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Office Wall Decor Ideas That’ll Keep You Super Motivated

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Put Some Inspirational Quotes On Your Wall

Inspirational quotes to keep your and your team going are a great way to add some wall decor. They’re decorative and meaningful. There are so many options you can get one that really resonates with you.

Also, keep in mind the style of your office. Pick a quote design that matches with everything else you have going on in the office. Keep in mind the colors of the words, frame, and mat.

Creative products today is a new day wood wall art

Simple and rustic. Great if your going for a vintage style in your office and it comes with a great message any time should abide by.

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Eleville office sweet office with real gold foil and floral watercolor art print

It’s an original modern water color art print and the touch of gold foil really makes it stand out. It’s on a textured photo paper with a high quality backing board. The frame is not included but it that gives you a good opportunity to customize it with your own frame.

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The 4 pieces motivational teamwork canvas stretched wood frame set

This canvas set comes in 4 pieces. They all look great together and come with a great message as well. They’re ready to hang and small enough that a nail will probably keep them up so quick and easy to set up.

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The 15 set motivational posters for home, room, and office

This 15 piece set will give you the most bang for your buck. They posters and clean and modern looking. They come in a thicker material making them more durable and longer lasting.

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Add Some Wooden Rustic Wall Decor To Your Office

There are many different options for adding wood design to your office. It can be used in a modern-midcentury decor style or something more relaxed like a coffee shop.

Either way, leverage wooden wall decor to personalize your office. Think about the space you’re trying to create for you and your employees to determine which one is more appropriate.

The Love-Kankei Floating Wall Shelves Set of 3The Love-Kankei Floating Wall Shelves Set 3

What’s great about these rustic shelves is that they go with many decor styles. If your office walls are looking to plain you can get some and add fun little decor items to give your office some personality

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This Greenco 5 Tier Wall Mount Corner Shelves

This corner shelf will make a great addition to your office. It’s a unique piece that has 5 tiers so you have a lot of space to add anything you’d like. Corners often don’t get used and this shelf is a clever way to fill the space.

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The Homissue 4-shelf rustic pipe

You can maximize any office or living space with this industrial style metal pipe wall shelf. They’re great for storing and displaying various items like collectibles, books, picture frames, and potted plants. It can give you office a unique look that breaks from the norm.

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The AVIGNON HOME Rustic Floating Wood Shelves 3-Tier Wall Mount Hanging Shelves Book Shelves

Another efficient space saver. This is a unique shelving solution to reduce clutter in your office. It’s pretty durable but remains light weight and can hold 50lbs. It’s super easy to assemble and will make a great addition to your office.

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Add Some Greenery and Tranquility To Your Office

The office can sometimes be a hectic and stressful place. Adding some greenery helps calm a space and can be beneficial to the office environment. Even faux greenery will have the same effect. If you’re someone that’s busy and don’t want to worry about watering plants I definitely recommend it.

The California Home Goods Modern Hanging Planter Pots (2-Pack), Small Decorative Wall Planters for Cactus Decor & Hanging Plants

These geometric wall planters and a modern way to hang indoor house plants, faux or real. They’re easy to install and will add a modern decorative touch to your office. If you’re a fan of succulents or other small plants they’re a great option for you.

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Hanging Bowl Clear Acrylic Vase Flower Plant Pot

These high quality clear acrylic are great for making small terrariums. The acrylic material is very durable making them secure for your office. They’re easy to hang and a fun DIY project to personalize your office with

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Mkono 2 Pack Wall Hanging Plant Terrarium Glass Planter

The diamond shape of these adds a stylish and modern decorative style to your office or home. They’re great for plants that go in water. There’s a small hole in the back to allow for mounting. They can also be used to make a small terrarium or dry plants.

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Nearly Natural 5209 Ficus Silk Tree, 6-Feet, Green

This is the best almost natural faux ficus tree on amazon. A smiliar tree in a store could cost $100-$300. It’s pretty big at 6 feet tall and will fill out an office with some natural greenery.

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Add A Wall Mural To Your Office

A wall mural is an easy hack to make your office look more high end at a low cost. It’s unique and takes up a lot of space allowing you to put less decor items to make the office seem fully designed. There are many low cost options. Here are some of the best ideas.

The wall26 – Abstract Image of Office Building – Removable Wall Mural | Self-Adhesive Large Wallpaper

Move your office to downtown New York City with an industrial wall mural. They’re cut into 6 peices for easy installation. Also, it comes with peel and stick so you don’t have to worry about buying wall paper glue. It leaves such a large impression in your office that you’ll need less of other kinds of decor since it’s such a focal points.

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wall26 – Black and White Toned Aerial View of Manhattan, New York City, Usa.

Another classic view of New York City. It has an elegant and simple black and white design. It’s also cut into 6 pieces and comes with a peel and stick back for easy installation.

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wall26 – Fall Forest Stream Smolny in Russian Primorye Reserve 

If you want a more tranquil appearance to help soothe what can be a hectic work space try a forest or nature themed wall mural. Rivers and creeks just ooze calmness and relaxation.

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Aqua with Teal Vignette Almond Blossom by Vincent Van Gogh

If you’re interested in a fancier wall this is a good option inspired by Vincent Van Gogh. It’s sure to inspire creativity in your work environment.

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N.SunForest 3D Crystal Acrylic Couple Tree Wall Stickers

A large wall sticker is another great option to make a wall more interesting. It can look great in many places of your office like a waiting room. It comes in different sizes so make sure to measure out where you want to put it before ordering one!

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Some Additional Office Inspiration

Whichever office wall decor idea you decide to go with make sure it resonates with you and your team. Creating an aesthetically pleasing office space is a way to boost productivity, creativity, and inspiration in an office.

If you found this useless make sure to sure and let me know what you think in the comments below!

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