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5 Ways To Keep Split King Mattresses Together

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Some couples like split king mattresses because they’re more customizable. But, we all know that keeping split king mattresses together is difficult. The good news is that there are some solutions. 

In this post, we will be looking at ways to keep your split king mattresses together. We want to make sure that you are aware of the different options you have and that you know how to take advantage of the situation.

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1. Adjust the Split King Connector

The best way to make sure that your split king mattresses stay together is to adjust your split king connector. 

Adjust the split king connector so that it’s straight and isn’t pointed in the direction of the bed. This will help ensure that the mattress doesn’t fall apart.

2. Use a Fitted Bed Frame

A fitted bed frame is a piece of furniture that helps secure the bottom hem of a king-sized bed. It is often used in pairs, so you can fit the bed together with no problems. 

An excellent way to keep your split king mattresses together is to use a frame. A frame will help keep the mattress snug and together. It also ensures that your mattress won’t move around.

3. Use a Non-Slip Mattress Pad

A non-slip mattress pad will help you if something falls off and you need to grab it. And, it will keep your mattress from falling off the bed.

So, since the two mattresses won’t be able to move apart from one another, a non-slip mattress pad can be an excellent solution for keeping your split king mattresses together. 

4. Use Non-Slip Tape

Non-slip tape is a product that’s commonly used to keep split king mattresses together. It can be a great way to keep split king mattresses together, organized, and made to last.

5. Use clips

You can use clips to hold the two mattresses together. Just clip one on each mattress and then make sure the clips are connected to each other. That will keep the mattresses from coming apart. 

How Do You Keep Adjustable Split King Beds Together?

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There are two main ways to keep your adjustable split king bed together and they both require a little DIY work. The first option involves screws while the second option requires a strip of wood, metal, or plastic. 

Screws are typically used for stability and security, while the piece of wood ensures that the beds are correctly aligned. 

1. Tension Screws

Tension screws are the most common way to keep split king beds together. Tension screws are used to secure the beds together and ensure that they are aligned correctly. 

Most tension screw systems will have a knob on each side of the bed that allows you to adjust the system’s tension, but other systems will use a dial or even a lever to adjust tension. 

If you plan on using tension screws, we recommend using them on both sides of both beds.

2. Locking Option

The locking option is another good way to keep adjustable split king beds together. You can use this option if you don’t want to use screws or tape. 

You’ll need a unique strip of wood, metal, or plastic that fits between the two beds and allows you to adjust the position of the beds. 

Pull the strip out to move both beds and push it back in to lock them in place. Some locking systems have a mechanism that secures them together, while others are held together by tension. The latter option requires you to manually adjust each bed until they are in alignment.

Can Split King Beds Be Separated?

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Yes, split king beds can be separated. The easiest way to do it is to disconnect the two beds. You can just remove whatever mechanism is holding the two beds together.  

If you and your partner have different preferences when it comes to sleeping, you may want to look into separating your split king bed. That way, you can both sleep comfortably without having to compromise. 

Problems With Adjustable Split King Beds

The most common issue with adjustable split king beds is that they don’t stay together. Since they’re technically two separate beds, they tend to move apart from one another. That’s why it’s so important to ensure the two beds are held tightly together. You can use any of the previously mentioned ideas to help do that. 

Can You Cuddle On a Split King?

Yes, you can cuddle on a split king.

Unlike a regular king, however, you’ll need to pick one side of the bed or the other. There will be a gap between the two beds, so the middle would be very uncomfortable. Because of that, you may have to squeeze together a bit more since it will be like you’re sharing a twin-XL rather than a king. 


If you have a split king mattress, it’s important to keep the two beds connected. That will help you and your partner get a good night’s sleep, and it will also help the bed last longer. 

Be sure to use the tips we outlined above if you’re struggling with your split king mattress. 

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