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Living Room Curtains for Green Walls

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Green is a bold, earthy, and intriguing color. It represents nature, the outdoors, life, rebirth, spring, and prosperity. Green brings positive vibes into any room, so painting the walls green is a fantastic choice. The color has light and dark variations, and it mixes with yellow, gray, brown, and blue for exciting new hues.

Are there living room curtains for green walls that are better than others? Yes, and it all comes down to the shade of green in your room. The color green has so much variety that it’s rare to pin one color to suit all shades.

Curtain Ideas for Different Shades of Green Walls

Curtains for different walls with shades of green

Most colors work with specific green shades such as light, dark, mint, or vivid. However, there are three that work with every shade of green. Aside from those three, there is a specific list for dark green hues and a specific list for light green shades.

Universal Living Room Curtain Colors for Green Walls

Solid Green Curtains

Green living room curtains with green walls may be boring, but the combo is the safest. Add contrast and balance by choosing darker green curtains for light-colored green walls. Light-colored curtains are better for dark green wall colors. You can pair light-colored green curtains and walls and dark green curtains and walls. 

Solid White Curtains

Channel fresh energy in the living room by adding white curtains to green walls. It brightens the green hue while the hue dims the bright white vibrancy. The natural feel of green embraces white, which represents air and snow. 

White curtains bring out the best in green. All white hues and sheer or opaque curtain types are acceptable.

Solid Beige Curtains

When paired with light green hues, beige’s brown side balances and dims green’s vibrance. Beige curtains appear darker alongside light green wall shades. They channel their white undertones to balance and brighten dark green hues. On dark green walls, beige curtains appear brighter.

Beige’s brown and white tints are perfect for light and dark-colored green walls. The brown undertones appeal to the warm and cool colored parts of the green hues.

Safe Designs in the Living Room

Because green is an attention-grabbing color, the last thing you need is competition. Print, pattern, or geometric design works in dining rooms and bedrooms, but not in the living room.

The living room is a peaceful and relaxing place to gather because it attracts the most people. Not everyone will enjoy a print, pattern, or geometric design upon entering the room because they are unwelcome and distracting. Solid colors are the best, but two design patterns are also effective in the living room.

Striped Curtains

Vertical stripes will make your space appear taller. Horizontal stripe patterns widen and elongate the space, making them perfect for small areas. Large rooms can choose between horizontal and vertical stripe patterns.

Regardless, striped curtains in a green room are best when the stripes are earth-toned. Bright color stripes and earth/bright stripes are welcome, too. They give your living room personality without being an eyesore.

Ombre Curtains

A gradient curtain that transitions from one color to another is stunning in the living room. Ombre gradients can go from light to dark or from dark to light. And, the curtain direction can go from top to bottom or side to side. The side-to-side version has dark ends and a bright center. 

A white and green ombre curtain is the safest choice for green walls in living rooms.

Color Ideas to Suit Light Green Combos

All warm tone colors and bright cool tone shades will work with light green curtains. Vivid green colors, like neon green and yellow/green combos like olive green, qualify.

Cool colors include green and gray combos because they resemble bright neutrals. Examples include silvermist, rainwashed, and budding green.

Besides the universal choices above, you can also add these four curtain colors below to the bunch.

Solid Gray Curtains

Gray-green neutrals latch onto gray curtains because the curtains appeal to the gray side. Gray dims and balances blue-greens, green-yellows, and light green colors.

Solid Yellow Curtains

The yellow in yellow/green wall shades gravitate to yellow curtains. The yellow brightens the green sections. And, the green shades in the yellow/green hues tone down the yellow for a lovely balance.

Green walls that don’t have any yellow hues will appreciate the cheery and fun yellow curtains. Light and dark yellow can work with green-gray hues. However, only dark yellow curtains balance out vivid green colors. Using a bright yellow curtain color overpowers green, making the combo too distracting.

Solid Brown Curtains

Light green walls and brown curtains make a great pair. Brown is a warm neutral that pairs well with warm green tones. It is also a dark neutral that balances light green walls. Brown dims green’s vivid radiance, while green uplifts brown’s dark tone.

Solid Orange Curtains

A powerful contrast with light green or warm tones is solid orange curtains. The curtains offer a fun, vibrant clash without being overwhelming.

Color Ideas to Suit Dark Green Combos

Most colors categorized in the cool tone category are dark green shades. Dark green includes green/brown hues like forest green and green/blue hues like ocean green. Hunter green is one of many dark gray-green neutrals that fits this category. 

Besides the universal choices, the colors below mesh well while adding a pop to the living room. 

Solid Dark Red Curtains

Bright red and green walls are too bright and competitive against one another. However, dark red plays well with green to emulate romance and elegance. Ruby red and burgundy red curtains are examples.

Green and red go together because red is a complementary color to green on the color wheel. Red also represents roses in nature, which meshes well against green’s natural representation.

Solid Blue Curtains

Blue curtains and green walls are an easy pairing. Combined, both rely on their nature-inspired backgrounds for an outdoorsy result. Blue represents the ocean and sky, while green represents greenery and nature.

All blue-green wall colors will go well with blue curtains. Both colors cancel out, leaving only the green portions as the focal point. Blue is a neutral that calms green’s bright tone in green/brown and green/gray colors. In return, green will brighten blue up.


It’s tough pairing the right curtains with green walls when the green has yellow, brown, blue, and gray blends. Light green shades require a distinct set of curtains from dark green shades. There are universal choices that fit dark and light green hues, too. Striped or ombre curtains are welcome designs in the living room. 

Did you find the perfect curtains for your living room’s green walls? Share what you learned in the comments.

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