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How to Remove Ceiling Fan Light Covers

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At some point you’ll need to remove a ceiling fan cover to either clean it or replace the bulbs. You may be worried about this task because most are made from glass and are easy to break.

But, it isn’t that hard. We put together this guide to show you how to remove several different kinds of covers. Also, we’ve shared some tips on how to handle some of the major brands available on the market. We hope you find it helpful.

How to Remove Ceiling Fan Light Covers

The most complicated thing about removing a ceiling fan light cover is doing it safely. You don’t want to injure yourself or damage your fixture. The good news is that they’re pretty simple to remove.

Some of the easiest ceiling fan light covers to remove are those held in place with a single screw called a finial. Sometimes the finial is just a cap and other times it adds a decorative touch.

For these, you need to hold the light globe in place and twist the finial until it comes out. Hold the light fixture gently but firmly and lower it off the ceiling fan.

How to Remove Ceiling Fan Light Covers without Screws

Remove Ceiling Fan Cover

Often, light covers that are shaped like domes are the screw themselves. So, to unscrew the cover, you’ll need to turn the light cover counterclockwise until it comes off.

One thing to keep in mind cover is that these types of light covers are prone to getting stuck. They aren’t designed to be the tight fit that a traditional nut-and-bolt is. So, dust can get in the thread.

If that’s the case, you may need to softly hit it a couple of times to get it to budge in a counterclockwise direction.

How to Remove Ceiling Fan Light Cover with Clips

Some light covers are held in place by clips. Most light covers have three of them. Two are permanent and one you can pull out.

Removing a ceiling fan light cover held in place by clips involves figuring out which of the clips you can pull out. Then, you should pull it out until you can safely remove the light cover.

Tips for Removing Ceiling Light Covers for These Brands

Removing Ceiling Light Covers

For Harbor Breeze fans

Removing the light cover for some Harbor Breeze models can get a bit tricky. They don’t all have screws and require a two-part movement that you need to make at the same time.

For fans like the Santa Ana, you’ll need to stick your fingers in between the ridge between the light cover and the fan mechanism. Then, twist counterclockwise while pulling down.

Keep in mind that you’ll probably be doing this on top of a ladder. So, be careful to not overextend yourself and risk either hurting your shoulder or falling. Also, you don’t want to pull so hard you damage the fan.

For Hunter fans

Light covers for some Hunter fans are held in place with a finial. You’ll need to unscrew it from the bottom of the globe before easing it to the ground. Make sure you keep one hand on the globe so it doesn’t smash on the ground.

Also, take care in walking it down the ladder. We’d even suggest placing the globe in a bag of some kind to make it easier.

First, however, you’ll need to remove the pull chains that turn on the light and the fan. If you’re just swapping out bulbs, you don’t need to cut the electricity. But, since you’re working from a ladder, it’s probably not a bad idea.

For Hampton Bay fans

Many ceiling fan light covers have screws. However, Hampton Bay ceiling fans are one of those where the light cover itself is a screw. That makes things easy because you don’t need to keep track of any screws. But, it can also complicate things if the light cover gets stuck.

To remove these light covers, firmly place your hand on it and try to twist it in a counterclockwise direction. Keeping it firmly pressed will keep it against the fixture. That way, once it comes out, it won’t slide out of your hand and fall to the floor.

If the light cover gets stuck, try cleaning it off with a damp rag. Then, give it a gentle hit to try to move it counterclockwise. Hopefully, this will free it up so you can continue removing it.


You can remove Minka-Aire ceiling fan light covers the same way you remove Hampton Bay covers. You need to unscrew the cover itself.

Gently press up and turn it counterclockwise. Be sure to maintain light pressure on it the entire time. Then, once it comes off, grab the cover with both hands to ease it to the ground.

Be careful with how hard you hit the cover when it’s stuck because it can break.


There is a wide range of Honeywell ceiling fans and many of the covers are screws themselves. This is a bit different from the normal covers held in place by screws. But, it can make life a little easier.

Remember to keep pressure on the bottom part of the cover while turning it counterclockwise. Light covers don’t keep as tight a seal as a traditional nut and bolt, so the pressure will help you remove it even if it’s stuck.

What to do if a Ceiling Fan Light Cover is Stuck?

Since there are several different kinds of ceiling fan covers, figuring out how to remove one that’s stuck will depend on the kind of fan it is. For example, dome-style covers are screwed into the body of the fan.

Since you’re dealing with glass, removing a stuck ceiling fan light cover can require a gentle touch. You want to use a little bit of force, but not so much you crack the glass.

Your best choice is to either use a tool with a rubber edge like a rubber mallet or your hand. Hit the cover to turn it counterclockwise. Once you’ve moved it a bit, try to turn it with your hand. If it doesn’t turn freely, try hitting it again.


Removing Ceiling Light Covers

Removing a light cover for a ceiling fan seems difficult, but it’s pretty simple if you know a few simple steps.

We hope this guide for removing ceiling fan light covers was helpful. If so, we’d love to hear about it in a comment below or you can share a link on your social media pages.

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