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40 Rugs To Go With White Couches for a Clean Space

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Are you looking to create the feeling of a clean space in a room with a white couch? It can be challenging knowing what style or color rug will pair well with a white couch to keep the room feeling crisp and clean. Check out some options below for rugs that will create a clean space.

Best Color Options for a Clean Look

Keep your space looking clean by using neutral or light colors. If you add too much color or pattern, your space will look and feel cluttered, not clean.

To create a crisp look, choose light colors and tones that will complement your white couch. Some of the best options would include:

You should use cooler toned colors because they’re associated with cleanliness and freshness. You don’t want to go too heavy on print, pattern or bold colors. You can still add some color to your space while maintaining an uncluttered, clean look.

Living room with mostly neutral colors all around

If you choose to use neutral colors all around, make sure that the neutral in your rug will complement your white couch, and not clash. You don’t have to find the perfect match for your white couch for it to look good and to create a clean look.

Light Colored Vintage Washed Rugs

Living room with white sofa and vintage rug

Vintage washed rugs help add texture and design to a space without being too intense. The wash creates a more subtle look while still allowing you to add a pop of pattern. An off-white oriental rug or a light charcoal gray and beige rug will pair well with a white couch, adding design while maintaining a clean look.

White couch with light gray rug

To add color to the space, a beige and navy washed rug or a light gray and navy area rug will add in the cool tones of blue while still providing a pop of color. To add a touch of warmth, try a blue oriental rug with orange tones. Make sure to use muted colors that will still give a calm look to the space and play off the white couch without being too loud.

Natural Jute or Sisal Rugs

Jute rugs will offer the rustic flair of a natural material and contrast nicely against a white couch. A flat weave natural and ivory colored rug with tassels or a natural round sisal rug would offer an interesting twist to a traditional style. You can always go with a timeless natural braided jute that will hold up beautifully and add some warmth to the clean white look of the couch.

Seemingly white couch with jute or sisal rug

Jute or sisal rugs are available in cool tones such as an off-white or a light cream and beige. If you like the warmth of the natural materials and want to add a pop of pattern, a hand loomed southwestern jute rug will keep the clean look for your white couch while adding an interesting print to the space.

Solid Colored Neutral Shag Rugs

White shag rug with white sofa

To create a clean-looking space, use a neutral shag rug to add texture and warmth while still keeping with a fresh look. A solid white shag area rug, silver shag area rug, or a solid champagne shag rug will all add brightness to your space while maintaining a crisp, clean look.

If you like the idea of a shag but want some print, a geometric white diamond shag or a geometric gray shag rug would be great. They still add warmth and a clean look to the space, but bring in a light, simple pattern as well.

Cool Toned Geometric Rugs

Geometric rugs are popular because their straight lines and shapes create a clean look. A light gray geometric rug or a beige geometric with a pop of pink would pair nicely with the look of a clean, white couch.

White couch with a black and white X style rug

If you’re aiming for a minimalist look, a black and white X style rug would look great with a white couch. It provides clean lines and a neat, simple aesthetic.

Mix things up a bit by adding in an ivory and gray rug with a unique geometric print, or an abstract gray area rug that resembles marbling. Both of these rug options will stand out and add an interesting pattern to the space, contrast the white couch, and still maintain a clean look.

Light Colored Cowhide or Sheepskin

Dog on fur rug

Real or faux fur sheepskins will pair nicely with a white couch while adding an element of natural flair and warmth. Either a solid white sheepskin or a solid gray sheepskin should match most white or off-white couches and styles.

To make the space clean and add a modern rustic flair, consider a solid colored cowhide. Blonde cowhide rugs or a mostly white cowhide rug with touches of tan will add a crispness to your white couch, while providing a symmetrical and natural shape. For an interesting touch, a black and white slightly patterned cowhide would keep a space looking clean, yet unique.

If you prefer a rectangular rug, a silver chevron cowhide rug would be a great fit. A striped ivory cowhide rug would offer a similar look with a different geometric pattern. Either of these styles would contrast a white sofa well and add a unique flair to your clean, crisp space.


You can add a variety of rugs with different colors and styles to a room with a white couch in order to keep a clean look. Consider different shades of neutrals and lighter patterns to keep your space feeling open, airy and clean.

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