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Position a Rug Under a Full-Size Bed Like the Pros

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A rug underneath a full-size bed is an idea straight from a magazine or an interior designer. The bed and nightstands are already the focal points of the bedroom, so adding a rug emphasizes that. 

A rug adds color or spice to a bedroom. It softens flooring, especially during cold mornings. A rug outlines the sleeping area, separating it from the workspace or vanity in the room. It covers unsightly flooring too. 

If you need to know how to place a rug under a full bed, it begins by picking the right color, texture, and style. Correct measurements and good orientation for rug placement are imperative. Also, have a person lift the bed as you arrange the rug underneath.

What Rug Styles and Colors Work Best Under a Full Bed?

Two diffently designed rugs beside a bed

The bedroom is a comfortable, relaxing, and private sanctuary for sleep and unwinding. Rug colors need to match or enhance the mood, so choose calming and mellow colors. Avoid loud, distracting colors like orange and yellow and vivid designs. The rug color should also mesh with the walls, flooring, and décor.

For contrast, a decorative rug suits solid color bedding. A solid color rug is best for beds with decorative bedding. Neutral colored solid or decorative rugs are the best choice. 

The bedroom is also a low-traffic area. Low traffic areas need durable rugs, but not heavy-duty rugs as only one or two people occupy the space. Shag, plush, and Moroccan rugs are comfortable and cozy underneath feet. Choose rugs made from wool or polypropylene for added durability.

What Rug Sizes Work Best Under a Full Bed?

The smallest rug size for a full-size bed is 5ft by 8ft. A 6ft by 9ft rug is a breathable size for a full-size bed and foot bench. An 8ft by 10ft rug covers the entire bed from foot to headboard, two nightstands, and a foot bench. Nine feet by 12ft or larger rug overwhelms a full-sized bed, so only get it if you have the room.

Speaking of room size, it contributes to what rug size to buy. Large bedrooms or master bedrooms can use either size. Smaller bedrooms and odd-shaped bedrooms should stay away from the 8ft by 10ft rug and larger. The 5ft by 8ft rug is one-size-fits-most.

What Ways Can You Orient a Rug Under a Full Bed?

Brown-colored rug oriented lengthwise under a bed


  • Buy an 8ft by 10ft or larger rug and place the bed, nightstands, and bench on top
  • Buy a 5ft by 8ft or a 6ft by 9ft rug and place 2/3 of the bottom half of the bed plus the bench on top. The nightstands and headboard frame touch the bare floor, not the rug. 

The longest side, or length, needs to go across the bed from nightstand to headboard to nightstand. It is perpendicular to the bed width. The rug’s width is parallel to the bed length, yet perpendicular to the nightstands. The rug should stick out between 18 and 24 inches on both sides with the bed in the middle.

Runner with slipper on top beside a bed


A runner placed in front of the nightstand gives you a rug without moving the bed around. Two nightstands need two runners. An optional idea is adding a runner at the foot of the bed.

A substitute runner is placing a 3ft by 5ft rug in front of the nightstand; add two for two nightstands. You can mix and match runners and rugs by adding runners near the nightstands and a 3ft by 5ft rug at the foot of the bed.

The strategy works in small rooms, odd-shaped rooms, and beds next to a door or corner wall. That is a fantastic idea for people on a tight budget too.

Unorthodox shaped and positioned rug beside a bed

The Unorthodox Orientations

Disrupt design norms and slant the rug diagonally. It should be on a corner at the foot of the bed. This technique is better for runners and rugs 6ft by 9ft or less.

A second design disruption is placing the rug at the bottom 1/3 of the bed or lower. While the foot of the bed touches the rug, most of it is visible. Showcasing the rug majority highlights the rug’s design. It also divides the bedroom into two areas, creating a seating area and a sleeping area. 

How to Place a Rug Under a Full Bed: The Steps

Large-sized rug under a bed

The plan of attack depends on whether the bed touches the ground or is high above it. Hint: placing a rug under the bed is not a one person job.  

Place a Rug Under a Full Bed off the Ground

A bed raised above the ground has a gap between the mattress and the floor. Before doing these steps:

  • Roll up the rug using the short end
  • Have a second person handy to lift the bed
  • Remove debris, cobwebs, and dust bunnies from under the bed
  • Remove pillows and comforters
  • Remove any furniture at the foot of the bed

Now, onto the steps:

  1. Have the second person lift one side of the bed frame 
  2. You roll the rug from the nightstand under the bed to the other side
  3. The second person lowers that side and lifts the other side
  4. You roll out the remaining rug piece toward the other nightstand
  5. The second person lowers the bed
  6. Review and adjust the rug as needed by lifting the foot of the bed. For large rugs, lift the headboard side of the bed to place the rug on it. Place the nightstands on the large rug too
  7. Return any furniture to the foot of the bed
  8. Keep the rug stable with a rug pad

Place a Rug Under a Full Bed on the Ground

Beds touching the ground are easier to put a rug on when you have help to move the bed and bench to another location. Or, move the bed piece by piece to another room. That means moving the mattress, the box spring, the headboard, and the frame to another room. Now, onto the steps:

  1. Roll the rug out from nightstand to nightstand
  2. Adjust the rug
  3. Bring the bed back into the room; piece the bed pieces back together
  4. Adjust the rug, bed, and nightstands with the second person
  5. Return any furniture to the foot of the bed
  6. Keep the rug stable with a rug pad

Can You Layer Rugs Under a Full Bed?

Pile of rugs with different colors and designs

Yes, you can layer rugs under a full-size bed. However, there is a method to rug layering. Focus on contrast, color, and texture.

The contrast is layering solid color rugs and decorative rugs together. The solid rug usually goes on the bottom, and the decorative rug goes on top, but the reverse works too. Also, both rugs need one color in common for the layering to be seamless. In texture, place a fluffy rug like plush or shag on top of a non-fluffy carpet.

Be sure that the rug on top is smaller than and/or a different shape than the larger rug at the bottom. Three inches of the bottom rug minimum must be visible.


A rug under a full-size bed is not difficult to do. The perfect rug measurements, layout/orientation, and help are the secret ingredients. You can recreate what the designing pros do in no time.

Do share your ideas for rug placement and what you learned in the comment box. If you want to know how to place a rug under a full bed, know that preparation is just as valuable as execution.

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