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How Do You Move a Rug Under a Heavy Furniture?

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If you have expensive rugs, it’s a good idea to protect them by occasionally moving them around. That way, the furniture leg dents won’t become permanent. The occasional rearrangement of the rug will help it last longer.

It’s easy if the furniture is light and easy to move. But, heavy furniture is a different story. It’s a little intimidating because it involves moving something heavy and pretty big. That weight makes it even more necessary to occasionally move the rug around, however.

There are a few simple tricks you can use that will help you move rugs that are under heavy furniture. By the end of this article, you’ll be able to take care of this necessary chore in a few minutes. 

How Do You Move a Rug Under a Heavy Table?

Get a Rug Out From Under Heavy Furniture

Moving a rug from under heavy furniture isn’t as hard as it looks if you know a couple of tricks. It won’t be as easy as pulling a tablecloth from under glasses of champagne, but they could spare you some sweat and maybe a strained back muscle.

The first thing you need to know is whether you are trying to remove the rug from under the table or if you’re just repositioning the rug under the table legs. Heavy furniture can damage rugs over time if left in the same place, so repositioning occasionally is a good idea.

You can cut down on the damage by using furniture movers. These are large, flat pieces that are usually made of plastic and felt that you slide under the table legs of furniture. If left in place, they help distribute the weight of the furniture over a larger area of the rug, reducing long-term harm.

In the short term, they allow you to move a heavy table by sliding it across a rug. It’s not quite the same as moving a rug under a heavy table. However, if you’re looking to just reposition the table, it’s easier than moving the rug under the furniture.

Once you’ve repositioned the furniture, then you just move the rug – with the furniture on top – so that the furniture is back where you want it.

The other easy way to move a rug under a heavy table is useful when you’re trying to remove the rug from under the table. You may need to do this either because you are replacing the rug or because you want to put it somewhere new.

In these cases, roll the rug under each individual table leg. A heavy table is much lighter if you’re only lifting it a quarter at a time. And, for the most part, the rug will stay in place. Otherwise, you’d need to move the heavy table, move the rug, and move the table back.

Start at an angle so that when you roll the rug, it’ll only need to go under one leg at a time. Also, go from where the table is closest to the edge of the rug so the roll is small when it reaches the leg. This means lifting the table leg over the smallest roll possible.

How Do You Move a Rug Under a Heavy Sectional?

A Rug Under a Heavy Sectional

Moving a rug under a sectional is more complicated than moving it under other pieces of furniture. That’s because it has multiple components, each of which has its own set of legs. But, moving a rug under a sectional isn’t much more difficult.

No matter what method you use, start by disconnecting any sections that are attached. Not only are individual sections lighter, but they’re less awkward to work around since they’re smaller.

If you’re not removing the rug, but only repositioning furniture to prevent furniture leg dents from becoming permanent, you can use furniture sliders.

Furniture sliders are just pieces of felt and plastic that you put under the feet. They are larger than the feet, allowing the weight to spread out and reduce damage long-term. Wider sliders make it much easier to push furniture across the top of a rug, especially short-fiber rugs.

However, if you’re looking to remove the carpet, then the rolling/unrolling method is the easiest. With a sectional, you’ll want to disconnect all the sections to make it easier.

Start by rolling or unrolling the rug towards the sectional. When it reaches the sectional, lift each section and either roll or unroll the carpet beneath it. This is easier if the sectional legs are taller than the carpet roll, but it works either way.

Work your way down the sectional until the rug is either unrolled or the rug under the sectional is rolled up. If you have a replacement rug, unroll that under the sectional the way you rolled up the other rug. Otherwise, adjust the sectional piece positioning and reconnect it.

How Do You Move a Rug Under a Heavy Bed?

A Rug Under a Heavy Bed

People’s tastes in decor change faster than beds wear out, especially if they’ve spent a lot of money on a big, comfy bed. The problem is that big, comfy beds tend to be pretty heavy, which makes changing out-of-style rugs harder.

There are a couple of ways to do it, however, and neither is all that difficult.

If you’re looking to replace a rug under a bed, the easiest way is to roll the old carpet up until you get to the bed’s legs. Lift each leg by itself and roll the old carpet under it. You’re cutting the bed’s weight roughly to one quarter for each.

Unroll the new carpet the same way, starting from where you want it placed and then lifting the individual bed legs and rolling the carpet under each.

If you’re just looking to reposition the bed on the rug – a good idea to prevent permanent damage from bed leg dents – then the easiest way is to use furniture sliders. A furniture slider is a large piece of felt and plastic that spreads the weight of individual legs out.

Place a slider under each leg of the bed. Once each is placed, just push the bed to where you want it positioned. If the bed isn’t too heavy, you can slide the rug around with the bed on top of it to get the bed back into its original position.

How to Get a Rug Out From Under Heavy Furniture

Get a Rug Out From Under Heavy Furniture

The key to getting a rug out from under furniture as painlessly as possible is to reduce the weight you need to lift. Moving heavy furniture can exhaust people or even lead to muscle strains. So, reducing the amount you need to lift makes it safer. Work smarter, not harder.

Start rolling the rug from the side of the room closest to the piece of furniture on top of it. This will make for the shortest rug roll when you reach it. When you reach one of the furniture legs, lift that and roll the rug under it.

Repeat for each leg until you’ve cleared the furniture. Finish rolling up the furniture.

If your furniture lays flat on the carpet, like a credenza, lift one side with a lever and fulcrum and slide something under the bottom to hold it up. Make sure it is far enough under that you can roll the carpet under the edge.

Once you have the carpet under the flat-bottomed furniture, move the support to the opposite side of the furniture so that one part is on the floor and the side you’re rolling towards is in the air.

When you reach the support, move it to the other side of the carpet so you can continue rolling it up. Remove the support when the carpet has cleared the furniture.

How to Get a Rug Out From Under Multiple Pieces of Heavy Furniture

Get a Rug Out From Under Multiple Pieces of Heavy Furniture

Moving a rug out from under multiple pieces of heavy furniture will take longer than moving it from under one, but it isn’t much harder. It just might try your patience a little more.

The first thing to do is move any light furniture off the rug. Then, roll the rug up from the place closest to the biggest, heaviest piece of furniture. When you get to the legs, lift each and pull the rug under the leg. Repeat for each leg.

Keep doing this for each piece of furniture. If you run into multiple pieces of furniture at once, do the one closest to the edge and work towards the middle.


There are two primary ways to move a rug from under heavy furniture. One works best if you are repositioning the furniture to prevent long-term damage from furniture legs. It involves furniture sliders under the feet.

The other involves either rolling or unrolling a rug until you reach the furniture in question and lifting individual legs over the rug. It’ll be lighter and less awkward than lifting an entire piece of furniture, and you can do it by yourself without getting people to help.

Now, you should feel more confident about taking on this necessary chore. We’d love to hear that we spared someone back-breaking work. If that’s you, please leave us a comment below. You can also share this article on social media.

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