bed for your little ones or yourself.

Buying Guide

How To Pick A Space Saving Bunk Bed

Size of the room

When purchasing a sofa bunk bed, make sure you measure up your room. It goes without saying that with a bunk bed, you also need to pay special attention to the height of your ceilings.

While most modern homes will accommodate a sofa bunk bed comfortably, older homes may have lower ceilings, which could cause issues for taller individuals.


We deliberately reviewed bunk beds at a range of different price points to help make your decision easier. Don’t fall into the trap that an inexpensive bunk bed won’t compete with an expensive one. Many “cheaper” alternatives from lesser-known names can really give the big brands a run for their money.

The other thing to note when purchasing bunk beds is to factor in the cost of a mattress and futon, as most come with a frame only.

Type Of Bed

If you’re looking for versatility, then most of the bunk beds in this list could be up your alley. Regardless if you prefer a traditional bunk or one that comes with a sofa, many bunks in this list can offer both.

Should You Buy A Bunk Bed With Sofa Included or A Bunk Bed With Space For A Sofa?

It depends on what you want for your home and how much space you have.

If you’re a fan of interior design and want to put the extra effort into personalizing your space, then a bunk bed with room for a sofa could be the better option.


Now you’ve read our reviews of the top sofa bunk beds for small spaces, which will you pick? If you’re still struggling to choose, we recommend you go back to our top choice, the DHP Twin Over Futon Convertible.

If that’s not to your liking and you want something that can be completely customized, then the DHP Abode Loft Bed could be what you’re looking for.

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