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How to Keep Ceiling Fans Dust Free

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Keeping your ceiling fan clean isn’t just about appearances, it’s also about performance. Dust on your fan blades will make them unbalanced and, if it gets into your motor housing, it can cause the bearings to stop working properly.

It isn’t difficult to keep your ceiling fans free from dust, and it doesn’t require hours of deep cleaning, either. You can purchase supplies that are specially designed for cleaning ceiling fans, but cleaning supplies you have around the house will work just as well.

In addition to the right cleaning supplies, you’ll want to know how to work smarter and not harder. We looked into how to keep your ceiling fans dust-free and put together this article to let you know how to do it and what to use.

How to Keep Ceiling Fans Dust Free

Wipe ceiling fans

Keeping your ceiling fans clean is a household task that requires just a few minutes, and it will prevent a major headache in the future. It’s also a task that is frequently overlooked because fans are up on the ceiling and most of our cleaning energy is devoted to things at eye level and below.

Your first step is making sure that dusting the fan is part of your normal cleaning routine. Get organized, especially if you are forgetful.

When cleaning a fan blade, it’s best to wipe it down with a duster or a dry cloth. You can use a liquid-based cleaner, but you’ll want to make sure your blades are dry when you are done. A dry cleaner will remove the dust without leaving water on the blades.

If you use a liquid, spray it on a paper towel and wipe from the center of the fan out along the top of the blade. That will ensure you only use the amount of liquid you need.

With the same towel, wipe the edges of the blade in one motion, and clean the underside of the blade the same way you clean the top. If your paper towel picks up a lot of dust, use a new paper towel per blade.

Once done, you can put a light coating of furniture wax or dust repellent on each blade to help them remain dust-free.

Dust is also a problem when it gets into the fan housing unit. Putting oil on the bearings will attract and trap dust. Over time, too much of it will cause your fan bearings to move slower, which will slow the fan’s spinning.

You can prevent this by occasionally changing the lubricant in your housing unit and replacing it with a light layer of lubricant. Bearings don’t need much.

How do You Repel Dust From a Ceiling Fan?

Preventing dust from sticking to your fan is a lot better than having to rebalance fan blades or replace a motor because dust buildup damaged the old one.

There are a few things you can use to prevent dust from sticking to your fan in the first place. Some you might already own. You can even make your own solutions.

While most people would immediately start applying products, the best thing you can do is try to keep the air as free from dust as possible. If you live in a house with a lot of dust particles, regularly run an air purifier to remove them.

That will make the actual steps you take to repel dust from your fan more effective.

In addition, you can apply something to your fan blades to make them a bit more slippery. Make sure you apply just enough to do the job. Furniture polish and car wax are two products you might already have in your home that will work. You can also purchase dust repellent.

To make your own, combine one part fabric softener with four parts water, and apply it with paper towels. Dab a paper towel in the solution and squeeze out excess liquid before applying it. You want just a thin layer.

A final thing to consider is anti-static electricity fan blades. These blades are made from materials designed to reduce static electricity that blades create as they cut through the air. That static electricity attracts and holds on to dust.

Another source of dust issues is in the fan housing unit, and especially the bearings. Make sure you use only a very small amount of lubricant. Too much will attract and trap dust.

Why is There so Much Dust on my Ceiling Fan?

Dusty Ceiling Fan

There are two explanations for why your ceiling fan is covered in dust — a scientific explanation and a practical explanation.

The scientific explanation is that, as your fan blades spin, the blades create friction as they move through the air. That static electricity will attract and hold onto dust.

The other explanation is that your home is just full of dust. This is especially likely if you like to leave your windows open all summer or if you have pets. You can use an air purifier to remove a lot of the airborne dust.

The final reason you have dust on your ceiling fan dust could be due to the fact that you keep forgetting to clean it off. We get it. Your ceiling fan is on the ceiling and it’s easy to overlook when it comes to basic household cleaning.

Try to make cleaning it off a regular part of your household routine, but don’t beat yourself up if you forget on occasion.


Ceiling fan

Ceiling fans are an often-overlooked fixture when it comes to household cleaning. When that happens, dust can build up which can cause the blades to become unbalanced and the motor operation to slow. So, it’s important to keep dust off your ceiling fans.

You can use basic cleaning products to keep your fan free from dust, and there are a few ways to keep dust from sticking to your blades and away from the motor. It isn’t hard and won’t take a lot of work, but it will spare you a big headache in the future.

We hope you found this article informative. If you did, or if you have your own tips on keeping ceiling fans free from dust, leave us a comment down below. You can also share this on your social media networks.

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