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What Paint Colors Work Well in Bedrooms With Dark Furniture?

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It’s not hard to find paint colors that pair well with dark furniture, but you want to do it right. A mismatch between your furniture and the paint on your walls will turn an inviting room into an eyesore.

Dark furniture can go well with either warm or cool paint. When it comes to your bedroom, you’ll probably want to go with a warmer look. That’s because warmer colors work well in larger rooms where you want to create a feeling of coziness.

But what colors will create that feeling? To help you decide, we created this guide on which paint colors you should pair with dark bedroom furniture.

Paint Colors for Bedrooms with Dark Furniture

Paint that Matches with Dark Furniture

Let’s start with a quick guide on what colors look best in different rooms in the home. Your bedroom is one of your bigger rooms, and it’s also a room that you want to feel cozy in.

Generally, to create that cozy feeling, you’ll want to use warm colors. They make larger rooms feel more welcoming and they absorb a little more light.

By contrast, cool colors work best in small rooms because they make them feel larger. Kitchens and bathrooms are two good examples of rooms where cool colors work best. Cool colors are brighter and help light bounce around.

Since we’re focusing on your bedroom, you should eliminate most cool colors. Generally speaking, you won’t want to use any blues, greens, and purples. However, we say generally for a reason. There are hues of these colors that can work in warm rooms.

And, although reds, yellows, and oranges are warm colors, there are brighter hues of those colors that won’t work in the bedroom.

This is helpful information to keep in mind, especially if you want to go out looking for specific colors on your own. But, we do have some specific suggestions as well.

Eggshell white. While flat white is always an easy option, it goes better with cool colors because it bounces light around. We suggest going with something more subtle, like an eggshell white, as a basic wall color.

Light gray. If you want to have gray walls, you should go with a lighter hue. It goes especially well with black framed furniture with dark-red coverings. Also, gray offers a more stately appearance than white.

Beige. Beige goes perfect with dark wood furniture with undertones of red or orange. It’s also light enough that it won’t overpower your furniture or make your bedroom look like a cave.

Light brown. Browns in general go well with warm colors, especially its lighter hues. Browns create a feeling of warmth that more basic colors like white or gray don’t have.

Creamy tan. Any shade of light brown will work with dark bedroom furniture, but creamy tan will look especially great because of its brown and white base. It’s a good neutral choice if you want something other than white.

Soft copper. In most cases, you’ll want to avoid painting your walls red because it can make the room look very dark. But if you want to go with a red, a nice soft copper is a tasteful choice that will keep your room feeling cozy.

Dusty pink. This soft shade of red is an alternative to soft copper that goes well with black or brown furniture. We would avoid pairing it with furniture with reds and oranges because that’d be too much of the same color.

Warm peach. Furniture with reddish undertones will go well with a pale-yellow paint, like warm peach. It provides a nice contrast. And, by pairing your yellow walls with red furniture, your room will take on the appearance of being a warm orange color.

Light yellow. If the lighting in your bedroom isn’t great, then choosing more traditionally warm paints might make it feel too closed in. Light yellow can help light move around and create a sense of whimsy without overpowering the space. Also, it works well with reddish-browns and black.

Light green. Although green is a cool color, a lighter hue can complement dark furniture. Greens are a complementary color of purple. And, while there isn’t a lot of purple furniture, brown or black furniture also goes well with it.

Sage green. A lighter hue of forest green, sage green can pair with brown furniture to give your bedroom a rustic look. It can also go well with black furniture.

Light blue. Blue is a classic cool color. It’s also a common color for bedrooms because it goes well with dark furniture. In fact, the darker the furniture, the better. Since there are so many light blue paint options, don’t be afraid to shop around.

Powder blue. Powder blue is a good color to use in rooms where the sunlight runs hot and cold. When you have plenty of sun, it will cool the room down a bit. Then, when the sun goes down, it won’t make your bedroom too dark.

Grayish-blue. All grays have a stately appearance, especially grayish-blue colors. Since gray is a neutral color, it can work with just about any warm color: red, brown, orange, etc.


Paint that Matches with Dark Furniture

Your bedroom is the most personal and intimate space in your home. So, you want to use a color scheme that’s inviting and cozy without creating a contrast with your furniture.

We tend to put warm, cozy, dark-colored furniture in the bedroom. You’ll want a paint color that complements those pieces without making the room too loud, distracting, or bright.

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