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Is Your Nightstand Taller Than Your Bed? Interesting Pros and Cons

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Is your nightstand taller than your bed? Some people might find this design option appealing because it gives them more storage space for their belongings. Others might find this design option uncomfortable to use. So, what are some of the pros and cons of having a nightstand taller than your bed?

The pros of a nightstand taller than a bed are that it can be used as a vanity or another storage space. It is also easier to get up and move around in the morning when getting out of bed. 

The cons of a nightstand taller than a bed may include that it might not be comfortable to use. When you’re in bed, you’ll have to reach up to place things on your nightstand.

Nightstand beside a bed with a man sleeping

Can Bedside Tables Be Higher Than the Bed?

Yes, bedside tables can be higher than the bed if made with good quality and sturdy material. Bedside tables can help you organize your bedroom and provide you more storage options. 

Bedside tables can provide a place for you to put your laptop, phone, and other items while you’re asleep. This could be helpful if you have a small bedroom and don’t have enough space to put everything else in one spot.

If the table isn’t high enough, it will easily touch the edge of the bed. This can cause problems if you move a lot in your sleep. You may accidentally bump into it and knock the items off.

On the other hand, if the table is too low, you’ll have to reach down for anything on the nightstand. This can also be very uncomfortable.

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What Is the Correct Height for a Nightstand?

The correct height for a nightstand will vary depending on the type of nightstand, the design of the nightstand, and the size of the bedroom. The correct height for a nightstand is typically around two to four feet.

You and your guests should easily access a nightstand. So, you also need to take the height of the bed into account. You’ll want the nightstand to be as close to the height of the bed as possible. Anything that’s too short or too tall will be difficult to use.

There are many different types of nightstands, and they can come in different shapes and sizes. So, if you’re looking to buy a nightstand, make sure to check out the different types and heights to find the perfect one for your needs.

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Do Nightstands Have to Be the Same Height?

Many people believe that nightstands should be the same height. Other people think that there are many different ways to decorate with nightstands and that it’s not necessary for both nightstands to be the same height. 

People can buy different types of nightstands, and it’s up to the individual to decide what kind of nightstand they want.

Some people prefer a higher nightstand to help them sleep better, while others may choose a lower nightstand for storage or organization. If two partners can’t agree on which type they prefer, they may choose to each have different nightstands. That will depend on if the couple prioritizes functionality over aesthetics.

White nightstand with lamp on top

Does the Decor You Choose Impact the Height of Your Nightstands? 

Taller nightstands can be a good option if you want your bed to look larger in the background. However, shorter nightstands might be more appropriate if you want your bed to be the star of the show. 

This is because shorter nightstands make it easier for you to see your bed in the room, and they can also serve as a place for you to put your phone or other devices. But, you may want to choose taller nightstands if you don’t have much space in your bedroom.

Here are quick and easy ways to improve the decor style using your nightstands: 

  1. The height of your nightstands. Taller nightstands look more imposing, which can give your bedroom a more modern and professional feel.
  2. The width of your nightstands. If you want to put decorations on your nightstand, you’ll need to ensure there’s enough room.
  3. Add some extra storage space to your nightstands. If you don’t have enough storage space in your bedroom, add a drawer or shelf to your nightstand so that you can keep things organized and easily accessible.
  4. Use natural materials like wood or bamboo instead of plastic or metal for your nightstands. These materials are environmentally friendly and will last longer than plastic or metal nightstands.
  5. Use mismatched nightstands. Mismatched nightstands can add a modern and artistic touch to your bedroom, giving it a more unique and eclectic look.
Woman sleeping in bed beside a nightstand

For Proper Feng Shui, Should Nightstands Be Taller or Shorter Than a Bed?

Taller nightstands may be better for Feng Shui because they can focus more energy on the main areas of your room. This can increase the overall effectiveness of the room’s feng shui. 

In addition, there are some general rules that you can follow if you want to increase the feng shui in your room.

First and foremost, it’s essential to make sure the nightstand is large enough to hold all of your belongings. If it’s too small, it will not be able to accommodate all of your items adequately, which may lead to negative feng shui.

Additionally, make sure the nightstand is placed in a location where few will see it. Finally, don’t forget to make sure the nightstand is tall enough that you can reach anything on top of it. This will keep the space comfortable and functional.


We’ve looked at the pros and cons of having a nightstand taller than a bed. We determined that, in most cases, a nightstand taller than a bed is an advantage for your bedroom. A taller nightstand can help you avoid having to be uncomfortable when reaching for the bedside tables. 

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