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7 Rug Ideas for Black Furniture

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Black is a formal, striking, and dramatic neutral representing power, authority, and strength. The dark color is impressive, but sometimes difficult to pair with other colors. Still, the right colors can emphasize your black furniture.

With black furniture, the wrong colors ruin the ambiance. So, it’s important to select the right rugs for black furniture pieces. Choose neutrals and soft, bright shades to complement black. Black furniture also pairs well with patterns, stripes, and prints for a bold and chic visual.

7 Rug Ideas for Black Furniture

Solid White Shag Rug

A white rug and black furniture go together like peanut butter and jelly. Black and white are the safest combination in any room. White loosens the dark vibes of black as black dims the white color’s bright and clean appearance.

As for texture, a shag rug makes white rugs luxurious and cozy against black furniture. If you don’t love the idea of shag, there are also warm and relaxing wool rugs. Handmade, tufted, flat weave, and polyester rugs are also great options.

Black and White Patterns

All prints, stripes, or patterns where black and white are the only colors are a great choice. Black and white rugs are stunning, elegant, and striking. The rugs are both a complementing piece and a focal point.

Also, it doesn’t matter which color is more dominant in the rug. The black portion blends nicely with the black furniture. The white color brings much-needed brightness to black furniture pieces.

While there are very few shag rugs in this pattern, there are plenty of thigpen, tufted, and weave. The rugs are also available as indoor and outdoor types. They come in Moroccan, buffalo plaid, oriental, boho, distressed, and bohemian styles.

Solid Gray, Gray/Black, or Gray/White Rugs

Light and dark gray hues all pair well with black. Black brightens the gray rug and the gray diminishes its darkness. The types of rugs available in gray are Moroccan, distressed, and oriental. Rug materials are in shag, tufted, and thigpen.

Besides solids, there are gray/black and gray/white pairings available. A gray/black pattern rug will keep your room looking minimalist and clean. The black portions of the rug and the black furniture pieces gel together. The only color your eye notices is the gray areas, which brightens the area.

A gray/white rug will highlight the positives of black. Black furniture and gray meshes well together as the color gray is part black itself. The white parts lift the gray color and black furniture to sophisticated levels.

Dark Red Rugs

If you want to break away from neutral colors, try dark red. A dark red rug paired with black furniture oozes sophistication and boldness. The vibrant red makes the rug the focal point of the area. The black dims down the red rug’s bright shade. 

Black furniture dims red easier when the color is dark, so it balances effortlessly. Light red solids are too overpowering for black furniture pieces to dim. Dark red solids are available in shag, polypropylene, polyester, and sheepskin material.

For a patterned rug to work with your black furniture, the red needs to pair with a neutral. Red and black, red and white, and red and gray rugs are perfect.

Solid Yellow or Black/ Yellow Rugs

Whether the combo reminds you of a bumblebee or a football team, black and yellow are a flashy combo. The bold pairing attracts attention without being a distraction. Solid yellow adds color, fun, and happiness to black furniture. Black furniture dims yellow’s brightness for a beautiful contrast.

A black and yellow rug gives black furniture something to embrace. The black portions of the rug and black furniture pair together. Both make the yellow parts shine as the accent feature in the room.

Yellow and black/yellow rugs are on the market as indoor or outdoor rugs. The texture material options are shag, polypropylene, or polyester. 

Black/yellow rugs usually combine well with a third or fourth color like gray, white, or red. These types of rugs are fine, but multicolor rugs that include black and yellow are not. Try yellow and black rugs in Moroccan and leopard print choices, too. 

Green Patterns

It’s challenging to pair earthy tone colors with black furniture. If you add earth tones, it needs to be as a pattern. Since green is an earth tone that represents nature, pair it with neutral shades like white, black, and gray. The neutrals can calm the vibrant green hues.

Earth-tone on earth-tone rugs don’t mesh with black furniture pieces. Examples are green and blue, green and brown, and blue and brown. Green won’t go well with bright colors if you’re trying to pair it with black furniture. 

Green with neutrals is available as shag, wool, flatweave, and polypropylene textures. Get them in oriental, abstract, boho, and distressed as indoor and outdoor versions. 

Blue Patterns

Like green, blue is an earthy tone that cannot be a solid color rug against black furniture. However, the right shade of blue within a rug pattern is perfect. The other rug color must be gray, white, or black as the neutrals dim down blue’s ocean and sky hue. As with green, you shouldn’t pair a blue rug with bright colors. 

Select between shag, tufted, polyester, polypropylene, and weave texture material. Types of rugs include oriental and Persian styles. Some blue rugs can survive the outdoors and indoors. 


Color, texture, and pattern matter when it comes to finding a rug to match your black furniture. Since black is a neutral color, it’s a good base that will allow you to experiment with different colors and styles. However, not everything will work with it. The rugs on this list stand a better chance with black furniture pieces than most.

Did you find the right rugs for black furniture? Share what rugs work best for your black furniture pieces in the comment box. Black furniture and rugs can work together in harmony when you take the time to choose the right one.

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