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9 Ways to Make Your Bed Feel Like a Cloud

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Getting a great night’s sleep is the key to leading a healthy lifestyle. If you’re currently having trouble sleeping, your uncomfortable bed may be the problem. But, you can transform your bed into a plush and cozy paradise; reaching cloud nine with your mattress is a realistic goal.

But, how do you make your bed feel like a cloud? It’s all about selecting the right mattress and bedding to suit your comfort level.

How to Make Your Bed Feel Like a Cloud

The traditional components of a bed are a mattress, bedsheets, and a duvet or a comforter top layer. To make the bed feel heavenly, you need to add layers. 


The mattress sets the tone for a cloud-like experience. Bed mattresses range from firm to soft, but the best ones are right in the middle. Too mushy, and you will feel you are sinking inside it. Too firm, and you can’t sleep because of how hard it feels.

Of the bed types, three-layer springs are not as comfortable as other mattress types. Gel, memory foam, cloud memory, five-layer spring, and hybrid mattresses are better choices. There’s no reason to keep an old mattress because many mattresses are within your budget.

Keeping an old mattress can cause pain and discomfort throughout the body. If a bed mattress has sinkholes, is slow to regain firmness, coils poking out, or tears, it’s time to upgrade.

Bed Sheets

The bedsheets are the first sheets your skin will touch when you lay on the bed. They need to be as soft as the mattress underneath. To get the softest bed sheets, focus on the sheet’s thread count and sheet type.

Thread count shows how soft the bedsheets are. A high number will be softer than the numbers below it. For example, a 350 thread count is softer than a 100 thread count, and a 500 thread count is even softer than the 350. Going any higher than 650 thread count requires special attention, which isn’t worth the maintenance.

The type of sheet can also speak to its softness. Egyptian cotton, Pima cotton, and linen are the softest sheets. Traditional cotton (upland cotton) is also a good option.

Choose a 300-450 thread count from Egyptian cotton, Pima cotton, and linen. A 400-650 thread count is better for traditional upland cotton sheets.

Bed Comforters

For a cloud-like experience, ensure your comforter is longer and wider than the bed. You can find bed sets that come with both sheets and a comforter, but it’s best to buy a separate comforter.

Down comforters, synthetic down comforters, and comforters from natural fiber are examples of soft options. Cotton and down feather comforters are also good choices.

Mattress Topper/ Mattress Cover

Between the mattress and fitted bed sheet is the mattress topper or mattress cover. The breathable mattress cover protects the mattress from stains, bedbugs, and moisture. The soft mattress topper increases a bed’s height. Both keep the bed in shape for far longer than the warranty.

Memory foam, down, synthetic down, fiber, or gel mattress toppers are the best options.

A mattress cover or mattress protector needs to be soft as well. So, pick cotton or down mattress covers for a cloud-like experience.

Bed Pillows

A pillow should be fluffy and soft, but it should also be durable for long-lasting use. When looking for a new pillow, invest in a plush and supportive quality pillow where your head can rest without issue.

Synthetic down pillows and down pillows are great choices for softness and function. Feather, goose, cotton, and gel pillows are good alternatives. Be sure to choose a quality pillow protector to cover the pillows. Pillow protectors protect the pillow from sweat and dirt, so they will last longer.


Not to be confused with a pillow, a cushion’s job is to target a body part to make it extra comfortable during sleep. The neck, back, legs, and feet are common areas for cushions to add extra support. Most cushions are stiff, but there are soft cushions on the market. Be sure to buy a bed cushion made from gel, memory foam, or cotton.

Throw pillows—one cushion type— are the preferred choice in bedrooms. With so many colors, patterns, shapes, and sizes, you’ll be able to find throw pillows to match your bedding.


Nothing makes a bed look fluffy and inviting like a soft throw blanket. A throw adds warmth and softness for chilly mornings and cold nights. Most throws are soft and cuddly, but not all. So, look for a fleece or knitted throw to ensure it’s comfy and soft.


Like throws, blankets are warm energy sources during the winter. Similar to throws, not all blankets are soft and cloud-like.

The softest blankets are the weighted ones. Weighted blankets are comfortable and soothing. The blankets are also functional, relieving stress and anxiety before falling asleep. Other good choices are fleece blankets, cotton blankets, wool blankets, and polyester blankets.


Duvets are a type of blanket made with down or feathers that act as a comforter without the quilted pattern. They pair well with comforters or act as a standalone bed cover.

The duvet goes between the flat sheet and the comforter. It’s normally smaller than comforters, so you should size up when buying one. Choose a knitted duvet or a natural fiber duvet for softness and cloud-like comfort.

Unlike comforters, duvets need a duvet cover for longevity. Duvet covers are lightweight, soft protectors that absorb dirt and sweat. Duvet covers are also removable, washable, and reusable. In addition, the covers come in many colors and patterns.


Your mattress and the bedding on your mattress may be hindering you from getting a good night’s sleep. Many people focus on affordability over comfort, which is why your bed may not feel like a cloud. To fix this, buy the softest, fluffiest, and most luxurious mattress and bedding on the market. Once you do, it will feel like a cloud.

How do you make your bed feel like a cloud? The only way is to upgrade your old bedding and invest in a new mattress. Leave a comment below if you have your own tips for making your bed feel like a cloud.

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