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Raising the Legs to Make Your Furniture Taller

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Standard furniture is designed for standard-sized people. If you’re a person who is taller than standard size, then regular furniture might be a bit uncomfortable for you to sit in. It isn’t just tall people. A little extra height helps people with difficulty standing, too.

You could replace all of your furniture, but that would be expensive. It might also limit your style options. There are some quick, easy ways to add a few inches to the legs of your furniture. Some of them might just involve things you have around the house.

We collected as many of those ways as we could find in this guide. It’s intended to help you correct this issue without spending a lot of money. Hopefully, it helps you get the altitude you need on your furniture.

How to raise furniture legs

There are three basic ways to get a little extra height from your furniture. Either you adjust the cushions, you adjust the legs, or you adjust the environment.

Adjusting the cushions and the environment are simple.

You either replace your existing cushions with thicker cushions or add a second layer of cushions.

If you go this route, a slipcover over the entire couch is a good idea. It’ll hide the fact that you have two different cushions with different colors and patterns. Also, adding to the cushioning could make the couch too soft and the cushions might go above the armrests.

Adjusting the environment might mean placing a riser under your furniture. This works especially well with an armchair or something else small that you don’t expect to move around. Couches are usually too large for this and you want mobility for your kitchen chairs.

The best way to add some inches to your furniture is in the legs.

There are two primary ways to add height to your leg.

The first is to get new legs and replace the old ones. When it comes to furniture types, this is a great way to add height to couches and some chairs. Couch legs usually come off for ease of moving the couch in and out of new apartments and around tight corners.

Replacing the legs can add a couple of inches, so doing it is also ideal if you don’t need a lot of extra height.

If you can’t easily remove the legs of your furniture, you can add height with risers.

A riser is anything that you can put on the bottom of your legs to add height. You can either buy them or you can make them yourself.

One drawback is that you can see them and they usually look a lot different than the legs. So, you’ll either want to use a slipcover over the couch that goes all the way to the floor or at least conceals the space between the bottom of the furniture and the ground.

It’ll also be important that no matter what you do that the risers be larger than the feet of your chair or couch. Making sure the furniture can’t slip off them is an important safety consideration.

What are some good products to raise furniture legs?

The two primary ways to add height to furniture legs are risers and new legs. Both of them are available for purchase from most major online retailers.

Risers are nothing more complicated than a large plug that you set the feet of your furniture into. These come in a variety of shapes and lengths.

Before you purchase risers, make sure you measure the feet of the piece of furniture you’re trying to add height to and get a riser large enough to accommodate it. It doesn’t necessarily need to be the same shape, but it will help with appearances.

Safety is also important when you’re adding height. Artificially adding height to furniture can create an element of risk. So make sure any risers you purchase offer stability, especially if they add more than a couple of inches of height.

You can also purchase new furniture legs. If you have standard legs on your furniture, you can probably find one of a similar shape but a couple of inches longer.

Of course, you’ll only be able to replace the legs on furniture with screw-in legs. If your couch or chair has legs built right into the frame, you’ll want to go with a riser.

DIY Options to raise furniture legs

DIY Chair Legs

If you have the tools and the know-how, a solution to your problem may be available in your home workshop.

The two main ways to add height to your furniture — new legs and risers — are things you can fashion in your home. One advantage is that you can more easily customize their appearance so they don’t have to look all that different from your actual furniture.

Of the two, risers are the easiest to make. There are even plans available on the Internet.

If you have design skills, you can also make new sets of legs. They are a bit trickier because you need a specific design. You’ll also want to make sure that the screw lines up with the opening with a good deal of precision.

In addition, you’ll want to remember if that if your existing legs are at an angle that makes them longer might create some weight issues for them.


Standard-sized furniture is perfectly fine for most people in most situations. But there are times when you just need a few more inches either because your sense of style demands it or because your legs are just too long.

If that’s you, don’t fret. You don’t need to get all new furniture. You can add some height pretty quickly, either with aids your purchase or in some cases stuff you already have around the home.

We hope you found this article helpful in addressing this issue. If you did or have your own tip, we’d love to hear about it in a comment. Feel free to share it on your social media networks, too. There are no doubt others who need a little extra height on their furniture.

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