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Can You Replace an RV Couch With a Recliner?

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A huge trend in the RV space right now is replacing couches with recliners. Recliners are incredibly comfy, meaning they are a great seating option. Either on long drives or just to lounge around with, recliners are a great it.

Luckily for us, it’s possible to replace the RV couches with recliners. Although it’s not the easiest process, this is something you definitely can do. In this article, I’ll break down everything you need to take into account.

Can you replace an RV couch with recliners?

There are RV recliners that especially come in narrow sizes. They are specially manufactured this way to ensure they can fit through your RV door. Normally, these doors are 29-inches across.

If you have a specific recliner in mind but it is too thick to fit, don’t worry. Some recliners will break down into individual parts. You can move these parts into your RV, then assemble them inside. Most of the time, the recliners will either fit through or disassemble and reassemble.

A lot of people are now beginning to customise their RVs. The key step before making any changes is to measure your space. Take a tape measure and map out how much space your sofa takes up. Include height, width, and depth when you’re making these notes. This will give you a better idea of how large your recliners can be.

You also need to measure the doorway of your RV. Although 29-inches is the most common, this is not always going to be the width.

You also need to ensure that you have enough sleeping space. A sofa provides a space, although uncomfortable, where you can sleep. Once you get rid of this, you’ll have one less place to sleep.

Once you’re all measured and sure you have enough sleeping places, you’re ready to replace them!

What is the difference between RV furniture and regular furniture?

Although RV furniture and regular furniture have the same function, there are differences. RV furniture is often tailored to have slightly more mobility. This is so you can twist and move while on the seats. This is especially useful when replacing your driving chair.

New styles of RV furniture are currently made to look like office chairs. These are lighter than normal furniture and often slightly taller. These will also have the ability to rotate. Often, they have the option to massage.

RV furniture also sometimes has larger cushion depths. These are to give you a little bit of extra cushioning when sat down. If there is ever turbulence on the RV, this will give a bit of extra padding.

What to keep in mind when shopping for Recliners for an RV

As I’ve mentioned, the first thing you need to do is make sure your recliner will actually fit through the door. You need those initial measurements otherwise there is no point looking for recliners. Measurement is the key first step. If your recliner comes disassembled, this won’t be a problem.

A small thing to note is that your recliner will also be moving backwards. A sofa itself will only stay in one place. Your recliners, on the other hand, will need space to move backwards and forwards. Make sure to account for this in your measurements.

Once you’ve established that, you can begin to think about the key style of recliner you want. One of the key differences will be manual or electric. While both types of recliners have pros and cons, only you will know which one benefits you best.

You can choose between a classic leather material or something more unique to your taste. Leather has plenty of benefits, including durability, but other materials are comfier. Be sure to browse and find a few options before committing to any one thing.

Another thing to keep in mind when shopping for recliners is if you want any upgrades. What I mean by upgrades is things like USB ports, massagers, or heaters. Each of these upgrades will cost a little bit extra.

I would recommend you stay away from spending money on USB ports on your recliners. They are often a little overpriced, especially considering you’ll always be near a port in your RV. If you’re torn between heaters and massagers, I would recommend you go for the latter.

Everyone knows it can get a little cramped sometimes in an RV. The massaging function will give you a great relaxing session. The heating function is great, but you can achieve a similar effect with blankets. The residual heat trapped in the RV will keep you warm anyway.

If you’re a little pressed on space when buying, you can consider if you definitely need your main table. Of course, taking out the table is a big commitment. However, many people find that portable desks work exactly the same. The benefit is that you can store these whenever you’re not using them.

This can free up a lot of space. If you want recliners, but can’t quite fit them, play around with removing the table. Again, measurement is key!

How do you keep RV furniture in place?

There are three main ways to secure RV furniture in place. Each of these has pros and cons, I’ll take you through each of them.

Velcro Straps

You can buy long strips of Velcro tape. You can then place them on the floor and on the base of furniture. The hook and loop structure of the Velcro will secure furniture. Although this seems like an impossible fix, Velcro is actually incredibly strong. It may surprise you how much weight a good amount of Velcro can hold.

You’ll need to attach the Velcro to both the furniture and the floor, so make sure you buy enough to cover both.

The best thing about this form of securing your furniture is that it is non-invasive. You won’t need to permanently change your RV. It’s also the cheapest option, and incredibly easy to do. Especially if using a service like Amazon, you can do this in only a few days.

Velcro is also non-permanent. If you ever decide you don’t want a piece of furniture, you can simply remove it. This gives you the ability to customise your RV to a huge extent.

Bungee Cords

This is probably the most unconventional of the three methods. If you screw four small docking points to the back of your floor, you will be able to attach bungee cords to them. Bungee cords come in all sizes, so make sure you buy some that are the right size.

Bungee cords allow your furniture to move slightly. This can be a little bit of a problem, so be sure to buy a cord that is just the right size. If they are too large, your furniture will move too much.


This is the most permanent form of locking down your furniture. Before you use a drill on the floor of your RV, check there for electrical components. If you accidentally drill into a wire or a pipe, you might cause some hefty damage.

Drill some small angle brackets into the floor. These will be the base of your furniture. You can then use some smaller screws to attach the furniture to the floor brackets.

This is the most permanent form of securing your furniture. Make sure you have the furniture exactly where you want it. You won’t easily be able to remove the bolts once they are down. This is definitely a permanent solution


Measurement is key when replacing an RV couch with a recliner. You need to make sure you know how wide your doorways are. Once you’ve got those measurements down, check out how much space you have inside. Only after you know the space you’re working with can you begin to think about replacing the RV couches.

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