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Do Sectionals Save Space?

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Sectionals offer a versatile option when it comes to designing the layout of a room, especially a small one. You can snug them into a corner and turn what would otherwise be wasted space into a place where people can sit around a table.

They might provide greater efficiency in how your space is used, but the question is whether they actually save space. Or, do they just appear to save space by filling space that otherwise would be empty?

We took a look at that and a couple of related questions, like whether they will save you money as well. By the time you’ve finished reading this, we hope you feel informed about whether sectionals save space.

Do Sectionals Save Space?

Sectionals Save Space

Sectionals primarily offer versatility and efficiency in how you use the space of a room. This is especially handy when you have a small room with tight corners. You can fit the sectional into the space you have, and an empty corner can offer a place for guests to put their feet.

The reason why sectionals are so great is that you can break them down into different components and arrange them into multiple configurations. You can even use what might be an end section as a footstool.

By doing that, sectionals can save you space. However, they aren’t necessarily smaller than similarly-sized sofas. An 82-inch sectional isn’t smaller than an 82-inch sofa. It’s just that you can squeeze it into a tighter space, so that less of your room is wasted.

One other way sectionals can save you space is by allowing you to create more creative seating for guests. Sofa ends sometimes go unused because having three people sit next to each other can be a bit awkward.

But, you can wrap sectionals around tables and do away with accent chairs that you might place across from the sofa. That not only prevents you from spending extra money on the accompanying chairs, but it will make better use of the full length of your couch.

Do Sectional Sofas Save Money?

It’s almost always cheaper to buy one thing with three parts than it is to purchase three separate parts. The same goes with furniture. In that way, sectionals offer you the opportunity to save money when designing a room.

The opportunity for savings is best if you wrap your sectional around a table, replacing what might be costly accent chairs. It could also save money because sectionals more efficiently use sitting space.

In addition, there is one overlooked currency worth considering — time.

Unless the room’s design doesn’t matter much to you, pairing a sofa to a table and two chairs could require real research. Some furniture manufacturers offer matching sets of sofas and chairs, but a sectional is a guaranteed match with itself.

It will require a little more creativity when planning how a room will look with a sectional rather than with a traditional sofa-and-two-chair arrangement. It might also take several hours of shopping to find accent chairs that will fit with a sofa and table set.

How Much Money Will You Save if You Buy a Sectional vs Sofas vs Sofa and Accent Chairs

Sectionals vs Sofa

There is no set amount of money that you’ll spend if you purchase either a sofa or a sectional or a sofa and accent chairs. It will all come down to the price of individual units.

In general, sofas are the cheapest option because of their size. However, they don’t have parts that allow you to unhook components for creative layouts. The simpler something is, the cheaper it usually is.

But, that isn’t always the case. A classic leather sofa will cost more than a similarly-sized cloth sectional with no extra features.

The same goes with sofas and accent chairs vs. sectionals. In general, sectionals will cost less than sofas and accent chairs because you’re only paying for one design, one unit, one set of packaging, and a product from one manufacturer.

There are usually monetary benefits to shopping that way.

The same principle applies when shopping for sofas and sectionals, however. If the accent chairs that are a perfect fit are simple, they might be inexpensive. And, as a whole, the sofa and chairs could be cheaper than just the sectional.

This is especially the case if you’re looking at a sofa-and-chair set.

Will a Sectional Provide More Seating than Other Furniture?

When considering whether a sectional will provide more seating than other furniture, it’s worth thinking about what is meant by seating. There is quantity and there is quality.

For the most part, sectionals allow you to make more efficient use of sitting space by allowing people to sit in tight corners or wrapped around a table. It also allows you to put more seating around a table and you don’t have to worry about having places that are awkward for people to sit.

However, those seats aren’t always highly desirable to sit on. Some of the seats will be in the corners of the sectional and people won’t have a place to put their feet. They might also not have backrests. So, they might create more seats, but when people sit for extended periods, they need support.

When deciding which type of seating provides more space for people, you have to consider more than just the number of cushions. In addition, you have to decide if the seating will be comfortable for people.


Space-saving Sectionals

When designing a room, you might wish to consider using sectionals to maximize the efficiency of the space you have and to help make the place feel a little more open. They are especially handy in small rooms with tight corners.

For the most part, they do help you save space and can save you a few dollars. However, their value isn’t necessarily in saving space or money, but in maximizing the efficiency of your space.

We hope you found value in this article and that you feel more confident about the benefits a sectional can offer your room design. If you feel like you’ve benefited, feel free to leave a comment down below or share this article on your social media networks.

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