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14 Living Room Curtain Ideas for Brown Furniture

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Have you ever wondered how best to style your brown furniture? It is a grounding element in a space and often brings depth and structure. Brown furniture is versatile if you know how to style it. You might be at a loss with your brown furniture and how to stop it from dominating a room. Using the right curtains in your space can create a cohesive look. One that incorporates your brown furniture.

Let’s have a look at living room curtain ideas for brown furniture that will inspire you.

Living Room Curtain Ideas for Brown Furniture

Shades of Brown

Brown furniture can be soft suede or worn leather. It can be the gentle brown tones of tan or the dark brown grain of mahogany. Decorating with brown can be more fun than you think. Brown furniture comes in all shapes, sizes, and materials. Choose curtains that pair well with your brown furniture. This will help you create a space that blends effortlessly together.

1. White Curtains for Brown Furniture

White curtains have the ability to lighten a space and give it a relaxed feel. Or, they can make a room feel modern and elegant. Bright white curtains with simple detailing pair well with light wooden furniture. The combination is clean, fresh, and calming. White curtains with more structure work well with dark wood furniture. The contrast of glossy dark brown wood and crisp white curtains is elegant and timeless.

2. Sheer Curtains for Dark Brown Furniture

Sheer curtains are a great way to lighten a room that has dark brown furniture. The soft fabric is a nice contrast to the strong lines of dark brown furniture. A sheer curtain in white or cream with a subtle pattern stands up well to bold, brown furniture. Or you can try a pinch-pleat sheer curtain with tassel edging. It will make your brown furniture feel more casual.

3. Blush Curtains for Tan Brown Furniture

Tan brown furniture usually comes in the form of a leather sofa. Blush curtains work particularly well with tan, giving the space a soft and romantic feel. The color combination has a shabby chic vibe while still being elegant. A heavy velvet blush curtain works well with the light tones of wicker. But, it can also introduce a softer element in a room with dark wood.

4. Green Curtains for Brown Furniture

Brown furniture paired with green curtains creates an earthy, natural aesthetic. A heavy green velvet curtain with dark brown wooden furniture will give your space a modern feel. For a clean, modern space, pair your brown furniture with a Satin curtain in an artichoke green. If you want a pop of green to pair with your brown furniture but don’t want anything too bold, try a subtle print. A green print curtain will lighten your space and give it a casual yet elegant appeal.

5. Burnt Orange Curtains for Dark Wood Furniture

Warm, autumnal shades pair well with brown furniture. Burnt orange is a bold choice so if you want a dramatic effect try a striking velvet curtain. You can incorporate sheer burnt orange curtains without overpowering your space. For a modern way to highlight your dark wooden furniture, use a solid burnt orange curtain in clean linen. You can also use a bold yet elegant print.

6. Yellow Curtains for Dark Brown Leather Furniture

Dark brown leather furniture gets an instant update when you add a bright yellow curtain. A simple, linen yellow curtain is a cheery accent to your living room. For a more classic look, try a mellow, buttery yellow curtain. Dark brown furniture can also have a bohemian feel with funky, yellow print curtains.

7. Blue Curtains for Light Wood Furniture

You can give your light brown furniture a Hamptons house feel by adding blue curtains to your room. Light wooden furniture looks elegant when paired with dark and dramatic blue curtains. Navy curtains are a quick way to update vintage cane furniture for a beach house vibe. Or, try a sky blue curtain with your brown furniture to keep things fresh, light, and modern.

8. Mustard Curtains for Brown Furniture

For an eclectic update for your brown furniture, try a mustard curtain. It is a statement color that enhances the warm tones of your brown furniture. You can be bold with deep mustard curtains and tassel detailing. Or keep it paired down with a subtle mustard print on a cream curtain that will lighten your space.

9. Cream Curtains for Red-Brown Furniture

Classic cream curtains are the best option for the red tones of cherry wood. You can emphasize your brown furniture with gentle patterns on a cream curtain. This allows them to take center stage. You can also soften the feel brown furniture brings to a room with some romantic cream curtains.

10. Patterned Curtains for Brown Furniture

Brown furniture acts as a neutral backdrop for patterned curtains. They are also an easy way to pair the right color with your brown furniture in a subtle way. Try a large geometric print curtain or delicate pattern on a sheer curtain. Bold and bright foliage prints are a great accent for your brown furniture. A soft, paisley print adds warmth and character to your living room.

11. Rust Curtains for Grey-Brown Furniture

Another fall color that works with brown furniture is rust. Try a rust-colored curtain with foliage print for a farmhouse feel. For something modern, a rust print on a linen curtain with grey-brown furniture will do the trick.

12. Grey Curtains for Brown Furniture

Grey is a versatile color that will work well if you have a mix of light and dark brown furniture in one room. Slate grey curtains will draw the eye upward and make the room appear larger. Light grey curtains are a classic with any brown furniture for an elegant and modern update. For a country feel, try a buffalo check curtain in grey with your brown furniture.

13. Teal Curtains for Beige Brown Furniture

If you can’t decide between green, blue, or grey curtains then why not try teal? Teal curtains offer a pop of color that will pair well with your brown furniture, whether it is dark or light.

14. Black Curtains for Light Brown Furniture

You might think that black curtains are too dark if you have brown furniture. You would be wrong. Black is a classic color that acts as a neutral palette for your brown furniture. It is modern, cozy, and dramatic without being overpowering.

Living Room Curtain Ideas for Brown Furniture

Brown furniture might seem difficult to style. But when you understand how, you can completely transform your space. Curtains are an easy way to make a statement. You can add color, pattern, and texture that will complement your furniture. There are more colors that go with brown furniture than you realize. Did you find some curtain inspiration for your living room?

Brown furniture pairs well with a range of curtains, so be bold and try something new in your living room.

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